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AS Roma - Manchester United

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Anyway, thanks for your company. Ta-ra.


Villarreal have reached their first European final! They've drawn 0-0 at Arsenal and Unai Emery has stuck one on his old club, who won't be playing European football next season. The Yellow Submarine meet the Red Devils in Gdansk; the previous four games between the sides have finished goalless.


FULL-TIME: Roma 3-2 Manchester United agg 5-8 United are in the final of the Europa League! That was a brilliant tie and in it, they were brilliant in patches. But Roma played some great stuff too, and earned their win tonight.


There've been 35 attempts on goal, nearly 20 of them on target.


Williams slides in to win a fifty-fifty with Santon, gets there first, takes the ball, then nicks the man. That's not even a foul, but he's booked.


There'll be four added minutes.


United will fancy themselves to beat whichever side they meet in the final and with good reason - they're better than both. But they're also well capable of losing to both if their defence is careless and their finishing profligate. Overall, though, their sharpness going forward will be a lot for either of those sides.


Matic scoops a ball over the Roam line for Williams, who ducks inside and, confronted by a difficult bouncing ball, shanks a shot wide of the far post.


By the looks of things United will meet Villarreal next - they still lead Arsenal 2-1 on aggregate - but one goal for Arsenal will put them through.


Mata replaces Fernandes.


GOAL! Roma 3-2 Manchester United (Zalewski) agg 5-8 Ah! On debut! Santon goes down the left and crosses to the back post, where Zalewski semi-shanks home a volley off Telles. It looked like someone in the middle was offside, but no one seems mithered.


United have a hard game at Villa on Sunday, and they're mainly trying to rest up for that now, knocking the ball around till they're forced to take a risk.


This has been one of the best European ties I've seen this season. Some of the defending has been iffy, but the general pace, tempo and imagination of the attacking has been superb.


Yeah, both sides have accepted that this is did.


Two changes for Roma, who know the jig is up: Dzeko and Pedro depart with Mayoral and Zalewski replacing them.


Pelegrini, who's had a good tie, drives towards the United flocks and flicks in Mkhitaryan, outside him; he lashes low and hard, cracking the base of the post.


United send on Rashford for Cavani, who's got a final to not be suspended for.


Greenwood gets involved in some argy-bargy with someone, Cristante I think, and Cavani charges over in alacritous style to protect his young charge, plaster on his cheek, hair everywhere. Basically, FIT. He and Karsdorp shove one another, and the ref then books both.


Roma send on Santon for Peres.


Off we go again. That's how long it took to confirm Cavani was onside, but it looked a lot clearer than many you see - Cavani knew he'd timed it, too.


GOAL! Roma 2-2 Manchester United (Cavani) agg 3-8 What a player and what a run of form! Fred darts a ball into the box and Greenwood turns on it, laying back to Fernandes just outside the box, left of it. He looks up and over on the far side, Cavani knows, dipping into the space and attacking behind the defenders, powering home a downward header when inevitably immaculate cross arrives. That, surely, clinches a belting tie.


OK, things have clamed a little so we can reflect on a frankly ludicrous passage of play ... NO WE CAN'T!


De Gea has made an absurd quantity of saves tonight. If he'd had a bad night, 6-2 would not have been enough.


Back come United - what a tie this has been, what a match this is - Fernandes spinning on the ball in the D to open up an angle, into which he slides Greenwood. This, surely, is the clincher ... but no! He lifts over the diving Milante and fractionally wide!


Solskjaer tries to staunch the flow, sending Matic on for Pogba.


Goodness me! Now Pellegrini crosses from the right and Dzeko, from maybe six yards, turns goalwards hard ... but again the ball catches De Gea's foot when he's looking elsewhere, and flies clear.


WHAT IS GOING ON! Roma have been good in the tie and looked dangerous all the way through; now that United have stopped playing, they look liable to score at any time, and now Pedro crosses low, the ball clips De Gea's inside heel, goes through his legs, and Shaw humps clear!


OH MY DAYS! De Gea makes two brilliant reaction saves that I barely saw because i was describing the goal, but United are rocking!


GOAL! Roma 2-1 Manchester United (Cristante) agg 3-7 Fred tries to flick his way out of trouble - he's the least Brazilian Brazilian but he's still Brazillian - and Pellegrini robs him because he's also still Fred, then Cristante smashes a brilliant first-time drive into the far side-netting. Now then.


Fred is almost posthumously late on Pedro, treading on his foot and wearing the booking.


GOAL! Roma 1-1 Manchester United (Dzeko) agg 3-7 Mkhitaryan, who's been good over the tie, dashes to the line and snaps over a low cross that Pedro arrives on the end of, shinning as slice into the middle where Dzeko, who loves scoring against United, turns in from a few yards. Some poor sap then feel obliged to dash into the net to retireve the ball.


Nice from United, Telles and Van de Beek combining down the left before the latter finds the former a second time and his first touch is loose.


