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Scotland - Israel

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McLean tucks away his penalty and Scotland are off to Serbia for the Euro 2020 play-off final. They are just one game away from qualifying for their first major tournament since 1998. It was a terrible game of football, but Scotland did just enough to get over the line.


SCOTLAND 4-3 ISRAEL - Brillaint penalty from Fani. Marshall went the wrong way but it barely mattered, the shot was that good. Into the side netting.


SCOTLAND 4-2 ISRAEL - Shankland was made to wait as the referee told Marciano to stay on his line, but the striker finds the bottom left corner well.


SCOTLAND 3-2 ISRAEL - Weissman goes straight down the middle and Marshall dives out of the way.


SCOTLAND 3-1 ISRAEL - Marciano went the right way, but there was just enough on McTominay's spot kick to find the bottom left corner.


SCOTLAND 2-1 ISRAEL - Bitton sends the ball into the roof of the net and keeps Israel within touching distance


SCOTLAND 2-0 ISRAEL - McGregor steps up and sends his penalty kick into the side netting! Marciano stood no chance.


SCOTLAND 1-0 ISRAEL - MARSHALL SAVES FROM ZAHAVI! It was a good penalty, but an even better save from the Scotland goalkeeper!


SCOTLAND 1-0 ISRAEL - McGinn steps up and squeezes the penalty kick underneath Marciano!

  • End of E.T 2nd Half

FULL TIME IN ET: Scotland 0-0 Israel


Off the post! So close to a late, late winner as a Robertson corner kick is headed towards goal by Cooper, but the effort comes back off the woodwork and it will be penalties.


JUST PAST THE POST! That's the closest Israel have come to finding the back of the net. Weissman just couldn't stretch far enough to meet the cross. Studs on that and it would have been in.


It's going to have to be a late winner now if these two teams are going to avoid extra time. Israel are on top at the moment. The changes have worked better for the away side.


Mis-kick by Solomon! Gallagher partially clears a cross into the middle, the ball falls for Solomon, but he gets his volley completely wrong and the ball bounces through to Marshall.


Another change for Scotland and McLean comes on for O'Donnell. What does that mean for the system?


Zahavi over the bar! That looked like a good chance for Israel with Bitton picking a pass into Weissman, but he passed to Zahavi rather than taking on the effort himself. Shot over.


Fraser is at least trying to make something happen for Scotland, but the home team are so lacking in terms of cutting edge in front of goal. Shankland hasn't made much of a difference.


10 minutes to go in extra time. 10 minutes until a potential penalty shootout and it feels like both teams would settle for that at this stage. Hard to see where a winner is coming from.


This has been a turgid match. This has penalties written all over it. No sign of a goal from either side and it has been that way since that McTominay chance in the first half.


Gallagher leap! Robertson whips a freekick delivery into the box from the left side, Gallagher got up above all else, but he couldn't get over it and heads up into the air.


Is there a winner for either of these two teams in this second period of extra time? It's been tough going for Scotland, but there is a sense that Fraser is making things happen.


The second half of extra time is under way! It's still goalless between Scotland and Israel in this Euro 2020 play-off semi final.


HALF TIME IN ET: Scotland 0-0 Israel


McGregor shot on goal! Fraser gets a good cross into the middle, the partial clearance is made, McGregor meets it on the volley 18 yards out, but Dasa makes the crucial block!


Two minutes left of this first extra time period and neither side has looked like finding the back of the net. Pretty dreadful fare, this. Neither side deserves to go to the Euros.


PICTURE: Still no breakthrough at Hampden

Scotland's Scott McTominay looks to win the ball against Israel

It just feels like both teams are waiting for the penalty shootout to decide this. Such a poor performance from Scotland who have struggled to create anything beyond the McTominay chance.


News from the other match! Milinkovic-Savic has scored again for Serbia to put them ahead against Norway and as things stand it's Serbia who will host the winners of this match.


Israel are forced into a change in the first half of extra time and off comes Golasa to be replaced by Elmkies. Extreme cramp.


Cross was too strong! Fraser did well to skip past his man on the right side and get the delivery into the area, but there was too much for Shankland to get on the end of it.


Gallagher down! This could be a concern for Scotland. Gallagher is down and is receiving some treatment. Might Clarke be forced into another change? They have Porteous.


Chip over the bar! That was a decent attempt from Zahavi who spotted Marshall ever so slightly off his line, but he chips over the crossbar from the edge of the Scotland penalty box.


