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Euro Qualifying • Group E
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  • Slovakia
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Slovakia - Wales
Euro Qualifying - 10 October 2019

Euro Qualifying – Follow the Football match between Slovakia and Wales live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 10 October 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Pavel Hapal or Ryan Giggs? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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So there it is. Thanks for your company - night.


Wales will take that. They stay fourth in the group but will reckon that two wins, away to Azerbaijan and at home to Hungary, will probably be enough to get them second place. Slovakia will assume they'll beat Azerbaijan at home in their final game, but that won't be enough if they don't get something in Croatia - who Wales meet at home on Sunday.


Full-time: Slovakia 1-1 Wales


Moore finds James on the left of the box, but he can only slice a tired shot wide.


I'm not sure who's making the minutes disappear, because Wales won't mind a draw but Slovakia have 10 men. Either way, we're nearly done, and James wastes some more time by flattening Rusnak. He's booked.


Not much going on here, so let's note that Golovin has given Russia a 4-0 lead over Scotland.


De Jong has scored so Netherlands now lead NI, who might live to regret taking the lead.


Wales cannot be having Bale injured, given Sunday's home game with Croatia. But he gets up wincing, red card avoided - he's a lucky boy.There'll be six added minutes.


Skriniar races outside Bale, who whacks him across the knees ... that could be a second yellow, but the ref says no! But Bale stays down!


The free-kick goes to Moore at the far post, who nods across ... and Rodon skips into an overhead kick, that's only just over!


RED CARD! Another high ball into Moore and Gyomber flies over to take him out because what else is to do? He receives a well-earned second yellow, and off he chunters.


Safranko, formerly of Dundee United, replaces Bozenir.


Ever since I said this was a decent game, it's been rubbish.


Wlaes get it wide and Roberts crosses towards Bale, forcing Hancko to slice behind ... but Dubravka comes for Wilson's corner, and claims easily.


Slovakia win a free-kick down the left, deep inside the Wales half, and Hamsik goes short to Rusnak, who swipes across a shot that flies bare wide.


Elsewhere, Belgium lead San Marino 7-0. Even Christian Benteke has scored.


That did not last long. Memphis Depay has equalised for Netherlands.


Change for Slovakia, Haraslin replacing Mak - who's been a danger but has also missed decent chances.


James clips it in nicely to the near post and Rodon gets in front of Gyomber, glancing goalwards ... only for the ball to hit the defender and go behind! The corner comes to nothing.


James runs down the left, just outside the box, so Gyomber shoves him. Free-kick Wales, on the left edge...


In Rotterdam, Magennis has put NI ahead!


Dzyuba has scored against for Russia. After a promising start, Scotland are getting another hiding.


We're back underway.


Gyomber and Moore, who've had a proper old school battle, are both bleeding after contesting a high ball.


Ozdoev has put Russia 2-0 up against Scotland. In Rotterdam, it's still Netherlands 0-0 Northern Ireland.


But look at Wales, Bale waiting to feed Roberts outside him, and his low cross is flicked goalwards by Moore, but Dubrakva blocks behind. The corner comes to nothing.


Giggs makes another change and I think it's a good one, Wilson replacing Williams.


Morrell comes in behind Rusnak as he releases the ball and is booked.


Slovakia's wingers are causing Wales loads, and Kcka comes in off the right to flash a low shot just wide of the near post.


Mak comes in off the left again - his build reminds me of Xherdan Shaqiri and he squares to Rusnak, whose first touch inadvertently flicks the ball up for his second, a low drive which has Hennessey plunging to his right to save. Wales are rocking.


It's slowed a bit, but it's hard to see where a Wales goal is coming from and not that hard to see Slovakia scoring again. The difference is in midfield.


Dzyuba has put Russia ahead against Scotland.


Ampadu, who had a great first half-hour before tiring, is replaced by Morrell.


Wlaes need to concentrate. Kucka picks the ball up outside their box and with no one pressurising him, drags a shot wide.


This has been and is a really enjoyable game. Lobotka spreads left to Mak, who feints to go outside then sweeps inside Roberts, shooting just wide.


Drat indeed.


Russia-Scotland and Netherlands-Northern Ireland are both still 0-0.


James makes good ground and finds Bale, who zones inside and unloads a shot, but straight at Dubravka.


