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Germany - Hungary

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That was an amazing game of association football, it really was. Thanks for living it with me - night night.


Full-time: Germany 2-2 Hungary

Germany go through, probably in second position to play England, while France win the group, Portugal come third - unless one of them scores a winner - and Hungary go home. Phew!


I feel like I'm opening myself up for ridicule - yes, all of the time - but when I say that Hungary are finished. They've given everything and more, but that second goal absolutely finished them. And here comes Sane down the right with men in the box ... and he whacks it past all of them.


Szalai moves out of defence with the ball, only to pass it in touch. Poor man.


What a match this has been. What a night this has been. What a sport this is.


There'll be four added minutes.


If Germany can score again they'll win the group, but for reasons known best to themselves, they do not appear to be very scared of England, wining a succession of corners and keeping the ball near the quadrant, rather than sending their defenders forward and sticking a cross into the box.


The excellent Kleinheiser goes off and Lovrencsics comes on.


Fiola bursts past Kimmich and down the left side of the box ... but Kimmich finds the tip of his big toe to prod the ball away just when things looked dangerous.


GOAL! Germany 2-2 Hungary (Goretzka) The subs make the difference! Werner finds Musiala down the right and he wriggles onto the ball then cuts it back for Werner again. His shot is blocked but the ball rebounds to Goretzka and he flings every fibre of his solidity into ta shot which flicks of Schafer and tears past Gulasci! This game! This game!


Hungary send on Varga for Szalai.


Germany send on Musiala and Volland for Gosens and Ginter.


Kroos, who's been very quiet, plays a one-two off Gosens and for a second it looks like he's in.But there's a man right with him so he has to shoot quickly with the outside of his boot, not open his body to use the inside, and his futsal-style effort scoots wide.


Even now, there's very little enterprise or urgency about what Germany are doing. They're getting men into the box, but humped crosses is exactly what the Hungary defenders want to face.


I can't overstate the poverty of Germany's performance tonight, likewise the excellence of Hungary's.


Germany are doing a lot of nothing.


Hungary are holding on now, withdrawing Sallai to send on Schon.


This is absolutely insane and spectacular.


Muller replaces Gnabry, who's had a poor night, while Werner is on for Havertz.


GOAL! Germany 1-2 Hungary (Schafer) ARE YOU KIDDING ME! WHAT ARE WE SEEING! Hungary keep it from kick-off, pump it forward once, it comes back and they go again, then Szalai sticks it down the middle between Sane and Hummels, Schafer charging between them desperate to put himself in harm's way while the German defenders demured, and he lifts an excellent finish over Neuer! we're seeing football! Football!


So England are now playing ... Germany.


GOAL! Germany 1-1 Hungary (Havertz) This was not coming, but for the fact that it came! Kimmich swung in a terrific free-kick that tempted Gulasci to come; he missed his punch, by decade, Hummels won the second ball, heading goalwards, and Havertz nodded in form under the bar!


As Ginter goes to clear, Fiola runs through his raised foot and is booked.


Low has 25 minutes to avoid ending his tenure a loser. He's currently giving instructions to Muller, on which point this is a damning appraisal of Timo Werner's abilities.


Szalai, the goalscorer, is late on Gosens and is booked.


Ronaldo has scored a second penalty and to make it Portugal 2-2 France. It's now Portugal playing England, and Germany going out!


... and Sallai hits a beauty, curling flat and fast, hitting the outside of the near post! I think Neuer had it covered, but that was a fine effort nevertheless


Fiore runs away from Sane down the left, and when Sane misses with his foul, he swipes the ball away with his hand. He's booked and Hungary have a free-kick right on the left edge of the box, Sallai behind it...


Havertz pulls right and collects a ball over the top, but his first touch is just too heavy for the surface, the ball skidding away from him, and another attack peters out. I don't think Gulasci has made a save this half.


Eesh, Hungary win a free-kick down the left and Sallai whips it in; Szalai is there, so Neuer has to swift and precise with his punch, which he is.


Goretzka replaces Gundogan. I know the latter is a fine player and Kroos is a great of the generation, but if I was Low I'd be picking the Munich three - Kimmich, Goretzka, Muller - because they're all brilliant and play together ever week.


It's been a while since Hungary were able to get out, but they've been defending pretty comfortably.


Gortezka is stripped and will soon be with us.


