The Football Association has been fined £26,600 for the behaviour of England fans during England's Euro 2020 semi-final win over Denmark at Wembley Stadium.
The final decision was announced on Saturday after proceedings were opened by European football's governing body on Thursday.
A laser pointer was shone on Kasper Schmeichel's face just before Harry Kane took a penalty in extra-time which was the third offence on top of boos during the Denmark national anthem and fireworks being lit.
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Schmeichel saved Kane’s spot-kick and the Denmark goalkeeper confirmed he was not affected.
"Yes, I did not experience it on the penalty kick because it was behind me on my right side," he told reporters.
“But I experienced it in the second half. I told the referee and he went to say something to the other officials.”
The Telegraph report the number of stewards on duty for England's Euro 2020 final with Italy on Sunday evening will be increased in a crackdown on prohibited items, as well as on fans trying to gain entry to the ground without a ticket.
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