Euro Qualifying • Group C
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Northern Ireland - Germany
Euro Qualifying - 9 September 2019

Euro Qualifying – Follow the Football match between Northern Ireland and Germany live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 9 September 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Ian Baraclough or Joachim Löw? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Germany move above NI to the top of the group and it's hard to see them and Netherlands not taking the top two slots. But NI played pretty well and with better finishing might just have taken the points, though of course there was little they could do when Germany turned it up.


Full-time: Northern Ireland 0-2 Germany


LOVELY GOAL! Northern Ireland 0-2 Germany (Gnabry) Brandt moves through a vacated midfield and finds Havertz who moves infield off the right asnnd slips a pass in behind the defence, onto which Gnabry dashes before whipping a low finish across Peacock-Farrell from an acute angle and into the far corner. It might just be that Jogi Low knows more than Iain Dowie.


NI make ground down the right but Can chugs back and retrieves possession.


There'll be three added minutes.


Apologies - my system crash, but you missed nowt of note.


Kimmich takes the ball facing his own goal and pressure from Evans C forces him towards the box, but he keeps the head, turns, and clears.


Germany aim to see this one out, Can replacing Reus.


One ball over the top from Halstenberg sets Brandt away down the left, but his cross has Havertz stretching and Lewis blocks his shot behind. The corner comes to nowt.


Final shy for NI, Lavery replacing Washington.


Wrap yer peepers around dis.


Decent possession from Germany before an aimless long pass allows NI to pump forward. Sule deals with it easily, and Germany get the ball moving again.


A quiet period as we prepare ourselves for the final push. Perhaps NI should go 4-4-2 and see how Gemrnay's centre-backs deal with that because at the moment they're not getting enough men into the box.


I'm not quite sure why Germany have slowed down - when they stepped it up, NI couldn't live with them, while now, they've got a puncher's chance.


NI aren't going to die wondering here, and Germany look to have settled for 1-0 unless a counter presents itself.


Another change for NI, Magennis replacing Saville.


Almost an immediate impact! Kimmich tosses into the box and Havertz, who's been compared to Michael Ballack, rises, Michael Ballack-style, to head just wide.


Change for Germany: off goes Werner and on comes Havertz, who I'm excited to see - he's meant to be a player.


Washington holds up well so Gnabry raps him across the back of the knees and is booked.


Looking at the penalty again, perhaps Kroos touched McNair's toe, but it's still not a penalty, I don't think.


Suddenly momentum has changed - can NI take a chance?


Gavin Whyte! He gets away down the right and absolutely screeches past Halstenberg before picking a perfect pass for Dallas ... who sweeps his finish past the far post! Ye've gottae score!


What?! White slips a clever pass back to McNair just inside the box and he weaves past Kroos, who extends a leg then withdraws it as McNair goes down. The ref looks like he's about to give a penalty then changes his mind - rightly so, I'd say, McNair anticipated contact and fair enough, but there wasn't any, I don't think.


NI need to change something and do, Whyte replacing McGinn. That should sort it.


70% possession for Germany this half, and Halstenberg goes down the left again, crossing into the middle where Brandt dives forward to scoop the ball from behind him, but can only boot it up in the air.


Up and over the wall from Reus, but not in the corner and Peacock-Farrell shoves behind. This is brilliant from Germany.


Free-kick Germany, 25 yards out, pretty central...


NI can't get the ball at the moment, and will know that another Germany goal is imminent. Again, they come forward, and when Halstenberg sashays past Saville, he's brought down; booking.


NI are in massive trouble here, Werner and Reus charging forward and finding Kroos, whose low return is teed up for Reus by Wener; Peackock-Farrell palms wide, and the corner comes to nowt.


Germany are into this and Gnabry is leading the charge, dropping off and feeding Brandt to his left who should probably shoot, but instead squares into Gnabry's stride; he shoots low and wide of the near post.


Ryan Babel has scored a second for Netherlands, who now lead 2-0 in Estonia.