In that passage of play, Gundogan and Schafer collided. Both go down and receive treatment, but both are fine.


Germany win another free-kick on the right and this time Kimmich pumps it into the box, where it bobbles about until Rudiger hooks a shot into the ground and wide.


He looks for Hummels, but Botka is up early to head clear. He's been brilliant so far tonight.


A foul on Sane gives Kroos the chance to swing a ball in...


We've hardly seen Gosens tonight, which is odd - he was so impressive against Portugal, and also against Latvia in Germany's last friendly.


Germany have loads of good players on the bench, but not many of the type they need. I guess they'll try Muller and Goretzka, but what they really need is a pair of strikers able to beat men.


A ball over the top fids Gnabry in a little bit of space, but one shimmy later, Fiola - who's been great so far - dives in front of him and blocks his shot at source. That's superb de-fence.


I'm a little surprised Jogi Low hasn't made any changes, but I doubt he'll wait much longer if Germany don't equalise promptly.


We go again!


Back come the teams....


That's a superb first half from Hungary, who've defended well, countered with verve, and scored a tremendous goal. Join me again in 15 - it's going to be monumental.


Half-time: Germany 0-1 Hungary


Back in the other game, France have been awarded a seriously dodgy penalty after Semedo was adjudged to have fouled Mbappe. It didn't look anything like a foul "for me Clive," but Benzema gleefully smashed in the equaliser and as it stands now, France win the group, Portugal come second and meet England, and Hungary take third with Germany staying put at home.


There'll be two additional minutes.


But here's Kimmich, lofting a diag to Sane on the by-line. He knocks back to Havertz, who gets two goes at a shot; the first is blocked and the second goes wide.


Hungary are smothering Germany here; Germany need to have a think at half-time because they're moving the ball too slowly through midfield and around the box.


It's a fair while since Germany did anything.


I feared for Botka, but he's back with us.


Yeah, Hungary are really confident now and are putting themselves about while attacking in numbers. But Botka then slips going by Rudiger and looks to be properly hurt; watching the replay, you see his ankle twist.


Hungary are properly enjoying this and Sallai finds space down the left, eventually coming inside to knuckleball a shot that Neuer saves easily enough. He catches Havertz in the follow-through, but no harm done.


Hungary have attacked countered really well and Kleinheiser brings them away down the right, finding Schafer who wallops over the top.


The man is an absolute joke.


The Hungarian fans are absolutely having it.


It really is caning down as Kroos spreads for Havertz. He can't make anything of it and the ball winds up with Kimmich, who's promptly relieved of it by Fiola's fine slide.


Sallai sticks one into space for Schafer - Kimmich doesn't track him - and the resultant cross is good one, but Hummels gets there before Szalai ... just.


Tempers are fraying. There's a decent chance we get some scuffles in the remaining hour, everything that NO ONE wants to see.


Meanwhile, Ronaldo has just slammed home a penalty for Portugal, awarded after Lloris reached a punch before Danilo, but landed a right hand on his chops subsequently. It's very harsh but Ronaldo isn't bothered, and as it stands now, Portugal win the group, France come second and meet England, Hungary are third and Germany are nowhere.


Now Gundogan's booked, trying to flick a nutmeg through Kleinheiser's legs, then yaking him down when it doesn't work.


Gundogan eases away from Botka, who canes through the back of him and is booked. If Hungary reach the knockouts, he'll be suspended.


Over it comes, to Hummels at the back post, but he gets under it and plops it over the bar.


Germany are actually using Ginter for width on the right, and he finds Kimmich who's flattened by Fiola. He's not at all pleased, and Kroos will now swing over a free-kick...


More Germany possession, but I think they need to stick Sane and Gnabry through the middle, stick Havertz in behind and use the wing-backs for width.


We got ourselves a ball-game! Germany keep the ball alive and when it's knocked back over the top, Ginter is still up and he flings his entire body into half-volley with the outside of his boot - from close range too - but Gulasci saves easily enough.


Germany win a corner down the right and Kimmich swings it out towards the back post and Hummels is up above Orban ... but he hammers his header against the bar!


Paul Pogba fancies this tournament.


It's games like this where Germany's lack of centre-forwards works against them. When a side plays five at the back, one of the best ways to penetrate is with two centre-forwards, and currently Germany don't even have one.


