Uefa has received an official report after a homophobic banner was displayed during the Euro 2020 match between Hungary and Portugal.
An anti-discrimination group called Fare monitor all matches for potential incidents of discrimination, and have submitted a report to Uefa about a banner at the Puskas Arena in Budapest that stated “Anti-LMBTQ”.
The incident came on the same day that the Hungarian government passed a bill that banned the spread of any content deemed to promote homosexuality in schools.
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“We do need a better and more firm approach to respect for universal rights being conditional for hosting matches at major tournaments,” executive director of Fare, Piara Powar, said.
“In Hungary last week the FA issued a statement once they knew the Irish players would take the knee to say it was a political gesture. This then prompted boos against the Irish players and then, a week later, in the same stadium a prominent banner has appeared that is homophobic.
“These are political acts in support and endorsement of the policies of the government which has just passed a law that is widely considered to marginalise the LGBTQ community.
“You cannot make a distinction between the government’s position and what appears to be the position of the football association. It shows where Hungary is as a country. It doesn’t bode well for international events.”
Uefa and the Hungarian FA had yet to comment at the time of writing.
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