WHAT A GOAL! Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany (Halstenberg) Germany maintain pressure after almost scoring a minute ago and Klostenberg crosses from the right, the ball flocking off the heads of those in the middle and bouncing high in front of Hlastenberg, who draws his leg horizontal, almost level with his shoulder, in the process of spanking a wondrous finish into the far top corner! Boom!


Nice from Germany again, Gnabry moving through the middle and finding Reus outside him, whose cross makes its way over to Klosterman ... who doesn't snatch but steadies himself, then very deliberately sidefoots goalwards ... his attempted precision allowing Peacock-Farrell time to save.


Yes, let's.


Off we toddle once more.


That was a really enjoyable half. NI started well and have missed the two best chances, Washington culpable for both, but Germany showed snatches of class and might well have had a penalty or goal themselves. See youse in 15.


Half-time: Northern Ireland 0-0 Germany


And here come Germany, a long pass from Kimmich switching play to Hlastenberg, who again finds Werner first-time, who again makes decent connection ... but form six yards can only pick out Peacock-Farrell's boot!


There'll be three additional minutes.


Aaaargh! Dallas and Evans C combine again down the right, Dallas delivering another brute of a low cross. And this time, Neuer can't hold it, spilling in front of Washington who falls with the goal gaping and can't bundle it into the net, crab football-style. Another brilliant chance gone!


Mcnair leaves one on Kroos, treading on the old achilles from behind. Kroos becomes extremely angry, responding with a shove, and McNair is booked.


Nice flick from Brandt, in behind Evans J and seeking Reus, but the defender does really well to catch up and clear. We've hardly seen Reus.


Tah replaces Ginter.


Gosh, Ginter is hurt - he's got an arm across himself, so it's either ribs he's clutching or a shoulder he's supporting. But NI can't take advantage of the man advantage when the corner comes in, curiously looking for the far side of the box rather that the mixah. Nothing comes of it.


Suddenly NI are in the ascendancy, Evans and Dallas doing really well to work a crossing opportunity down the right. The delivery is good too, but Washington, who does not look natural in the role, rails to gamble and his team have to make do with a corner - once Ginter has stopped being injured.


NI launch a free-kick and Evans J wins the header. McNair can't make anything of it, but Germany are pinned for a few minutes, then the same Evans charges back to win the ball and halt a counter. The crowd love it.


Evans does really well to turn in midfield as the ball breaks, rolling a pass in behind Sule for Washington. But he's gone too early so up goes the flag.


Thomas Vermaelen - remember him - has scored a second for Belgium. I think they might be better than Scotland.


Ni are really struggling to get any of the ball now, humping it forward and then waiting for Germany to build again.


In a wide field, this is a noteworthily terrible account.


Germany pop it about again and Brandt is starting to find space through the middle. And here they come! Kroos spreads out to Klosterman, who sidefoots a volleyed cross back into the middle .. where Werner adjusts position superbly, retreating to fire a shot into Cathcart's arm. Again, the ref says no penalty and the resultant corner is wasted.


It's a bit scrappy now; NI won't mind that ein kleines bisschen.


Then Halstenberg goes down the left and crosses low and hard for Brandt, who shoots first-time, Sheringham-style - it's a really decent connection and looks goalbound, till it hits Evans J on the arm. No penalty says the ref and he's morally right - Evans' arms weren't moving and he was very close by - but legally, I think that might now be a strict liability offence.


Germany are inching their way into this, funnelling the ball into Reus, whose shot is blocked by Cathcart.


Ryan Babel has given Netherlands the lead in Estonia; Dan James has scored another lovely goal to put Wales ahead against Belarus.


Evans J dithers and Brandt robs him, immediately turning to find Werner down the right. He looks up and crosses right at Cathcart, who concedes the corner - it comes to nowt.


Eventually, Reus looks for Gnabry, but the pass is behind him so Evans C snaps in to win ball and foul.