Not since 1961 have Scotland played a period of extra time and they have never participated in a penalty shootout. Is that what we're heading for? Kind of feels that way.


Clarke has made a change at the start of extra time and on comes Paterson for Dykes.


The first half of extra time is under way! It's still 0-0 between Scotland and Israel in this play-off semi final.


FULL TIME: Scotland 0-0 Israel


It feels like both sides are settling for extra time here. Another 30 minutes of this looms. Can't say I'm personally too enthralled about that, but there is a lot on the line.


In the other game... Norway have equalised late on against Serbia! Of course, Scotland still have a lot of work to do here to get through to the final, but the other semi final is also in the balance.


There will be three minutes of stoppage time played at the end of the match.


Elhamed deflected wide! The Israeli left back cuts the ball on to his right foot on the edge of the box and gets the shot away, but it picks up a deflection and flashes wide of the far post.


Weissman gets a yellow card for a foul on Cooper. Game has swung back towards Scotland in terms of momentum.


This is wherte Clarke maybe wishes he had Griffiths to throw on to grab a winner. The Celtic striker is only just back from injury, but scored against St Johnstone at the weekend.


In other news... Serbia have taken the lead against Norway in the other Euro 2020 play-off semi final which means that if Scotland win this they will face a trip to Serbia to qualify!


Glanced wide! Robertson gets a good corner kick delivery into the area, Gallagher gets his head on it, but glances his effort wide of the near post. He couldn't get enough on it. Close.


Clarke makes his second change of the night and it's Fraser who comes on for Jack.


A change for Israel here and on comes Weissman who had an excellent season in Austria last term. Dabbur comes off. Like for like change.


Less than 10 minutes to go at Hampden Park and we are edging closer to extra time. Israel look the more likely to score. Is it possible that Scotland are nervous? They look it!


Just got there! McGregor attempted to pick a pass from deep through the middle of the Israel defence for Shankland, but Dasa came across to make the desperate interception.


This is tough going for Scotland at the moment. Nothing is coming easily for them right now. Israel have been the better team in the second half and look the more likely to win this.


It's Israel who are on top at the moment. They have been the better of the two teams in the last 10 minutes or so as Scotland struggle to make the ball stick in the attacking third.


Dasa has been afforded so much space down the right side. Robertson has struggled against him all night. This time a cross from Dasa is blocked by McGregor at the near post.


Was that a shot? McGinn created the space on the edge of the Israeli penalty area, he clipped a cross to the back post, although maybe it was an attempted chip? Either way, it's a goal kick.


Referring to a tackle by Jack...


The front two of Dykes and McBurnie worked quite well in the first half as Scotland attempted to play off them, but the effectiveness wore off in the second period.


Finally, a change for Scotland and it is indeed Shankland who comes on. Off comes McBurnie.


Shot on target! Zahavi gets the effort away and that's actually the first shot on goal for either team. Marshall gathers it relatively easily, but there was some venom behind that effort.


Still no change from the Scotland manager. Clarke does have options on the bench... will he use them? Surely Shankland is worth a shot to try and get a goal to settle this?


A change for the away side with Natcho coming off to be replaced by Fani.


We could have a real flurry of substitutions in these final 20 minutes. Five changes are permitted for each team and six if we go to extra time, which looks likely at the moment.


Feels like Scotland need a bit more guile in the attacking third. Surely Fraser would be a good option for this? He has been in good form since signing for Newcastle United this season.


Just over 20 minutes left of this match to play and it could go either way. Both teams have had their chances, although McTominay is probably still thinking about that sitter.


We haven't seen all that much of Dabbur and Zahavi this evening. They are Israel's danger men. Zahavi scored a wonderful goal againsy Scotland in the Nations League last month.


A dreadul lack of cutting edge in this Scotland team. Clarke has a number of excellent midfielders (and left backs) to work with, but he lacks a goalscorer who can put the ball in the back of the net.


Chance for Scotland! An O'Donnell long ball was headed down by Dykes, McBurnie looked set to get on the end of it around the penalty spot, but Dasa made an incredible intervention on the slide!


Scramble in the Scotland box! A cross bounces through to Dasa, he gets a shot away and the ball pings around the six yard box and Gallagher makes the eventual clearance. It wouldn't fall to anyone!


Cross into McBurnie! McGinn plays a clipped pass into McBurnie who was free inside the area, but he decides to try and knock it down for Dykes and Marciano gathers. Decent chance.


McGinn becomes the first Scotland player to be shown a yellow card for a foul on Natcho.


