Gravesen makes fortune in retirement, moves to Vegas

Gravesen makes fortune in retirement, moves to Vegas
By Eurosport

02/12/2013 at 11:34Updated

Thomas Gravesen didn’t have a bad a career as a footballer.

The international midfielder got to play for massive clubs like Everton, Real Madrid, Hamburg and Celtic and represented Denmark at the World Cup and European Championships.

Coming off that cloud and into retirement would be tough for most players, especially as Gravesen called it quits at the age of just 32 in 2009.

At the time he was blasted by the Danish press for throwing his life away. He was in a relationship with a porn star called Kira Eggers and comment pieces in the country suggest he was washed up and on a slippery slope to ruin.

However, Gravesen has proved all his doubters wrong and then some.

According to Danish newspaper BT, Gravesen invested his career earnings in a number of financial businesses and struck the jackpot.

He is now worth over €100m (£82.61m –about enough to bid for Gareth Bale) and has just announced his second 'retirement' at the age of 37.

How is going to spend this retirement? Well he has just moved to Las Vegas with his latest squeeze - stunning Czech-born American model Kamila Persse - where he plans to spend the rest of his days living the life of luxury and indulging in his passion for gambling.

According to the paper: poker, roulette and blackjack are amongst his favourite games.

It might be tough to recreate the buzz of the Premier League or the Bernabeu but as silver medals go – it doesn't sound too bad!