With the end of Euro 2020 in sight, and with the bizarre prospect of seeing England in an international tournament final, we take a look at the highlights of the month.
There have been all kinds of remarkable events across Europe, and perhaps that was because of a pandemic that continues to blight the world, the stresses and strains has caused the occasional odd moment.

Attila Fiola compromises the integrity of a desk

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Going back to one of the earliest games of the tournament, France took on Hungary in a game they were expected to win, and to do so comfortably. Instead they only somehow managed to draw, as they disappointed their supporters back home.
Hungary’s goalscorer, Attila Fiola, experienced a different rush of emotion after he scored. Careering towards a desk with a commentator, whose life appear to jog past her eyes as she had to wait for impact.

Attila Fiola (Hungría)

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Bale dodges a question

After Wales were knocked out of Euro 2020, it was no surprise to see Gareth Bale take part in press duties to discuss how he and his side had done.
Bale is known for his commitment to Wales above all else - except perhaps his haircut and golf - and so adroitly and proudly praised his teammates for all their hard work after they had fallen just short despite a difficult period of preparation.
The Real Madrid forward is expected to see out the final year of his contract in Spain, with reports suggesting he will then take part in the World Cup in Qatar in late 2022.
However Bale has yet to make his plans clear, and provided an excellent display of how to deal with awkward questions - one with GIF potential. Asked about his plans for the future, he simply sauntered off mic and off camera as fast as possible, like a reverse George Galloway.

Pogba eschews beer

Euro 2020 press conferences have not reached the enjoyable levels of Gennaro Gattuso or Giovanni Trapattoni, both able to eff and jeff with best of them, but instead a couple of players have taken a stand.
The first we’ll mention is Manchester United’s (for now at least) Paul Pogba, with the French midfielder removing a bottle of beer in front of him. The move came shortly after the first piece of protest, from...

Cristiano Ronaldo favours water

...Cristiano Ronaldo. The Juventus (for now at least) striker was perched in front of another sponsor, who produces soft drinks. The 36-year-old Portuguese striker, who operates with a negative bodyfat percentage - has previously spoken at his annoyance of seeing his children eating crisps or drinking sugary treats - decided to remove the product and replace it with water, loudly proclaiming ‘agua’ as he did so.

Watch mischievous Cristiano Ronaldo replace UEFA sponsor drink with water!

Schmeichel unimpressed by England

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, football’s coming home. Never have so few words meant so much to so many enthusiastic British people.
But Kasper Schmeichel is unimpressed. The Danish goalkeeper pointed out ahead of his game with England that football was not coming home. Instead, the country have, indeed, yet to win anything of note since 1996.
"Has it ever been home? Have you ever won it?" he asked. No, and no, to be fair.

'Has it ever been home?!' – Schmeichel questions It’s Coming Home hype

Chiellini engages Alba in mind games

Giorgio Chiellini is never known to be particularly shy, and he was at it once again as he prepared to face Spain on penalties to decide who would go through to the finals.
As the two captains prepared to flip a coin to decide who would take penalties, the Italian skipper took the opportunity to flagrantly punch his rival and then pretend it was a joke all along.
Alba, and the assistant referees, couldn’t quite work out how annoyed they should be, if they should be annoyed at all (they should have, yes).

A friendly embrace or 'mind games'?

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Donnarumma's nonchalance

It takes a man of remarkable poise to merely walk a way with a face of indifference when you have just won the European Championships for his country, yet that is exactly what Gianluigi Donnarumma did.
Donnarumma was immense during the shoot-out, as he was in the semi-final against Spain.
It's easy to forget he was vilified before the tournament for the manner in which he is leaving AC Milan. Yet he shut out all the noise and just did his job.
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