WHAT A GOAL! Slovakia 1-1 Wales (Kucka) Kusnak, who's been dangerous all night, holds up, waiting for Pekarik, before teeing him up to cross; Roberts might head behind but on the dive, he sends it up and out of the box, only for Kucka to allow the ball across his body before control-cracking a low volley past Hennessey! It wasn't the greatest clearance, but that was such a difficult finish!


Bale goes down the right and stands up a cross, but Moore flies into Dubravka and the ref penalises him. He's had a really good game, save the penalty he didn't give.


Gyomber goes up with Moore, who's bullied him so far, introducing elbow to neck. He's booked.


Williams catches Lobotka and the ref plays advantage, allowing Kucka to run at the Wales defence before totally misjudging his pass. The ref then goes back to book Williams/


Williams is a constant nause for Slovakia, and he finds space before finding Bale, who overhits his cross.


James is so lively. Williams is fouled but he picks up the loose ball, drilling a riser over the bar from 20 yards.


Off we go. This is an absolutely gigantic half for both teams.


Back come the teams...


Wales will take that all day. They've played pretty well, but if they can't bottle up the area 20-25 yards from their goal, they'll need another to win.


Half-time: Slovakia 0-1 Wales


Lovely from Kucka - Wales are struggling to protect their back four here - who megs Davies and, as it opens up for him, drags a shot just wide of the near post.


There'll be one added minute.


James runs at the heart of the Slovakia defence, using Moore as a decoy to skid a low shot just wide.


Rusnak crosses from the right; Roberts does superbly to get goalside of Mak and kick away.


Wales are hanging in there, but Slovakia are coming.


Elsewhere, Croatia lead Hungary 2-0, which is decent for Wales. Russia and Scotland is 0-0, as is Netherlands and Northern Ireland.


Hamsik is prompting nicely, and he finds Rusnak who drags wide from 20 yards.


Williams goes outside Lobotka so Gyomber comes across to scythe through him! It's the most obvious penalty you've ever seen! But the ref says no! I have not a scooby what's happened there; that is outrageous officiating.


Warning for Wales! Kucka moves the ball to Hamsik who sends it one more, first-time, to Mak. He opens his body, but can only sweep straight at Hennessey.


Allen clips the free-kick towards Moore, who's backing in needlessly and the ref blows up.


Moore's playing really well here, and he chests down a hump beautifully, buying a free-kick off Gyomber.


Ampadu allows the ball to run across his body nicely, but has no options and ends up losing it to Rusnak, who he hauls down by the waist. Booking.


Get to half-time is what Wales will be thinking. Joe Allen should have them sitting in now, because Slovakia know they're struggling if they lose here.


This situation is perfect for Wales. Slovakia will have to come after them now, leaving space in behind for James and Bale. And there it is, James winning a corner ... which comes to nothing.


That really is a monumental goal for Wales. It appears than Daniel James might be a player.


GOAL! Slovakia 0-1 Wales (Moore) Well done Ryan Giggs! First, Bale heads against the bar, twisting his whole body to generate power. And Wales maintain pressure, Allen spreading beautifully towards James, who jumps against Pekarik, flicks behind them both, and gets to the loose ball first, moving onto his right foot then his left to stand up a cross with off his weaker side that picks out Moore. He arrives onto it beautifully, and plants a header past Dubravka.


Hamsik swings the corner out, towards Hancko who pulls away from the near post area. He does really well to generate purchase, but heads straight at Hennessey.


From wide, Slovakia play a free-kick short and Rusnak takes advantage of the new angle to toss into the box; it goes behind off Ampadu.


Not football, no, but this is poetry.


Slovakia spring and Bozenik finds Rusnak, who shoots into Davies' shins.


Wales win a corner down the right, but Williams' delivery is loose and the ball is easily cleared.


Bale stretches around Lobotka to poke the ball ball away before taking his man down. That's not even a foul, and even if it is it's certainly less egregious than Rusnak's, but he's booked nevertheless.


More possession for the Wales defenders before Ampadu plays a lovely pass inside Pekaric. Roberts crosses low, and the ball goes out off Gyomber, but the ref gives a goal kick.


Williams runs down the left and Rusnak trips him playground-style, somehow avoiding a booking. James' free-kick is headed away.


