England’s preparations for the final of Euro 2020 are in danger of being overshadowed by the actions of a minority of fans in London.
The Three Lions have reached the final of a major competition for the first time since 1996, and will take on Italy at Wembley Stadium on Sunday evening.
Despite warnings by police not to travel to the capital unless in possession of a ticket, with Covid-19 threatening to take grip of the country once again, supporters flooded into London ahead of the game.
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Leicester Square was a hive of positive activity following the win over Denmark in the semi-finals, and fans congregated there once again.
It was largely good natured, but there were disappointing scenes as bottles and glasses were smashed, while windows of cinemas in the area were targeted.
It was a similar scene at Wembley, as huge numbers of fans descended on the area in the hope of being a part of history.
Again, it was good natured initially - with Sweet Caroline being belted out by large numbers - but the scene turned ugly later in the afternoon as fans attempted to break through a security cordon.
Eurosport’s Marcus Foley is at Wembley and he spoke to a steward who said a barricade was broken down and scores of fans headed towards a secure area.
Police were deployed to restore order, and it is hoped that the actions of a minority do not overshadow a special night for English football.

Our view - Eurosport's Marcus Foley at Wembley

There was a commotion at the end of Wembley Way and under the main stairs.
This was in a fenced off area and, at first, it felt like this was just general raucousness of the day.
However, at the media entrance that was about 100 metres away, a member of staff began telling other staff members not to let anyone through, including media. To be fair, they continued to let media through.
Once past the media screening, it was clear that something fairly serious was happening. Stewards were running after people and attempting to wrestle them to the ground.
I spoke to a member of Wembley staff who described the scene next to the stairs as a "stampede". I didn't witness any of that first hand but another member is staff said that the screening attached had been knocked over and people had ran through.
There are two - perhaps three levels of security - before fans can get inside the stadium and it appears numerous people had breached that first level of security as I saw a number of fans marched back out past that first level of security.
Some were told to wait next to police (I didn't see any police speaking to them) but then it appeared as though fans on the upper concourse were throwing things down at some fans below.
Here is what Wembley have had to say.
We are dealing with an incident that occurred at the outer security perimeter area of the stadium, with support from police. Safety measures were quickly activated in the relevant areas and there were no security breaches of people without tickets getting inside"
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