Telles swings over a tasty-looking cross that looks bound for Cavani, but he doesn't quite get his feet right stepping away from it in order to head it. So the ball runs loose and Greenwood retrieves it, but he can't find the ball he needs.


This made me laugh.


Given the first-leg score, the pace of the game in the first half was really good, but the intensity isn't quite the same now. Both teams are trying, but both teams also know it's over.


On which point, the one Pogba conceded last week was very silly indeed. He slid in at pace, the ball hit his arm which necessarily went above his head - what was he meant to do? how was he


Cristante humps one towards the back post and Telles clears fresh air, so Pedro knocks it back in and Maguire tries to flick away by raising the outside of his right foot towards his elbow. The ball catches his hand and there are penalty appeals - earlier in the season it's a stonewaller - but they've amended the law since then, so this can come under the accidental banner. Good.


And here Telles is, driving forward and inside-left before flicking outside to Cavani. He tries to shimmy his way inside, but Cristante blocks him off and crowds him out.


United change both full-backs, Wan-Bissaka, who's been booked, replaced by Brandon Williams and Shaw, who's played loads, replaced by Alex Telles.


We go again.


Both sides have looked dangerous, but United have a little more quality and that's why they're ahead.


Half-time: Roma 0-1 Man United agg 2-7


Lovely from United, a glorious flick from Shaw finding Cavani, who finds Van de Beek who lays off for Fernandes ... but he can only bend wide from wide inside the box.


There'll be three added minutes.


Shaw hoists a long, looping crossfielder to Greenwood who, at the back post, sticks into the middle for Fernandes ... who tries to haul it from behind him with a kind of wheel-kick, but misses entirely.


A foul on Fernandes gives United a free-kick 30 yards out; usually, it would be Rashford'sRahford from this range, but with him sat at the side Fernandes takes the opportunity to drill into the wall.


But now here come Roma - this has been a pretty fun game considering - with Dzeko finding Pellegrini, who does really well to turn into a shot, inciting another decent save from De Gea.


Nice from United again, Van de Beek slipping to Greenwood who lashes just wide of the far post.


GOAL! Roma 0-1 Manchester United (Cavani) agg 2-7 As I was saying, this a lovely goal! Pogba wins it deep and finds Fernandes, who flips a lovely ball around the corner with the outside of his boot. This allows Fred to drive forward and ... and ... and he curves a lush pass through to Cavani, with the outside of his right foot! This is not a misprint. Cavani then takes one fine touch to get the ball out of his feet and into his stride, then absolutely dematerialises a rising finish past Mirante. It's close enough so that the keeper gets a touch, but he's never stopping it. There's a quick check for offside which interrupts Cavani mid-arrow, before the ref confirms the goal.


United haven't played well so far.


Another free-kick for Roma and Pellegrini chips a decent ball into the box which Peres attacks ... but De Gea saves his header ... though an excellent line from United catches about 48 men offside.


Roma have been a threat this half, and Dzeko does really well to hold off Bailly while making an angle for a shot ... but Bailly does well to get back at him, getting a touch that deadens the shot only for the ball to reach Pellegrini, who hammers a riser that De Gea blocks away.


Bailly upends Dzeko close to the right corner of the box. I guess he did that on general principle because there was no practical reason for it; Maguire heads Pellegrini's cross into touch.


Dzeko controls a long ball over the top, holding off Pogba and slipping to Mkhitaryan outside him. His cross, first-time and on the run, is a beauty, but Pedro can't quite reach it on the slide. Ah, but the flag goes up anyway.


I've just remembered that Van de Beek is playing.


Yup, Darboe replaces Smalling.


Smalling is down injured - I think it's a hamstring situation - and he'll be going off I think.


I've watched loads of Cavani this season, and what's become clear is that he's not a great finisher in terms of taking his chances. But he's so good at finding them that he scores enough - frequently from the hard ones.


Fred makes a terrific tackle on Pellegrini and Fernandes is right there, curling a delicious outside-of-the-foot pass in behind for Cavani in the inside-right channel! He controls, has a look, and mass-murders a rising shot straight at Mirante, who beats away. That's two big chances spurned.


United are playing at a fairly leisurely pace now, looking to keep the ball until Bailly strides out from the back and through midfield. Allowed to run towards the Roma box, he has various options but gets lost in the supermarket, unable to decide who to find so passing to the opposition. It's not unamusing.


You watch United play, and it really does seem incredible that Wan-Bissaka and Greenwood might both miss out on the Euros. The former is never getting picked - I guess it's fair to note that England have a lot of right-backs - but he's by far the best one-on-one defender. Greenwood, though, would be a ridiculous omission - he can make his own chances, score from anywhere, and is exactly the player to whom you'd want the ball to drop in the box. Ollie Watkins and Dominic Calvert-Lewin are nice players, but theyr'e not in his class.


Fred sends one over the top and when it bounces, Cavani is in! But he has to lift the ball over the keeper and gets a little too much on it - it beats him, but it beats the net as well, clipping the bottom of the bar but on the side that faces the stand. Should've scored.


