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Manchester United - Fenerbahçe
Europa League - 20 October 2016

Europa League – Follow the Football match between Manchester United and Fenerbahçe live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:05 on 20 October 2016. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers José Mourinho or Aykut Kocaman? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Well, after a dodgy start, United played very well. The passing of Carrick, Pogba and Mata was much too much for Fenerbahce, and United move to second in the group, behind Feyeroord on head-to-head.

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Rooney, who's played quite well tonight, wins a header and Martial slides him back in. But the ball doesn't have quite enough pace and nor does Rooney, so he comes back inside whereupon he's tackled.


There shall be two added minutes.


Lovely from United, taking a corner short, Mata to Martial and back again. Mata then finds Memphis, who flicks behind his standing leg back to Mata, who sets back for Fosu-Mensah, just outside the box. He gets a reasonable connection on his shot, but can't find the power to seriously mither Demirel.


Mata, who's had a nice game, robs Topal at inside-right and has men to his left, but instead goes around the outside and has his shot blocked.


Emenike has made a difference, and Fener are playing with more conviction now that the game is over, Souza turning outside the box to crack a low shot that De Gea has to get down to quickly.


GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED 4-1 FENERBAHCE (VAN PERSIE) Martial decides not to run at Skrtel, finding Rooney who's tackled, and Fener break, Topal escorting a ball over the top and out to the left for Emenike. Bailly goes out to cover but does nothing to stop the low cross, and Van Persie, who's got the wrong side of Shaw, slots home a poacher's finish. Old Trafford seems to enjoy it, Alex Ferguson in particular.


Another sumptuous ball from Carrick finds Memphis, out on the left and close to the by-line. He thinks about crossing quickly for Rooney but decides the route is blocked so dithers but with purpose, beating his man along the chalk before running out of space.


But look at this! Carrick strides forward and flips a lovely ball into Memphis, who funnels onto Mata, doing his best to accelerate through the middle. He sits the keeper down, looking left and shooting right, but Demirel recovers well to save with his feet.


There is not all that much coming to pass.


Van Persie's shirt is ripped so he gets a new one, while Fosu-Mensah replaces Pogba - hopefully we get to see him play midfield, which is his position, rather than right-back, where he can do a job..


Lovely from United, Rooney dropping deep and flicking a pass around the corner for Mata who feeds Memphis. You can probably guess the rest, but in case not, Memphis ruins everything with a lazy, inept pass back inside.


Dundallk lead Zenit 1-0. That is remarkable.


Rooney lasers at pass out to Mata on the left, and he cuts back to meet the arrival of Martial. But Skrtel does just enough to get in the way.


Another change for Fenerbahce: Koybasi replaces Sen.


Sener, who's been Fener's best attacker, skirts around Martial. But Martial gets back at him, sliding in to cede a throw-in. That's probably the highlight of his performance as far as Mourinho is concerned.


Lingard wins the race to be withdrawn for Sunday, Memphis replacing him; he may well start ahead of Martial.


Brilliant defending from Bailly when Sener curls a delicate ball into the box looking for Emenike - a gentle backheader is enough to take it away from him.


Rooney bursts forwards and flicks a pass into the path of Mata, who tries to measure a first-time cross on the run into the middle for Lingard - but he overhits it.


Martial beats Sener to a header, then heads him, so the ref gives a free-kick - it's 25 yards out, on the right, so Van Persie will swing it in. He sends it towards the penalty spot, and Shaw's back-header cedes the corner.


Emenike holds up a long ball and lays back to Van Persie who, 20 yards out, measures a left-footed curler that scoots just wide of the far post.


"He might be tempted to just say 'unchanged'", says Ian Darke of the team Mourinho will pick for Sunday's visit to Chelsea. Absolutely no chance, but not now that you ask, I'd go: De Gea; Valencia, Smallling, Bailly, Shaw; Herrera, Carrick, Pogba; Rashford, Zlatan, Martial. But I'd be very tempted to play Rashford through the middle and leave out Zlatan for Lingard.


