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England - Portugal
International friendlies - 2 June 2016

International friendlies – Follow the Football match between England and Portugal live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 2 June 2016. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

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On the other hand, England defended relatively well, persevered and found a winner, while Portugal kept their heads after Alves' red card, retained possession relatively well, and restricted England to very few decent situations, never mind chances.

Anyway, thanks for reading - night-night.


Full-time: England 1-0 Portugal. That was not very good at all.


Portugal win a corner down the right, and Quaresma fools everyone, finding Eder at the back post, 10 yards out. All alone, he bangs a header over the bar for no reason whatsoever.


There shall be three added minutes.


England bring Henderson on for Alli, for whatever reason; Portugal bring on Eder for Carvalho.


GOAL! England 1-0 Portugal (Smalling) Walker flights a free-kick aimlessly into the box - it's central, and he bangs it straight - but Patricio decides to flap it clear. England recycle possession and Sterling darts in a cross from the left that Smalling meets perfectly, guiding a fine header into the bottom right-hand corner.


Quaresma finds some space just outside the England box on the left-hand side and Smalling, drawn towards him, is turned outside then inside. This creates the space for a shot, but Quaresma flights it just past the far top corner.


Various pieces of tipping around from England after Lallana's excellent cross from the right. First, Sterling fiddles it out of his feet and squares to Sturridge, and then he slips an excellent low ball between right-back and centre-back - except there's no one there.


The ball bounces alongside Sturridge as he's on the half turn, and he uses the pace to swivel into a shot - it flies a yard or two wide.


Er, that, or they're bored. Definitely one of the two.


England are playing a 4-3-3 now, with Lallana on the right and Sterling on the left. That'll show 'em!


Off go Kane and Rooney, on come Sturridge and Lallana. I grasp the former...


Rooney moves away from Danilo, who slides in and seems to get some of the ball prior to lifting his leg to secure the trip. He's booked.


Donnie Brasco on England's formation.


Lovely from Sterling, slipping a ball inside Sanches for the marauding Rose. He crosses low and hard, but Vieirinha smuggles it away.


Sanches bursts and bundles away from Sterling - ok, not that taxing - and then skates round Rooney too, who brings him down.


Two interesting changes for Portugal: Moutinho and Adrien off, Sanches and Carvalho on.


Rooney makes a lovely little run across the face of the box and in behind the centre-backs. By the time the ball arrives he's offside, but it's a smarter move than the darts out wide Vardy's been at all night.


3/4. Vardy and Milner off, Wilshere and Sterling back. Wilshere is on the left of the diamond, Sterling is in behind, Rooney is up front and Alli is on the right. Because the manager's formation has worked perfectly, it's just the players playing badly.


Kane floats one towards the penalty spot and Smalling is up, but the ball goes upwards too. It drops for Cahill, though and he thunks a header goalwards, which hits Fonte on the head.


Milner does well to bundle through a challenge down the right and feeds Walker, whose change of pace is too much for Gomes, who brings him down. England have a free-kick, five yards from the by-line and two yards outside the box - Kane is poised.


A shot! Dier, advancing left of centre, tries a curler from 30 yards. Rui Patricio saves easily.


If I were Louis van Gaal - I'm not - I'd bring off Walker and bring on Clyne.


If I were England manager - I'm not - I'd get Vardy and Milner and bring on Rashford and Sterling.


Nani Lincoln (c) departs, to be replaced by Ricardo Quaresma.


Portugal are defending deep and making it difficult for England, but England aren't making them run enough. Obviously it's difficult against ten men defending with discipline, but the way they're going, Portugal won't be tired when we get into the closing stages.


Andre Gomes drags the ball outside Smalling - the way he transfers his weight is lovely - but just as the route to goal opens up, Cahill slides in from the side to avert the danger.


Makes you think.


Dier sprays a long one wide for Walker - he's been England's best player so far tonight - but this time, the ball beats him, just.


Portugal win a corner down the right which Moutinho swings out towards Carvalho. But Smalling gets up well. backheading hard and away from danger.


Vardy makes to step across Danilo then waves a crafty elbow into his sternum instead. Danilo collapses holding his face and then nothing happens.


So far, so England. Very little movement ahead of the ball, very little invention on the ball. But then Alli sprays wide to Rose, whose cut-back to the edge of the box is clever. But Rooney is blocked off so squares to no one.


Portugal knock it around nicely until Moutinho aims a cross at Nani Ormondroyd, and Hart collects.


England kick-off as the band play the national anthem. It's stirring stuff, I can tell you.


Joao Mario of Manchester United is off, Andre Gomes of Manchester United is on.


England need to move the ball much faster than thus far. They also need to get Dele Alli into the middle of the pitch and a winger out wide.


Half-time: England 0-0 Portugal. Bruno Alves' artistry aside, that was not overwhelmingly entertaining.


There shall be one added minute.


It seems that England have given away t-shirts in alternate blocks of red and white, and the oddballs in the crowd have actually put them on. Imagine how bad the clothes they came in must be.


Cahill raps Nani Varela across the Achilleses and is booked.


This is brilliantly dispassionate.


Portugal are now playing 4-4-1, with Martin Luther Nani in the Mark Hughes role alone up-front.


Lovely from Rooney, picking up possession in centrefield and whizzing a low ball out to Kane on the right. He shifts it into his stride and tries a cross-shot, but scuffs it, allowing Patricio to save.


