The preparation for the final was poor. It started from the defeat against Leicester [On May 11].
The Leicester game was so important to try and get Champions League football and guarantee second spot. He shouldn't have gone and made so many changes trying to be clever. The squad is not good enough to make lots of changes.
You are then going into a big game against Liverpool and they lost. A draw against Fulham at home, a game Fulham could have won, and then beating Wolves with one player who is starting the final. You cannot do that.
Premier League
'I still have a lot of years ahead of me' - De Gea committed to Man Utd
10/08/2021 AT 19:57
You don't have a Rolls-Royce in the garage and put it away for six weeks, bring it out and expect it to run cleanly. Dust is going to get everywhere. You have to run it slowly before it will peak again and Solskjaer did not do that with his Manchester United team.
United did not peak because they lost their momentum. It was not taken away because of fatigue, but the cogs had not moved in sequence for a few games.
Now we wait and see what Solskjaer has learnt for next season. He says 'two or three players are needed' but if a pundit says it people will say he is stating the obvious. He needs to say what signings.
The midfield needs a transformation and the way the team plays through midfield needs changing. Why can't he get a player who can do more than sit there and hold?
Roy Keane, Paul Ince, Bryan Robson did not all just hold, they had more to their game. This negativity is wrong.

Winger, central midfielder, central defender needed

You have to try and give Solskjaer what he's been talking about. He wants a wide player, he needs at least one quality central midfield player and he needs a centre back and that is not always to play with Harry Maguire.
Victor Lindelof may be led better by someone who is experienced, who can talk, and he definitely needs that.
People will say 'sign Harry Kane' and other forwards, but if you are willing to spend money for those sorts of players you won't have anything left for anything else.

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Champions League final prediction

I can see Chelsea being overrun by Manchester City on Saturday. City will have more possession and conjure up more opportunities than Chelsea.
Chelsea will try and stop City, the flow and what they do. City are the better team and that will shine through in the end. Pep's experience of the situation is better than Tuchel's. His players are used to more big games than Chelsea players are so City to win.
Prediction: Manchester City 2-0 Chelsea
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