What's the mood like in Italy? Are you confident?

Italian people are super excited. Everybody is sure we can do this feat. And the mood is super happy because we also have Matteo Berrettini into the Wimbledon final, the first Italian to reach this big goal.
So everyone is focused on sports this weekend.
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What do you think about England? Have you been impressed?

England is a very good team, but we know all the players well. So no surprise.

Who/what are you worried about in the final? Does the Wembley factor scare you?

A final is always a final, so nothing is already written, everything can happen. Wembley could be a plus for England, but over a year Covid without supporters changed players' mentality and we think that also for Italian team it is important to have people inside the stadium, no matter if they are supporting the home team (obviously).

Should England be worried about Italy? Who could cause them problems?

Yes, they should. Euro 2020 showed that Italy found strength even when they lost Leonardo Spinazzola, the best player Italy had.
No one could bet at the beginning of the competition that Italy could go that far, but they are there to fight for the title and after years of disappointments they are ready to make to make this dream come true.

And finally, who do you think will win?

We really don't know. We didn't see a real difference of level between Italy and England, and the episode of the penalty vs. Denmark leaves a doubt. So, may the best team win!

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