Havertz has had enough, driving to the line and clipping back a inviting low cross. But with Gnabry in the middle and Gosens tanking in, Gulasci dives to impart a crucial fingertip which takes it away from both. It won't be seen as such, but that is a brilliant save.


If France beat Portugal, England will play Hungary, with Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal all in the other half of the draw. I doubt things'll work out that way, but that would be a touch and a half.


When the goal came, I was talking about Leroy Sane, who I'd hoped would be better and more consistent by now. He's still good, obviously, but with his talent, by 25 he should be brilliant.


This is going to get extremely intense now. Germany have never gone out of consecutive tournaments in the group stages, but they're in serious danger now!


Goodness me!


WHAT A GOAL! Germany 0-1 Hungary (Szalai) Hungary work it through midfield nicely, then Sallai takes possession 30 yards from goal, right-hand side, and curves a delectable cross into the middle, where Sallai contorts his body into a dive that forces his head behind the ball, and he powers a glance low past Neuer. Brilliant cross, unbelievable header, and as things stand Hungary are going through and Germany are going out!


Ginter whacks a ball at Sane who brings it down nicely and knocks off well. Nothing comes of it, but EXCUSE ME WHILE I INTERRUPT MYSELF!


Kimmich touches off and Fiola clatters through him, doing well to avoid a booking. The refs have been great so far, keeping their cards to themselves unless absolutely necessary and generally refraining from seeking attention.


But all of sudden Nagy hits a ball over the top for Sallai, and Hummels does really well to extend a leg, poking behind for a corner. Naturally, that comes to nothing.


It's all Germany, but we expected that. Hungary know what their about, and are confident defending their box.


Germany stroke it about and then, with no warning, Hummels hits a terrific diag over the top, picking out Kimmich deep inside the Hungary box! He extends a leg and brings it down gorgeously, Berba-style, delivering the ball into stride too. But he's running out of pitch so needs to shoot quickly from a narrow angle, and a decent effort forces Gulasci to extend a strong right hand to save.


As you might expect, Hungary and their back five are sittig deep.


Immediately, Germany are into stride and Gnabry looks to feed in Sane behind the Hungarian line. The ball has too much on it, but it's a nice idea.


Away we go!


Football authorities are one thing; football fans, at least most of them, know what time it is.


Ah, it seems that Muller has a knee situation. And maybe Gnabry and Sane will be either side of Havertz - we'll see.


The German one is an absolute tune. I was about to say that it could use a bigger chorus, but hearing it now, it's colossal.


Anthem time!


Apologies, my system crashed, but I'm back now and here come the players!


Football being football, it's leaders can't help but make things unpleasant. Uefa not only turned down a request to light the stadium in rainbow colours to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, but put out the statement below.

Apparently it’s political to request that the ground use rainbow colouring, not political to refuse the request – perhaps to appease a political leader – and when Uefa use rainbow colouring, it’s not political. Makes perfect sense.


Shades of Eva Herzigova, for those of you old enough to remember lingerie ads from the mid-90s.


There's a decent chance that Germany end up playing England next. As it goes I think that'd be an alright draw for them - they have the tools to outrun Germany in midfield and find space in behind their wing-backs. But having things and making things happen are very difference endeavours.


I guess the question as regards Germany is whether the Portugal game was their peak. It's fairly rare that the best side in the group stages wins a trophy and Portugal played into their hands, but they do look to be growing.


It's absolutely rinsing down in Munchen.


Remind yourselves...


Hungary are unchanged while Germany make one alteration, Sane replacing Muller. My guess is that sends Havertz into midfield, with Sane joining Gnabry up front. I don't know if Muller is being rested or if he's carrying an injury - he's on the bench so can't be that crook - but maybe Jogi Low fancies having a bit more pace in attack.


And Hungary: Gulacsi, Nego, Botka, Orban, Attila Szalai, Fiola, Kleinheisler, Nagy, Schafer, Adam Szalai, Sallai. Subs: Lang, Kecskes, Holender, Dibusz, Lovrencsics, Roland Varga, Siger, Kevin Varga, Bogdan, Nikolic, Schon, Bolla.


Let's have some teams...


I'm looking forward to this one. Germany played some lovely stuff against Portugal and looked like a team coming into their own, while Hungary have played well in both their games - and without Dominic Szoboszlai, their best player. Germany need a point to be sure of qualification, though will go through with a narrow defeat, while Hungary have to win.


Evening all, and welcome to Germany v Hungary! Oh yes!