The Warm-Up: ‘Destroy his career’ – Agent Trippier sent on Beckham revenge mission

The Warm-Up: ‘Destroy his career’ – Agent Trippier sent on Beckham revenge mission

17/07/2019 at 10:28Updated 17/07/2019 at 10:51

He’s waited 21 long years, but finally an opportunity has arrived for David Beckham to get revenge on Diego Simeone. And it’s all thanks to Kieran Trippier, as Ben Snowball explains…


Agent Trippier sent on Beckham revenge mission

"…and Simeone is booked. And a red card for David Beckham! Well, question marks have been raised over his temperament on the big occasion, but what an awful time to receive a red card in an international … and one wonders as he goes down the tunnel whether he takes England’s World Cup hopes with him."

Jon Champion’s immortal commentary from France '98 still hurts. England were vying for a World Cup quarter-final when wannabe celeb David Beckham flicked out a boot at Argentina’s Diego Simeone. Simeone crumpled into a heap, a flash of red followed, the penalty curse began, the infamous ’10 heroic Lions, one stupid boy’ headline spread across the globe.

Ultimately, Beckham earned redemption at the 2002 World Cup but he never truly tasted revenge on Simeone… until now. He has a plan involving another England free-kick wizard: Kieran Trippier.

Becks and Tripps’ careers have followed EXACTLY the same script – but in reverse. Beckham became relevant thanks to Simeone, was hated and then rebooted his reputation with that free-kick. Trippier rebooted his reputation with that free-kick, was hated and then became relevant thanks to Simeone. It’s formed an unbreakable bond between the pair, with Beckham now offering Agent Trippier a mission: destroy Simeone as a manager.

Beckham has used his contacts to create unfounded clamour in the right back, one of the most disappointing performers of 2019. He urged Juventus, Napoli, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid to submit ‘interest’, just so Atletico Madrid boss Simeone would want a slice. He took the bait. Out of nowhere, Trippier is on the verge of a £20 million move to the Spanish capital. If he can replicate his form from last season, Beckham will finally have payback from that fateful day in Saint-Etienne.

We must actually add that it’s incredibly short-sighted of everyone to be #TrippierOut already. Admit it, he made your summer in 2018. Thousands of you named your firstborn Kieran. Learnt a northern accent for kicks. So what if he had a few (read: a lot of) iffy games for a Tottenham side without any midfield protection? Ignore all of the above and give the lad a chance…

Man gets off a plane

"At the end of the match, Cristiano told me: 'Join me at Juventus'. At first I didn't understand him and it surprised me a little. I was in shock. That's why I laughed but I didn't say anything."

Cristiano Ronaldo’s pursuit of Matthijs de Ligt has shades of Chelsea’s sneaky tactics to get Ashley Cole, given he’s effectively Juventus manager, director of football and owner wrapped into one such is the weight he carries. Expect a tapping-up probe to follow.

Anyway, the Juventus Twitter feed were getting very excited about a plane landing last night. We can only assume they thought Trippier was on board.

The warmest of welcomes

Could the Newcastle United social media team have been any nicer to Steve Bruce? What a gushing welcome. Not.


Ravel’s back!

If Trippier’s career is the reverse of Beckham’s, then could Ravel Morrison’s be the reverse of Rihanna’s? Not so much Good Girl Gone Bad, but Bad Boy Gone Good?

Probably not, but that’s what Sheffield United are hoping after they secured the once-talented now-depleted midfielder. People will inevitably chuck him into their fantasy football teams for the upcoming campaign. Our advice? Don’t bother.


Hero: Josh Kroenke

"As much as we would love to say that we’ll be competing for the top trophies tomorrow, we know that that’s not the case."

Honesty and humour are attractive traits and the Arsenal director provided both in equal measure when talking about his ambitions for the upcoming season

Zero: Juventus

Congratulations, you’re buying the world’s best kid. But at what cost? The Italians have signed an exclusive deal with Pro Evolution Soccer, meaning they will be known as Piemonte Calcio on FIFA 20. FIFA was meant to fill the 9pm-10:05pm void in our life when Love Island wraps up. But now? Not a chance.

(Message to EA Sports: give us a free copy and we’ll delete this section, obviously)


People have discovered an app that makes footballers look older (aka like White Walkers from Game of Thrones).


What, you thought we would go the whole article without embedding that Beckham free-kick? Behave.


The AFCON's back, baby! Tunisia face Nigeria in the third-place play-off - a match you can watch LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport Player from 8pm. Elsewhere, Celtic face FK Sarajevo in a match people are already calling a ‘Champions League first qualifying round second leg’.

Nick Miller's back, baby! The omnipresent Warm-Up star returns for tomorrow's edition.