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The Warm-Up: Wenger goes in on the Class of '19

The Warm-Up: Wenger goes in on the Class of '19

12/09/2019 at 08:33Updated 12/09/2019 at 09:14

Plus, Vincent Kompany marks his testimonial by being injured, everyone cares about FIFA ratings, a top goalkeeping drill and Declan Rice loves it.


Arsene Wenger unsure of United’s Class of ‘19

Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s team selection thus far seems to suggest that he has put his faith in the kids™. Now, that is all well and good as Manchester United have a fabled history of doing so but what if said youths are not of the required standard?

Well, then, United might make a poor start to the season. Does eighth constitute a poor start to the season? Well, considering who they have played then yes. Chelsea were dog, Wolves are decent but you know if you want to win the league then they need to take a beating, Crystal Palace are bang average and Southampton can be filed alongside Palace.

So, should Solskjær be trusting the kids? Probably not. Not that much anyway.

Think The Warm-Up is getting a little hasty with the above? Well, come this way, where Arsene Wenger savages (spoiler: he doesn't but it is international week, you understand?) Scott ‘McSauce’ McTominay and the rest of the Class of '19 that perhaps includes Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford, Daniel James and Andreas Pereira.

“When you see Man Utd they are one of the examples where there is a potential there,” Wenger told beIN Sports.

" But they have not found a collective way. Maybe these players are not mature enough to carry the team play of a team like Man Utd all together."

“Will they emulate what (Ryan) Giggs, (Paul) Scholes, (David) Beckham did over a number of years? Personally, I'm not convinced.”

Not convinced? Savage stuff. If they have half the careers of the aforementioned players they will have done alreeeeeeeeet. However, are they could enough to drag United back to the summit of English football. Nope.

Vincent Kompany pays testimony to his career by missing his testimonial through injury

Vincent Kompany had a testimonial at Manchester City on Wednesday night. It was for a great cause: raising funds for Tackle4McR; a charity that tackles rough sleeping and homelessness in Greater Manchester. Donate here…

However, Kompany, currently player-manager of Anderlecht, was unable to play due to injury. Fair play, the 33-year-old was self-aware enough to make light of his injury record.

"Unfortunately, I won't be starting tonight or playing. It's typical of me, right? I've got a slight hamstring injury. I couldn't risk it tonight.

"In the same way, we are doing it for an unbelievable cause. That takes priority. I'll be there for David Silva and Kun Aguero's testimonials."

Anyway, fair play, there was a big crowd, and it will have brought in some serious cash. And those who did splash their cash got their monies worth as there were some delightful moments, delightful! For example this Paul Scholes pass:

FIFA ratings, who cares?

A cursory glance at social media and the answer is apparent: absolutely everyone. Madness. Now to the uninitiated FIFA ratings are ascribed to players in the FIFA 20 game that can be played on computer consoles - you know, Xboxes and Sega Mega Drives and the like.

Anyway, these things being ratings, it means that players are put in order. So, you know, the best player in the world has the highest rating. So, Lionel Messi is top of the shop. Fair enough.

But, look, the amount of hand-wringing over whether, erm, Mason Greenwood's finishing is worthy of a 70 for shooting is a bit much.

Half of these jokers arguing that he is definitely deserving of a higher score than Rhian Brewster have probably seen neither play. Outrageous.

Also, those raging about Shkodran Mustafi having a higher rating than Harry Maguire need to relax, as:

  • that is not the case, fake news
  • if it was not fake news, it is a rating on a computer game that no one should care about

Happy to help.


Heroes – whoever came up with this drill

This goalkeeping drill with looks all manner of fun.


Declan Rice is absolutely loving life and fair play but honestly those dance moves. Atrocious.

Roy Keane is probably delighted he switched allegiance. Far too much fun being had there.


To former Warm-Up stalwart Jack Lang, who fought the good fight and actually watched this Sergio Ramos documentary nonsense.

You know the one where he filmed the Champions League quarter-final where Real Madrid got eliminated by Ajax.


The Vuelta a Espana is entering what Sir Alex Ferguson would refer to as Squeaky Bum Time - Stage 18 is LIVE on Eurosport and Europort Player. Plus, there is action from the Shanghai Masters.

Tom Adams, who Arsene Wenger is 100 per cent sure about, takes the reins once more for Friday's Warm-Up.