Pogba takes a quick free-kick, a crossfield jazzer that finds Darmian. His cross narrowly evades Rooney, and the scrambled clearance narrowly avoids Martial.


Elsewhere in the group, Feyernoord and Zorya are 0-0 at the De Kuip.


Already this is drifting.


Alper does well drifting in off the left before flicking a pass back outside for Sen. He has Emenike pulling away but opts to drive hard across the face of goal, where Carrick runs Van Persie out of things.


So, do United go for more goals, or do they rest players for Sunday?


ANOTHER BRILLIANT GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED 4-0 FENERBAHCE Pogba's firm pass into Rooney is deftly laid off to Lingard, on the edge of the box. He takes a touch to get the ball out of his feet, the larrups a drive across Demirel into the bottom right corner.


Smalling is off and Rojo is on; Kjaer is off and Emenike is on.


Fener kick-off.


Yeah they played together, but still.




Michael Owen can't believe Wane Rooney didn't take the penalties. Michael Owen appears to have never seen Wayne Rooney take penalties.


What an odd half that was. United didn't play well at all, but three moments of extreme quality have brought them three goals. They'll be feeling much better about themselves than they were 20 minutes ago.




GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED 3-0 FENERBAHCE (POGBA) But that's all United need! What a goal this is! Kjaer is loose with a clearance and Rooney bursts down the right, cutting back an excellent pass for Lingard, who cushions to himself while he moved across the face of the box from right-to-left, then lays the ball back left for Pogba, who absolutely dematerialises a sidefooted outswinger into the top right corner. Boy can play.


There have been two penalties in the half and one physio on. Somehow this equates to one added minute.


United concede a free-kick out on the left, 25 yards from goal, and Alper swings it in - but it's too deep, and Smalling clears.


A lovely ball from Carrick, curving out to the left, finds Mata, and his cross towards Rooney is headed behind. Mata's corner is cleared, but the ball soon makes its way back to him and he tries again - this effort is much better, forcing Kjaer to stretch for his headed clearance.


The famously deft touch of Chris Smalling sends a backpass careering behind and Fener have a corner - they've been a bit better this last five minutes. But the delivery is nonsense and De Gea comes to collect.


Van Persie, who used to play for Manchester United, apparently, has barely had a touch.


As I was saying, Carrick is caught in possession by Topal, and he slides a pass into Souza. Across comes Bailly, sent for a bag of chips as Souza ducks inside him, but like so many, his shot founders on the legs of De Gea. Great save, and a let off for two of those in front of him.


I really don't see how, especially in the biggest games, Mourinho can countenance not picking Carrick. He knows where to be when the opposition attack and passes the ball forward accurately and quickly. He was United's best midfielder last season.


GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED 2-0 FENERBAHCE (MARTIAL, PEN) Martial takes this one and goes into the same spot. The keeper goes the right way, but the kick has too much power, and this game is over.


Penalty to United! Beautiful from Mata, turning in centrefield to thread a pass into Martial's stride, inside Sener. Martial accelerates into the box and Sener bundles him over.


GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED 1-0 FENERBAHCE (POGBA, PEN) The keeper wipes everything to put Pogba off, and he then does little pigeon steps, a sort of minimalist Zaza, waits for the keeper to dive left and curls right.


Lovely long pass from Carrick, 50-odd yards and flat to pick out Mata on the left of the box. He extends a diddy leg, catches the ball, and Kjaer bundles into him as he slips. Silly penalty, but a penalty, and up steps Pogba...


I've seen better games.


Pogba lofts a delicious long pass out to Darmian on the right, so he batters a cross nowhere near anyone. Martial retrieves the ball, but can't make anything of it.


United are passing backwards and forwards, unwilling to shoot because of how many men are serried in their way, unwilling to cross because of how many tall types are in the box. They need to get the ball wide and run at the full-backs.


Mata unfurls a curling cross towards the back post but it's got just too much pace on it for Martial. Robbie Savage thinks he should score; I'm not so sure the ball was even meant for him.


