England were "fearless" against the Czech Republic - but that was down to some uncharacteristically adventurous team selections from Gareth Southgate.
The Game of Opinions gang aren't so sure that'll be the attitude of the boss when it comes to facing Germany in the Euro 2020 last-16.
"I think if Jack Grealish doesn't start, England deserve to go out," declared Dotun Abijoh, "because it just shows the thinking of the manager is more, 'look, we're gonna be reactive' instead of actually going out and being proactive, and if you're going to win major tournaments you have to attack the game. You see the best managers in the world in big games, they attack the game, they don't be pragmatic, they don't sit back, they say, 'You know what, we're going to show we're good enough on the ball, we're going to take the game to you.'
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"I've said it multiple times - Jack Grealish is England's best player, you have to get your best player on the football pitch."

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Deji Odedina said that the country might be calling for Grealish to start - but he didn't think Southgate would concur.
"England have navigated the group stages cautiously, I would say," added Odedina, "but when you get that three points on the board very early, you can fall into that mentality of 'we're halfway there, we don't have to fully exert ourselves', and that's what we saw in the Auld Enemy clash against Scotland.
"Obviously against Czech Republic, we saw a new, fearless England, with Saka and Grealish running and committing defenders and that's more of what I want to see against Germany, but I have a feeling that Gareth Southgate is going to be much more pragmatic.
"I don't see Jack Grealish starting in my opinion. I think Mason Mount will probably come in and I think Bukayo Saka has earned the right to continue playing."

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He suggested that this might not be a vintage Germany side - with plenty of vulnerabilities that England can exploit.
"Germany maybe aren't as potent as they should be," he added. "Mats Hummels, he's not a spring chicken any more, Gundogan, Toni Kroos - these are players that if you can turn the game into some sort of athletic match, you've got a chance of coming out on top, and that midfield battle is going to be key.
"Declan Rice, Kalvin Phillips, Mason Mount - Gundogan and Toni Kroos. England probably can't outfootball them, but they can press them, hurry them into mistakes and I think that's going to be the key battle."
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