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Celtic - Valencia CF
Europa League - 14 February 2019

Europa League – Follow the Football match between Celtic and Valencia CF live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 14 February 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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That was an outclassing, more or less. Valencia were far too good for Celtic, too quick, too clever and too composed. Celtic never got going and created not a single decent chance, unable to find momentum or energy. Unless something remarkable happens, they're going out of this competition next week.

Thanks for your company - night.


Full-time: Celtic 0-2 Valencia


There'll be three added minutes, as Brown gets an important header to take a cross away from Gameiro.


Izaguirre hangs up a rubbish cross and Weah is underneath it beyond the far post, on the line ... and Lato shoves him over. Somehow, the ref and man behind the goal are looking right at it but don't bother giving a penalty, but it was a stonewaller.


Toljan pulls back Guedes and is booked.


But here's Forrest - he's looked Celtic's most likely - breaking down the right. But when he crosses, only one man is in the box, and Garay heads away easily.


Valecia have done a good job of disappearing the second half, and mainly without timewasting.


Celtic are doing nothing now. They're just not anywhere near as good as Valencia are.


Kondogiba waits ages taking a free-kick so he's booked. He'll miss the second leg, but perhaps that's part of the plan because if Celtic don't score, this is did.


Finally, a yellow card: Burke lifts a leg to poke the ball away from a stooping Garay. I'm not sure why that's deemed a booking, all the more so given what's not been.


Good from Forrest, driving for the line and standing up a cross for Burke. But Wass strains every sinew to get a flick, which is enough to take it away.


Valencia win a corner down the left which Soler hits to the near post; Gameiro heads over the top.


Malmo have pulled one back against Chelsea.


Final change for Valencia, Gameiro - who's won four of the last five Europa Leagues - replaces Piccini. Wass, who's played well, goes to right-back.I think Kondogbia will shuffle over to replace him on the left.


Ball out to Edouard down the left and he drives into the box, moving across it before shooting into shins. I'm not sure what he hoped would come of that.


Brown and Kondogbia puts hands on one another, so the ref stops play before the corner comes in. It goes just over the head of Diakhaby, Simunovic heads out, and Kondogbia thrashes miles away.


Piccini weaves around Izaguirre, whose half-arsed tackle does not look good, and he forces a corner off Simunovic.


Aargh! Edouard runs in the channel, squares up Garay and gasses away, crossing low ... Valencia can't clear, but Weah can't quite arrange his body to shoot and eventually the ball goes behind for a corner which comes to nowt.


After that little flurry, Celtic have gone quiet again, Valencia back in control.


Simunovic intercepts a pass out of defence and finds Edouard, whose first touch is lax and allows Diakhaby in. But Valencia are looking less assured than at any time in the match.


Second change for Valencia, Guedes on for Cheryshev.


Giroud has put Celtic 2-0 up in Malmo.


Celtic are playing 4-4-2 now, with Edouard alongside Burke.


Forrest with a rare chance to stretch his legs down the right, and his cross is headed away weakly by Diakhaby. The ball drops to Weah, but he can't his knee over the ball and slices a shot over the bar. Still, this is better from Celtic.


Celtic perk up immediately, and Edouard runs at Piccini, who flicks a leg and stands in the road. It's just outside the box, and when Edouard goes down, the crowd want penalty, but end up with nothing. That looked a foul to me, and still does on replay.


Double change for Celtic: Weah replaces Sinclair and Edouard replaces Christie. Those looks decent altrerations to me.


Burker looks to punch a pass into the box for Forrest, but Kondogbia sticks out a leg and blocks it.


Bit of possession for Celtic, who have been allowed the ball now Valencia have what they came for.


Burke into Christie into McGregor, whose first touch runs away from him, and he lashes a shot away tae Falkirk.


Sobrino pursuers a loose ball down the right and McGregor tugs him back. He does well to avoid a card for that.




Brendan consults his notebook. That should sort it.


"Outclassed and out-thought" says Chris Sutton. He's right.


