VIDEO: Koln fans ‘fight with stewards’ in Emirates stadium after match against Arsenal delayed

VIDEO: Koln fans ‘fight with stewards’ in Emirates stadium

14/09/2017 at 19:11Updated 14/09/2017 at 21:05

Video footage has emerged of Koln fans appearing to fight with stewards in the Emirates stadium, after Arsenal’s Europa League opener with the Bundesliga outfit was delayed to 9.05pm “in the interests of crowd safety”.

Koln fans had entered the ground in the home end and were attempting to join their fellow away supporters, it was reported by BBC Sport.

Arsenal match with Koln delayed ‘in interests of crowd safety’

BBC’s Richard Conway captured footage of Koln fans trying to get into the away section.

Riot police were also called to the scene to assist the line of stewards between home and away sections.


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Conway noted that it was "very clear that Koln fans are present, in significant numbers, in home sections".

Videos also showed Koln fans bringing down barriers outside the stadium.

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The scenes come after Koln fans marched through London earlier on Thursday, with up to 20,000 supporters descending on Oxford Street, according to reports.

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