Germany pop off a few passes as the crowd jeer with righteous indignation. Excellent.


Another long ball from NI is cushioned off by Washington for McGinn, forcing Sule to nash round on the cover, conceding the throw. Again, Cathcart comes forward, but Sule is there again to head away.


NI win a free-kick out on the right and McNair curls in a tempter, but Neuer is up for it, riding a buffeting to punch clear.


Elsewhere, Romelu Lukaku has given Belgium the lead in Scotland. They are exactly the kind of side against whom he'll score 14.


Davis loses out to Brandt, who steps on it to glide through midfield; he's got Gnabry outside him, but overhits the pass and Lewis sees it away.


Both teams are looking to get it forward as quickly as they can, and it's NI dominating possession. Really!


Kroos plays a lazy square pass and Evans C is onto it in a flash, blocking it across to Washington He's in! WHAT A CHANCE! But his first touch is slightly heavy and Neuer is out quickly, leaving the chip as his only option ... which Neuer blocks with his body.


They're now onto "We're gonna win the group."


It's all NI so far! Now they've got a throw-in deep inside the Germany half and again Cathcart gallumphs forward. Dallas hurls it in, Evans C flicks on, and Washington pokes a shot from an awkward angle over the bar.


NI scrap themselves a corner, and the centre-backs barrel forward ... so McNair hits the first man. There needs to be a punishment for that kind of behaviour.


While we wait for something to happen.


Immediately Germany pump a ball over the top which catches Evans and Cathcart napping, but they rise and shine to get it away.


Away we go, with proper good whistling as Germany kick off.


I'd not heard that Ilkay Gundogan was meant to start tonight, but got flu - I'm not sure who replaced him because Brandt is last in but is there to provide width.


Anthem time...


Here come the teams!


Dowie thinks Norn Iron have to believe. Great stuff.


Nessun Dorma is playing in the ground. Absolute tune.


Sky's interviewer literally just asked Davis: "Do you see yourself as a Northern Ireland legend?"




We're about to see an interview with Steven Davis - 113 caps is a lot.


On Sky, they're bemoaning Oliver Norwood's decision to miss international football. Obviously that's his own call and none of my business, but as spectator I'd say that's a shame.


Iain Dowie thinks that Serge Gnabry isn't a centre-forward, but the game has changed since he was allowed to play there. Werner will swap with him I'm sure, and where you start isn't where you end up.


He says that it was the coach's decision to retire Hummels and Boateng, when baited to criticise it. I'm sure the squad is better off without them, Jogi Low will be happy to hear.


Joshua Kimmich says the team know they didn't play well against Netherlands, but that they can do better. He thinks that for the moment, there are three teams contesting the top two spots, "but tomorrow, when we win..."


So who's going to win the Euros, I don't hear you ask. Well, I'd say that Netherlands, England and France are the three who, on a good day, I'd back to beat the rest, but it's hard to look beyond the world champions, who have the best balance between attack and defence, and the most likely matchwinners.


Yeah, have a butcher's at that scoping. Incredible scenes.


Germany, meanwhile, change formation from 3-4-2-1 to 4-3-3 after Friday's home defeat to Netherlands, leaving out Tah and Schulz to bring in Halstenberg and Brandt. Their forward line looks sharp and I'd expect them to dominate possession tonight, but when things get real in the summer, I'm not sure they've got the quality to win the thing.


Evans C is the only man to survive Thursday's friendly win against Luxembourg, which Northern Ireland won thanks to an own-goal. As ever with them, you can see how they might keep it tight - Evans J and Cathcart know their business and will be helped by wieght of numbers, but it's far less clear how they'll score.




I'm looking forward to this one. Germany are coming off a chastening defeat, leaving Norn Iron alone at the top of Group C with four from four. It's true that they've only played Belarus and Estonia so far, but they've got confidence, momentum, home advantage and something to hang onto - they'll fancy this, so they will.


Evening all, and welcome to Northern Ireland v Germany!