GOAL! Celtic 0-2 Valencia (Sobrino) That half-time pep talk worked well, then. Coquelin wins the ball outside his own box and muddles through midfield before finding Wass on the left. He slides down the line for Cheryshev, who slings over a gorgeous cross just before Boyata arrives - it's not dissimilar to Vertonghen's for Son last night - and between the posts, Sobrino tap-volleys home a debut goal. If Celtic can't score in the next 40 minutes, thus is over.


That change is good for Celtic, as Parejo was probably the best player on the pitch first half. It'll be much harder for Valencia to dominate possession without him.


Valencia have made a change: Coquelin replaces Parejo, who I can only imagine is injured.


Off we go again.


That was a very poor half of football, in general but particularly by Celtic. What quality there was came from Valencia, and Celtic need to somehow up the pace - hard if you're struggling to get the ball.


Half-time: Celtic 0-1 Valencia


What a pain for Celtic if they lose this. I'm sure they're enjoying winning the league season after season, but if they turn out not to be good enough even to make an impression in this competition, it's got to grate.


Brendan Rodgers has a lot of work to do at half-time.


GOAL! Celtic 0-1 Valencia (Cheryshev) Parejo, with the outside of his right boot, curls a lovely ball in behind the Celtic defence after McGregor is robbed in midfield, and Sobrino races away at inside-left, draws the keeper - it's a pretty good likeness, too - and rolls in Cheryshev, who taps into the empty net. That was coming, and if Celrtic don't pick things up, this tie will be as good as over tonight.


Loose from Simunovic, selling McGregor short with a square pass outside his own box. But under pressure from Cheryshev, McGregor, wihelped by Boyata, sees it away.


Forrest weaves and barrels past a challenge at inside-right, but Parejo slides in and uses the slickness off the surface to coax an extra metre, allowing him to poke the ball away before felling the man. Good tackle.


But this is better! McGregor wins the ball outside the Celtic box and finds Sinclair, who moves forward and slides a pass between the centre-backs for Burke! But Neto is out quickly and slides into a clearance. Still, though, that was something and more than the home side has mustered in about half an hour. Can they build on it?


It's a long old time since Celtic did anything other than chase the ball.


Another cross from Wass and Simunivoc heads away. But Valencia are controlling midfield now, and their superior quality means there's not a lot Celtic can do about it.


Wass has been Valencia's most regular danger, and he wins the ball just inside his own half then sets off on a diagonal run before flicking back outside to Cheryshev. The flag goes up, but it looked to me like Simunovic was playing him on.


Ross Barkley has found his level, giving Chelsea the lead in Malmo.


Nice from Parejo, who eases away from Brown and finds Wass. He looks to have shimmied by Toljan but from on the floor, the defender extends the fibre of his fabric to poke the ball away.


Forrest clatters Lato and Valencia waste a bit more time, then enjoy some more possession.


Sobrino waits for a ball with Simunovic, who levers him out of the way with arm and elbow. Sobrino goes down and wants a free-kick- he's got a case - but none is forthcoming, so he settles for treatment and timewasting instead.


This is absolute nonsense.


Cheryshev finds Wass down the right, and he passes it straight to Brown. Celtic then break, and Burke is waiting for a ball through the middle of over the top, but instead Forrest gives it away.


Sinclair looks Celtic's most likely source of something, and he chops inside Piccini then falls over. That looked a foul to me, but the ref decides to the contrary.


Parejo harrases Brown just outside the box and he's forced into a hurried backpass, which Bain, under pressure from Cheryshev, manages to get away, just.


But here come Valencia down the right, Piccini crossing, Sobrino flicking on ... and here's Wass, leaping into a brilliant header - he's to generate all the power himself, a fair way out - and Bain does superbly to claw it behind.


At least the crowd are singing this.


Sinclair beats Piccini with some gorgeous footwork but the defender comes back at him, and the attack duly breaks down with a loose pass.


Valencia will be delighted with how this is going. They're starting to relax into their passing game.


