Andriy Yarmolenko is not on-board with Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to sponsored fizzy drinks.
Ronaldo walked into a press conference on Tuesday and two bottles of UEFA’s famous sponsored drink sitting on the table instantly caught his eye.
He removed them out of sight and replaced them with a bottle of water before saying "Aqua! Drink water. Coca-Cola urgh".
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Watch mischievous Cristiano Ronaldo replace UEFA sponsor drink with water!

That small change reportedly caused Coca-Cola's share price to fall and has prompted a string of other comments from footballers at the tournament.
But none, until Yarmolenko, asked for the sponsors to call them.
“Can I do something?” Yarmolenko said during his media conference following Ukraine's 2-1 win over North Macedonia on Thursday.
“I have seen Cristiano Ronaldo removing Coca-Cola bottles. I’ll put Coca-Cola and Heineken right there,” he laughed, placing the bottles in-front of him.
“Guys, contact me!”
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