Wan-Bissaka powers towards the ball on the slide, not unlike Dhalsim of Street Fighter II fame; he gets a decent touch on it, but he gets a decent touch on Peres too, so the ref books him.


Ibanez runs away from Cavani who tries to trip him, misses and goes again; if at first you don't succeed and all that. His second effort is much better than his first, but for some reason he's not booked.


Pogba pauses on the ball not far outside the United box and Pedro nicks in to rob him before swiping a hopeful shot over the bar.


United have roused themselves slightly - they're pressing Roma high up the pitch now, and don't look desperate to make a game of it.


First flash of United, Cavani pickpocketing Mancini in the D and finding Fernandes left of centre; he floats towards the far stick, but gets too much on it - especially given Greenwood was on his heels.


I'd say United have made their start again, except they're not behind yet.


United have started like a drain, Shaw slow to the ball down the left thereby allowing Karsdorp to accelerate in front of him; he crosses low, and again De Gea does well to fling out a leg, blocking the danger behind. The corner comes to nowt.


Mkhitaryan prompts outside the box, snapping into Dzeko who taps back for Pellegrini ... and he slices wide from the edge of the box. Roma have started well here.


The eventuating corner goes to the back post ... and Big Henrikh Mkhtaryan is up! But Paul Pogba is too, and he does enough to force yerman to head wide. That was a really good chance.


It's swung in beautifully too and Mancini controls on the turn - perhaps with a hand - but De Gea makes a brilliant reaction save to foil the low shot, then flaps away the cross when it's turned back in. But the ball is still loose inside the box, before Maguire heads behind. Excellent from Roma, and not bad lat-ditch defending from United.


Mkhitaryan nods the ball into space and Bailly ploughs through him in typical style. Free-kick Roma, and this is a good chance to put a ball into the box....


It looks like United have gone for Pogba alongside Fred in front of the defence with Van de Beek coming off left and greenwood the right.


Thinking back to Roma's amazing comeback against Barca, the biggest difference between then and now is the absence of a home crowd. In co-commentary, Robbie Savage references Peter Drury's amazing commentary that night - scroll down to check it out.


Away we go!


The players take a knee. LeFighting racism is more important than fighting super leagues.


Here come the teams!


He really is unbelievably good, and he's getting better. It's problematic for United that Solskjaer doesn't seem to trust his team with one defensive midfielder which means that, if Fred and McTominay start the big games and Pogba, Fernandes and Rashford do too, it's either him or Cavani. I suppose it's fair - Fred can play well but isn't good enough, while McTominay is an 8 not a 6. So perhaps if they sign a true holder like Declan Rice - the reports that he told his England teammates he's keen are true - that will allow the inclusion of an extra attacker.


So Roma need to win 4-0; if United score one, 5-1; two, 6-2 and so on. Good luck, mates.


Solskjaer tells BT that "momentum is everything in football" - well not quite everything because he goes on to say that confidence is important too. He wants his team to stary well and be bright, noting that Roma need to score so they'll be pressing which will leave space in behind.


What happened on Sunday was an absolutely sensational development in the history of football. The Glazers have been using United as their ATM for 16 years, and that is not acceptable for what is both community and community asset. If they - and fans of other clubs - keep up the pressure, we could can build a very different and much better game for everyone.


I'm surprised at that, I must say. I'd love for Mourinho to rediscover himself and perhaps a step to a smaller club will trigger that. But if he couldn't sort himself for his return to Chelsea, the job at Old Trafford that he'd always wanted, or the Spurs job he can never have expected, it's hard to see that happening here.


Since the last time these teams met, Roma have announced that they're changing manager in the summer: Paulo Fonseca will be replaced by ... Jose Mourinho!


Van de Beek, then. It's hard to know what's gone on there - we can probably say that he wasn't Solskjaer's first choice, so there's that, but how little he's played is still slightly odd. He's been quite good in the seconds afforded him lately so perhaps that's a part of the reason he starts tonight - he's doing what his manager wants - but United's end of season schedule will also be significant. Their place in next season's Champions League isn't quite secure, the games left are tricky, and there are lots of them in very little time, so this is the one they can most afford to botch.


United, meanwhile, bring in Bailly - who's not played for a while thanks to injury and illness - for Lindelof, who's managing a back problem. Otherwise, the lesser-spotted Van de Beek gets a rare start with McTominay taking a blow, while Greenwood starts to allow Rashford a little sit-down. He's earned it.


So Roma make three changes from their Old Trafford tousing, with Lopez, Veretout and Spinazzola - all of whom went off injured early doors - miss out, replaced by Mirante, Mancini and Pedro. That's a lot of attacking players and United, as we'll see in a sec, have done likewise. This could be alright.




Exhibit 2


Exhibit 1(b)


Exhibit 1(a)


On the face of things, United's 6-2 first-leg advantage means that this is, like, so over. But football has a strange habit of making idiots out of us, and it's not as if a Roma win would be unprecedented.


Evening all, and welcome to AS Roma v Manchester United!