I'd love to have some action to describe, but there really isn't any. Two poor teams paying poorly, so far.


Burke is about a fortnight late on Diakhaby in centrefield, and somehow avoids a booking. Lucky boy.


I guess that a slow start isn't so bad for Celtic because Valencia don't really have the firepower to have at them once they settle, just the midfield to control things.


Bit of possession for Valencia inside the Celtic half, and then Christie flattens Kondogbia, who's happy to take the free-kick.


It's pretty quiet. which isn't what Celtic want. They need to get up, get the crowd up, and use the energy to force their way through Valencia, because the slower the game the more it favours the visitors.


McGregor pushes through midfield and unloads a low shot that Neto can only shovel away; Csltic force a corner, which comes to nothing.


Celtic are pushing the pace here. Valencia drew drew 0-0 with Sociedad at the weekend, and Marcelinho said they looked tired. He's doing without Gamerio and Mina, his two strikers in that one, for this one.


Now Lato appears in the final third, curling over a cross which Boyata heads away.


Well! Forrest bursts past Lato and into the box; he's already on his way down, pleading for yerman to help him on his way and he sort of does ... but not by sufficient degree to concede a penalty.


The camera angle is vertiginous.


Off we go!


Celtic huddle. All the difference.


A minute's silence for Emiliano Sala.


The Europa League arch is in place. Incredible scenes. In the standing corner, there's a tifo thing saying "Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big bad bat?" How do they think of these things?


Here come the teams!


Just for the record, Ibrox is a nosier and more aesthetically-pleasing ground than Parkhead, now that you ask.


The lights are off and You'll Never Walk Alone is playing. I'm choking up here.




Elsewhere, Sevilla have won away to Lazio. Must be residual Emery factor.


Arsenal have lost 1-0 to Borisov. Of course they have.


He says that Burke's pace and movement is helpful to stretch the game, and he has a lot of attributes that they're trying to help him use. Of course it'll be on Brendan if he turns out to be good.


Brendan Rodgers says his team are relaxed and playing well. He has confidence in the aforementioned Bain, making his European debut and has been very impressed with his temperament. He had no hesitation in putting him in and has two outstanding goalkeepers.


Uefa reckon Valencia are playing 4-4-2, but John Hartson reckons to the contrary, and Sobrino, making his debut after signing from Alaves, will be up front on his bill with the others running about behind him.


I'm looking forward to seeing Oliver Burke tonight. He's got a big responsibility, playing up front on his own, to be a one-man forward line. That is not easily done.


Apparently that McGregor has played more minutes than anyone else in the world is a "staggering statistic". Er, it has to be someone...


A bus!


Apparently Callum McGregor is the hardest-working footballer in the world. He says he doesn't mind where he plays - 6, 8 or 10 - as long as it's central.


"He'll have to play well at certain times" - valuable insight from John Hartson on Scott Bain, who's preferred to Craig Gordon in the Celtic goal.


Of course they are.


Elsewhere, Arsenal are 1-0 down away to BATE Borisov.


Oh. Wow.


Free money?


Celtic are still without Kieran Tierney, their heart and soul, but will be cheered by the fitness of Izaguirre and Simunovic. Edouard is fit enough for place on the bench, but Rogic is out for another month or so after knacking his knee in the Asia Cup.


Ok, I sort of take that back. Looking at that Valencia midfield, Celtic have got a very significant problem this evening. Scotty Broon isn't what he was, so it'll take a monumental performance from him and McGregor to content with Kondogbia, Parejo and Soler.


let's have some teams, then.


This is a huge game for Celtic. After the disappointment of missing out on Champions League qualification, they look set to win the title yet again having already won the League Cup, but it's about time they did something more. They're not amongst the favourites to win the Europa League, but at the same time will see nothing to fear in what's left. Valencia, though one of the better sides, are far from unbeatable, and Celtic will look to tear into them from the off...


Evening all, and welcome to Celtic v Valencia!