"Typical English spirit" says Glenn Hoddle of Kane's admittedly amazingly impressive desire not to roll around to no end whatsoever. Portugal sacrifice Rafa, bringing on Jose Fonte.


RED CARD! BRUNO ALVES IS SENT-OFF! Kane goes to head a bouncing ball into his path, so naturally Alves sprints into a spectacularly ridiculous hitchkick that nearly tears his face off. Nani (c) and Carvalho are outraged, but that's cheery-bye, ta-ra and goodnight.


Eliseu finds space again and picks his cross carefully, looking for Adrien at the near post - he's nipped ahead of Alli. But the pressure and height of the ball are enough to force his header high.


Alli finds himself in the middle of midfield and immediately drives a superb low pass out to Rose, who finds Rooney. On the half-turn, he can't quite find the flip that he needs to stick it into the space between keeper and defence, but the ball breaks to Walker; he chucks himself into a low drive, cutting across the ball, and it scooshes only just wide.


This is what you get when you play without wingers, but England need to move and move the ball far quicker.


Portugal win a free-kick wide on the right which Moutinho whips in towards the near post. And Carvalho is up first, heading over the top, which is a warning for England - they've not looked at all secure when defending set-pieces recently.


Kane and Vardy are splitting when Portugal have the ball, which is England's way of compensating for the lack of width you get with a diamond. The problem is that when England win it bakc, they're not always in position to exploit the, er, turnover.


England's front three, if we may call it that, are doing a good job of pressing Portugal's back four, and eventually, Walker wins the ball, racing down the right and winning a corner. Which Kane passes to the defender on the edge of the box.


Alli crunches Adrien in the middle of the pitch but Rooney then gives the ball away - Portugal break, but Smalling, drawn out to the left, intercepts with an excellently-timed tackle. With Adrien still down, England spring, then Adrien gets up, and a cross from Walker picks out Rooney at the back post. He can't wrap his neck around it to nod across, so heads over the bar instead.


Alves spreads a pass wide for Eliseu, who swings a low cross seeking Mario at the near post. But Rose has anticipated the danger and gets there first, sliding a clearance into touch.


Milner, in the team for his "reliability", rolls the ball into the path of Nani Churchill, and he sizes up his options then slams a shot somewhere towards Preston Road.


Alli tries to go down the outside of Carvalho, who does well to direct the ball into touch off his boot. Alli still thinks it's a corner and voices his distress, so wily old Carvalho shoves him, knowing there's one coming back. Tick, tick, tick...


Lovely from England, Smalling flighting a long pass to Alli which even Glenn Hoddle couldn't criticise - though doubtless he'd have done it better. Alli killed it on the outside of his foot, beautifully, transferring it to his thigh, but was then crowded out. Lovely stuff, but.


Portugal have mustered less than nothing going forward - it's about time Nani got them together for a pep talk.


Walker reads Rui Patricio's ground kick, running into it and finding Kane, who, with a decoy run outside him, arcs a lovely low ball across the box and at Rooney, eight yards out. He slides in to slide home but Patricio redeems himself with a full-body block. Turns out Rooney was offside.


Is Delealli Dele Alli's first name or surname?


Rose hurls a throw down the line and Vardy is into the space, forcing Alves to head into touch. England will really need his pace in behind, because there's not much of it elsewhere in the attack.


Rose bangs a low one into Vardy, who flicks behind him to Moutinho. Wonder if he's trademarked the move.


The Wembley pitch has been mown - or mowed - to look like a tallit. At the moment, the action is mainly around the fringes.


Before we go any further, I'd just like to say this.


Clyne slingfs one long and Portugal's line is high so Rooney nashes in behind at inside-right. He has a shy at berbatoving it out of the air, but doesn't quite succeed.


Glenn Hoddle reckons the two undecided positions are at right-back and in midfield. Walker or Clyne, Milner or Henderson, we'll have to wait and see. Anyone got a bag of chips?


Rafa and Nani kick-off, and we're away!


Jack Wilshere has shaved a kind of trough into his head, managing to avoid injury in the process.


It's slow and burning, this one.


It's a slow-burner, this one.


Choking up, here.


Portugal are lined up in the tunnel behind Vasco de Nani.


Roy Hodgson is interviewed and despite Gabriel Clarke's prompting, amazingly, won't reveal his team for the Russia game. The wily old fox.


Wish you were here


Even Gareth Southgate has a beard. Gents, it really is time to get rid.


Looking again at that England team, I wonder if Ryan Bertrand might come in for Danny Rose - he's a better defender, and Rose isn't that good going forward - all the more significant when you take a shifty at the rest of the back four.


Vintage Ronaldo, vintage Nani


However, there is a point there, though not the one he's making. Two years ago, England might have thought Euro 2016 unwinnable, so it made sense to play their youngsters. But as it turns out, the competition really isn't all that, so if one or both of the strikers get on a roll, you never know.


On the radio, Danny Mills is banging on about John Stones making mistakes. Because Chris Smalling and Gary Cahill have had perfect seasons.


As for Portugal, they're clearly not taking this friendly seriously - Nani is captain. Otherwise, Ronaldo is wearing tiny trunks somewhere in front of a camera and Renato Sanches is on the bench, but I'm looking forward to watching Joao Mario.


So this might well be England's first XI - a 4-4-2 diamond, with Cahill not Stones alongside Smalling, Walker not Clyne at right-back, and two of four midfielders out of position.

If you ask me, which you didn't, there's not enough pace out wide.


So, a week tomorrow the football starts, so, in the meantime, here's some football! Ahhhhhh football!