Handball claim! The Scotland players are up in arms (pun intended) as they appeal for a handball by Tibi, but the officials decide it struck his shoulder and not below the t-shirt line.


Nothing happening in the other semi final either...


Bitton is shown a yellow card for a bad tackle on McBurnie. He can have no complaints... but still does.


There is not a lot happening for Dykes and McBurnie in attack at this moment. Surely Clarke is considering changing one of them for another midfielder or for Shankland?


Clarke is surely thinking of some changes as we approach the hour mark. He has some options on the bench. Shankland. Fraser. Fleck. McLean. When will we see some alterations?


Robertson just hasn't been able to get the better of Dasa this evening. He might be one of the best full backs in the game right now, but Roberson has always struggled for Scotland.


Golasa shot over! That wasn't too far away at all. The ball was set up nicely for the Israel full back on the edge of the box, but Golasa curled a left-footed effort over the crossbar.


Scotland are playing without wingers this evening and instead they have Robertson on the left and O'Donnell on the right as full backs. But they aren't getting forward that often.


It should be noted that extra time will be played, and then a penalty shootout, should this match finish level after 90 minutes. Scotland will want to find a winner before then, though.


Dangerous freekick in! Robertson whips a set piece cross into the middle, McTominay wins it and then Dykes goes up with Marciano, but the whistle has blown for a freekick for... something.


McTominay had the best scoring opportunity in the first half, with the Manchester United man heading wide from six yards out when he really should have found the back of the Israel net.


The game plan from Scotland so far has been peculiar. They are playing with two big strikers, who are doing a decent job of holding it up, but they have had so little service.


What will the second half bring? Scotland have seen more of the ball and have created the best chance, but Israel have looked pretty dangerous, especially down the left wing.

  • 2nd Half

The second half is under way! It's still goalless between Scotland and Israel in this Euro 2020 play-off semi final!


What did you make of the first half at Hampden Park? Is this system working for Scotland? Does Clarke need to make any changes? Have Israel looked more dangerous? Tweet me!

  • End of 1st Half

HALF TIME: Scotland 0-0 Israel. A very competitive 45 minutes of football at Hampden Park, but we are still waiting for the breakthrough between two well-matched teams.


Is there one last chance left in this first half for Scotland? McTominay really should have put the home side ahead with his header, but the Scots are still on top in this match.


What a chance for McTominay! That should have been in the back of the net! McTominay was completely free six yards out from a Robertson corner, but he heads wide of the post!


McGinn dribble and shot! The Aston Villa midfielder turns with the ball inside his own half and then dribbles past two Israeli players before getting the shot away. It picks up a deflection and flashes wide.


One wonders what Clarke makes of his team's first half performance here. Scotland have looked relatively settled in terms of their structure, but Israel have more than held their own.


Dykes takes a good pass from Robertson into his chest, but when he looked around for someone to lay it off to there was nobody close in a dark blue jersey. That's a concern for Scotland.


Bitton heads wide! Solomon gets a wicked freekick delivery into the Scotland penalty box, Bitton gets his head on the end of it, but the Celtic man heads wide of the target.


10 minutes until the half time break and we are still waiting for the breakthrough at Hampden Park. Scotland have had more of the ball, but Israel have looked dangerous at times.


PICTURE: Still level at Hampden Park

Scotland's Callum McGregor tussles for the ball against Israel

Dykes and McBurnie are doing a decent job of holding up the ball and bringing their teammates into the game, but they have been starved of service from the wide areas. Nothing to attack.


McBurnie strike on goal! The Sheffield United forward had more time than he realised and got the snap-shot away on goal. It picked up a deflection, though, and Marciano saves.


Marshall claims the cross! It was a decent ball into the middle from Dasa, but nobody in white was getting across the Scotland goalkeeper and Marshall was able to gather comfortably.


Israel are down to 10 men for the time being as Tibi receives some treatment on the sidelines for a bloody nose. The defender will be back on the pitch soon enough.


In other news... it's still goalless between Norway and Serbia, but it's the latter that has been the better of the two teams despite the quality boasted by the home side (see Haaland and Odegaard).


This has been a fairly entertaining match so far played at a good tempo, but we are still awaiting the first real goalscoring opportunity. Israel look dangerous down the left wing.


The longer this goes at 0-0, the more the nerves and the tension will build for Scotland. This is a huge opportunity for them to qualify for a major tournament for the first time since 1998.


Israel recover the ball after O'Donnell dithered on it in the centre of the pitch. Scotland need to do a better job of making good use of the space down the right side. Lots to exploit.