Pogba intercepts a loose clearance in left-midfield and finds Mata, who raps a ball into Rooney's stride. But he can't control, and it clatters off one foot then the other, before shooting off behind.


Darmian rushes towards Sen, shielding the ball in front of him, knees him hard in the back, and wins the throw. Sen is down for a while, but is ok.


Darmian is almost outpaced by Van Persie despite a five-yard start. That is not a good look; it wouldn't be a good look for me.


It's back to being scrappy.


Carrick clips a luscious blind pass into Rooney, and he finds Darmian. The ball is then moved onto Lingard, but his cross is blocked away. Good football, though, and Fener can't get out. Still no chances, though.


United have woken up, putting on some pressure and eventually finding Pogba on the edge of the box, left of centre. He tries a curler, but Skrtel does well to head clear and United build again.


But here's a bit of football, Bailly clipping forward to Lingard who takes out the air Berbatov-style then beats his man and lays back to Mata. He espies Martial running into space at the back post too, but can't find him, his lob over the top drifting out of play.


Trappist mice make starts less quiet than this game.


The journalist David Winner, who ghosted Rio Ferdinand's most recent book, told me today that in Fergie's last season, his teamtalks basically consisted of "get the ball to Robin". Such is tactical genius, though Van Persie was actually only that good for half a season - he's not been the same since getting injured in January 2013.


Fener knock the ball across the back four as Mata leads United's press. It looks very funny indeed.


On the left now, Rooney turns and feeds the onrushing Pogba, but there's too much on the pass and the attack fizzles out.


Darmian presses downfield and finds Rooney, working outside the box. He wins a throw, but given his role alone up front, he'd probably do better to stay in the middle.


Lovely from Mata, into Martial, taking the return and sliding first-time into Shaw. His attempted cross is blocked by Ozbayrakli, canons off his shins, and Fenerbahce win the throw.


Smalling welts one out of play. Typical United in Europe, so far.


Bailly assume possession, saunters forward, and passes precisely into touch. Nonchalant, was that.


Rooney kicks off, knocking the ball backwards with perfect poise. What a player!


It's not entirely clear how United will line up. My guess is Carrick and Pogba in front of the back four, Lingard, Mata and Martial in front of them from right to left, and Rooney up front.


Martin Skrtel appears to have wrapped tefillin around his face.


Tuncay is in the away end, which is always nice to see. Meanwhile in the tunnel, various United players hug Robin van Persie, who looks as pleased with himself as ever.


Michael Owen talking about something not being "the United way" is funny, because Michael Owen is not "the United way".


Riddle me that! How is meant to prove it sitting on his couch?


Robin van Persie is talking about his time in England. He liked it. He says that he grew up here in some ways, and mainly speaks Engish to his kids.


Behold football clapping.


There is literally nothing worse than talking about Wayne Rooney. He used to be brilliant, now he isn't what else is to say?


"The phenomenal team couldn't beat us," burns Mourinho. Mkhitaryan isn't match-fit, apparently, and presumably will become so sat at home on the couch.


"Not full-strength," says Mourinho, but Shaw, Carrick and Martial, at the very least should, in the opinion of this correspondent, be in the first XI.


But his team are not doing so well - they're ninth in the table with nine points from seven games, eight points off the league.


You might have heard that Wayne Rooney once scored a hat-trick against Fenerbahce; you might also have heard that Robin van Persie once played for Manchester United. And on that latter point, I can't recommend enough the video of his United goals, an absolute lesson in graceful, unerring, deadly finishing in which the difficult is made to look pips.


Come on, someone must know!


...and the point of picking Matteo Darmian is....


not even on the bench in Henrikh Mkhitaryan, because....


So, Jose Mourinho makes seven changes from Monday's game at Anfield. Out go Valencia, Blind, Herrera, Fellaini, Rashford, Young and Zlatan; in come Darmian, Shaw, Carrick, Mata, Lingard, Martial and Rooney. Merge the two teams at you'd have a pretty decent XI.


Evening all, let's have some teams.