More possession for Wales, who are moving it nicely. But then Lockyer gives it away and Hamsik crosses immediately, Bozenik flicking gloriously into the path of Mak. He takes a touch to work the angle, steadies himself to put his side ahead ... and out of nowhere, Ampadu slides in to block! That is brilliant defending, and has saved a certain goal!


Wales are getting time on the ball here. They've not yet got the right pass through, but they ideas have been decent.


Ampadu has yet to play a minute for Leipzig, where he's on loan from Chelsea. In fairness, the team are doing really well so it's not hard to see why the new kid hasn't had a go; he does have some talent.


Ampadu does well to find Davies, who finds James. His square pass towards Williams is blocked, but Wales maintain pressure, quickly winning the ball back. Williams finds space down the left and tries to find Moore - he can't, but his team have made a good start here.


A long ball from Skriniar frees Hancko down the left, but he goes too early and the flag goes up.


Wales belt it at Moore and Bale picks up the scraps, walloping into Gyomber.


Off we go ... will Giggs' gamble pay off?


The ground looks pretty much full - it was originally going to be closed as a punishment for racist chants, but Uefa overturned the ban on appeal. Of course they did.


Anthems, Wales players going for it.


...and here they come!


The players are tunnelled...


Apparently Claudio Ranieri is close to taking over as manager of Sampdoria. Will he get Nigel Pearson to pick his players for him?


Not just close.


I'm looking forward to seeing Jonny Williams tonight. He changed the game when he came off the bench with Wales lumbering after a winner against Azerbaijan. They'll be hoping he can prompt around the box, and find his wide men early, before the Slovakia defence is set.


Ryan Giggs says that Tom Lockyer is in the form of his life, which is why he's been given the nod, while Moore played well in the last game and is a threat from set-pieces. He says that, in general, he's not been happy with how his team have addressed those, so has picked the biggest XI of his time as manager. He knows his team will be under pressure and they're going for the win, but given they beat Slovakia, a draw is ok as it gives them the advantage in the head to head.


It's unfortunate for Wales that David Brooks is also injured. He could be a very good player indeed - if I may namedrop, Ryan Giggs told me how highly he rates him quite recently - and him feeding Bale and James, with Ramsey running past, is extremely tasty.


I'm choking up here!


It's a little surprising that Sam Vokes wasn't picked up front, and the exclusion of Ashley Williams is also noteworthy. Ryan Giggs is gambling - I wonder where he picked that up.


Wales need something from Kieffer Roberto Francisco Moore tonight. Not that long ago, he was a lifeguard, but now he plays for Wigan and has 0 goals from seven games so far this season. Tonight is his second international and his first in competition. He'll need to push back his markers and hold the ball up for the trident behind him.


Slovakia have scored nine and conceded seven so far in the group, as opposed to Wales' four and four. But I'm still expecting a tight game, because Wales need to defend deep and in numbers, while Slovakia don't have much firepower. Marek Hamsik is still useful but old and, at his best, Milan Skriniar is a one-man defence. He'll know he has to be on it tonight.


Slovakia line up thusly: Dubravka; Pekarik, Gyomber, Skriniar, Hancko; Kucka, Lobotka, Hamsik; Rusnak, Bozenik, Mak. Subs: Kozacik, Greif, Valjent, Satka, Gregus, Haraslin, Duda, Bero, Hrovsky, Mazan, Safranko, Duris.


Tell you what, I'd not want to ply on the front foot against this Wales side. The pace of Bale and James on the counter can threaten any team, and Ampadu might just be the man to feed them. But almost any team would miss Aaron Ramsey, never mind one representing a country as small as Wales.


This is how Wales line up; Slovakia's XI will follow when I get it.


Wales beat Slovakia at home in June, but if they lose tonight will probably need to win their last three games - Croatia home, Azerbaijan away, Hungary home - to qualify. Even if they don't they still might.


The top two teams qualify, qhile Azerbaijan, who're bottom, might still make the playoffs thanks to their Nations League exploits.


Wales badly need a result here. At the moment they're fourth in the group, or second-bottom put another way, with six points from four games. Above them, Hungary have nine from five, Slovakia likewise, with Croatia top with 10 from five. They're at home to Hungary tonight.


Evening all, and welcome to Slovakia v Wales!