Elhamed into the box! That was a decent change for the away side, with Elhamed bursting into the Scotland penalty area beyond O'Donnell, but his shot is blocked for a corner kick.


Clarke does have options on the bench. Will we see Shankland at some point, for instance? He has been in good form for Dundee United recently. A penalty box finisher.


We haven't seen much in the way of exchange play between Dykes and McBurnie, but in terms of knowing what area of the pitch to occupy the front two seem to have a good understanding.


Scotland actually come into this game on an unbeaten run of five games in a row, but very few of their performances under Clarke have been that convincing. A peculiar streak.


Of course, Scotland were dealt a massive blow yesterday when it emerged Armstrong had tested positive for Covid-19 and that Christie and Tierney would also have to self-isolate as a result.


After a bit of a shaky start, Scotland have settled into the match now and are looking pretty comfortable on the ball. Israel are largely camped inside their own half with the exception of one chaser.


The first yellow card of the night goes the way of Natcho who fouls McGinn.


Robertson whips a freekick delivery into the Israel penalty area, but after a bit of head tennis the danger is cleared by the away side. Scotland are on top at the moment.


Scotland have so many quality attacking midfielders, but the issue in recent matches has been bringing them into the game. Dykes and McBurnie are doing a decent job of that.


ROBERTSON... just wide! The Scotland captain takes the freekick 20 yards out, but his strike flashes wide of the near post. That was a decent try, but Marciano probably had it covered.


Dykes wins a freekick on the edge of the Israel penalty area after a pretty rash tackle on the slide by Yeini. This could be a decent opportunity for Scotland to at least test Marciano...


Scotland are starting to settle into the match now, seeing more of the ball. They need to try and get Robertson into the game more. The Liverpool left back has often struggled for his best form for his country.


McGinn... shoots over! Brilliant set up from Dykes who chests down a pass from McGregor for McGinn, but the Aston Villa midfielder shoots well over the bar from 20 yards out.


Dykes was handed his first Scotland call-up for last month's games against Israel and Czech Republic, and while he did well the striker suffered from a lack of support. Same again tonight? He has McBurnie alongside him.


Israel have started the better of the two teams. They are the ones dictating possession. They are camped on the edge of the Scotland penalty box, but Elhamed's cross goes long.


A good cross into the middle by Elhamed after the stepover beat O'Donnel, but Cooper got his head on the ball to clear. The Celtic full back already looks to be a good outlet for Israel.


Celtic manager Neil Lennon had actually publicy expressed his desire that Bitton not play in this match due to injury troubles, but the midfielder-turned-centre back is in the Israel side.


There are a few familiar faces in the Israel team from a Scottish perspective. Bitton, Elhamed and Marciano all play their club football in the country. All decent players as well.


O'Donnell sticks a diagonal ball on to the head of McBurnie. It doesn't come off this time, but is that a sign of things to come for Scotland with the Sheffield United striker up front alongside Dykes?

  • 1st Half

The match is under way! It's Scotland against Israel in this Euro 2020 play-off semi final at Hampden Park!


Okay, here we go. We are about to get under way in this Euro 2020 play-off semi final. Kick off is just moments away.


Sky Sports has the Scotland formation as a standard back four. We'll keep you updated on that. It had been assumed it would be a back three as it was last month.


National anthem time. No as rousing as it would have been with over 50,000 fans inside the stadium, but nonetheless.


Not long until kick off at Hampden. There are no fans inside the stadium to build an atmosphere, but you can feel the tension building. This is such a massive match for Scotland.


Of course, these two sides faced each other in the UEFA Nations League at Hampden Park only last month, with Israel claiming a 1-1 draw. Scotland will need to be much better this evening.


I'm Graham Ruthven and you can catch me on Twitter ahead of the match. What do you think of the Scotland team Clarke has picked? Is this the right system for the side? Tweet me!


Interesting selection! Scotland boss Clarke has made a number of big calls tonight. It looks like he has stuck with the back three, with McTominay as a centre back. Jack is also in the midfield!


TEAM NEWS: Scotland - Marshall, O'Donnell, Robertson, McTominay, Gallagher, Cooper, McGinn, Jack, McGregor, Dykes, McBurnie. /// Israel - Marciano, Dasa, Yeini, Elhamed, Tibi, Golasa, Bitton, Solomon, Natcho, Zahavi, Dabbur.


Good evening and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Euro 2020 play-off semi final between Scotland and Israel. We'll bring you all the action as it happens from Hampden Park. Kick off is at 19:45 BST.