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France - Russia
International friendlies - 29 March 2016

International friendlies – Follow the Football match between France and Russia live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 29 March 2016. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Didier Deschamps or Stanislav Cherchesov? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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That's full time. A rousing victory for France on a potentially difficult and emotional night. The French side are full of promise, and Russia look like an undisciplined mess. An ultimately easy and impressive victory for France.


Giroud strains to reach a cross from Sagna, but it's headed away before he can reach it, for a corner on the left.


Shatov off for Samedov.


Payet forces a pass straight into Giroud's feet as he tries to beat the offside trap. He brings it under control well, and was very possibly onside, but is ruled otherwise.


A long ball over the top, and Coman is chasing again, but he's about 10 yards offside and flagged for it.


Digne is clipped as he's about to break down the left wing. Russia are one of the dirtiest teams I've seen in a good while.


Coman tries to chase down another pass forward, but the 'keeper comes out to take it off his toes.


Payet whips in a free kick to the back post, but it's easily claimed.


Kokorin is subbed for Smolov.


Gignac goes off to be replaced by Olivier Giroud's hair, beard and tattoos.


GOAL! France 4-2 Russia. Coman scores - Coman chases a ball down the inside right. The 'keeper comes out, and misjudges the danger so creates some by himself. Coman turns away from him, spins, and curls into an open net from a tight angle.


Coman draws a foul on the right and France open up space on the right for a cross which is blocked. France win the ball back quickly.


Around 20 minutes left, depending on added time. France clearly have more to be pleased with, but it's not quite so obvious going by the scoreline.


Shirokov and Zhirkov off for Smolnikov and Mamaev. Sissoko is on for Pogba.


GOAL! France 3-2 Russia. Zhirkov scores - Shatov is released on the overlap down the left. He pulls the ball back for Zhirkov, who started the move, who clips the ball off Sakho and into the net.


Gignac picks up a clearance that found its way to him, but he's obviously offside. The game has got a little ragged with the recent changes.


There are a couple more subs for France coming.


GOAL! France 3-1 Russia. Payet scores - Oh my days. 35 yards out, perhaps more, and Payet strikes a free kick - possibly his first touch - and it loops into the top corner, crashing against the post and in.


Coman sprints 40 yards from deep, and A. Berezutskiy sticks out a leg to stop him getting close to the goal. There are men around him, so he just gets a booking.


Payet is on for Griezmann.


Here's the earlier French celebration.

France's N'Golo Kante and Andre-Pierre Gignac celebrate

Diarra starts an attack by finding Griezmann on the right. Russia rush back to occupy space, and France can't find a way through.


Griezmann is picked out by Pogba on the left, but his low cross is gathered by the 'keeper. Mathieu is trudging off down the tunnel, looking very, very fed up with his lot.


GOAL! France 2-1 Russia. Kokorin scores - Free kick for Russia on the right, curled in to Kokorin from Dzagoev. He glances his header past Lloris, and the deficit is halved. No marking on him at all, terrible defending.


Griezmann fires in a pass for Gignac, but he plays the ball onto the 'keeper, not into his path.


Mathieu is going to have to be replaced, and he trudges off. Digne is on.


Mathieu is down, troubled by his right knee, it appears. The physios are on.


Varane is lucky to get away with a handball as he attempts to cut out a long ball forward.


Instead of shooting this time, Kante returns the ball out wide to Griezmann, but he's offside.


Kante drills a shot from the edge of the box as the corner is cleared, but it's deflected for another corner on the left wing.


Gignac brings down a long ball, the ball is eventualy worked to Kante on the right, and Gignac's header glances wide of goal, deflected for a corner.


Kuzmin finally gets his booking after fouling Coman. Lodygin is on for Akinfeev in the Russian goal.


Mathieu is on for Evra, and Coman is also on for France, replacing Martial. The second half gets started.


That's half time. The players leave to applause, with a 2-0 lead. See you in 15 minutes.


There's going to be just one more minute of this half.


The French are keeping play with neat, quick passing, and Griezmann steps away from him marker to draw an easy foul. The French fans are bellowing their anthem at the moment.


Here's Kante celebrating that early goal to put France ahead.

France's N'Golo Kante celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal.

Sakho chases a terrible backpass from Gignac and clears the danger.


Evra is still limping. You get the impression he'd like a chat with Kokorin at half time.


It seems Kuzmin somehow escaped a booking earlier. Russia really have turned up and behaved objectionably from the start.


GOAL! France 2-0 Russia. Gignac scores - From the left, Griezmann whips in a cross to the near post. Gignac stoops and glances a header to the far post.


Mathieu is warming up on the sidelines now, with Evra still suffering from the tackle on his right knee.


Kokorin absolutely clatters Evra on the left. It's an absolutely stupid challenge, going straight through him, and he's booked. It's late, and Evra looks in serious trouble. What an absolute clown Kokorin is.


Pogba runs onto Sagna's through-ball down the right, and his effort from a tight angle is beaten away for a corner.


The corner goes 40 yards into the air and out on the other side of the pitch for a goal kick.


A rare spell in France's half for Russia brings boos from the crowd, and Pogba charges down Berezutskiy's cross on the right to concede a corner.


Martial goes in late on Berezutskiy on Russia's right wing, but he escapes a booking.


Only one goal for France so far, but they look by far the superior side. It doesn't take much to change a game's momentum, mind.


Sakho aims a ball for Griezmann to chase down the right. Griezmann gamely attempts to chase it down, but it skids away from him.


Varane comes over to the wing to cover and play the ball out for a throw.


The same problem for Pogba with the second free kick. It drifts over.


Gignac commits defenders as he comes in from the left and holds up play, lays it off to Pogba, and he is bundled over for a free kick about 30 yards out.


France scythe through Russia, going from right to left with Griezmann linking up throughout with short passes, but his effort for Martial on the left is overhit.


Sagna is caught late by Shatov. Sagna had his leg up pretty high, but it seemed a deliberate bit of rough-houing from Shatov. It's tedious foul play.


Pogba aims for goal with the free kick, but it's a couple of yards too high, and didn't have the pace to trouble Akinfeev either.


Pogba is fouled this time, taking a forearm to the face from Dzyuba - who was protecting himself more than attacking Pogba - and France have a free kick 25 yards out to the left of goal.


Kuzmin goes straight through Evra, studs up, and gets a booking. In a more serious match it would have been a red, I'd have thought.


Gignac is released down the inside right by Griezmann, and he pulls it back into his path. He mishits it, and Kante follows up, brining an offside flag.


Pogba bursts through to the byline, and digs out a cross just before it goes out of play, but the French can't make anything of it as it dribbles back to Pogba, who is offside.


Shirokov lunges in and concedes a free kick near France's box.


A long ball bounces off Dzyuba and France have it back. Russia are struggling.


Russia attempt to break after intercepting a pass to Sagna, but he recovers in their half to win the ball back. France are on top now, and confident.


Griezmann has Martial to his left, Gignac to his right, but he elects to shoot from distance, with a slow shot dribbling wide.


Lloris runs out to dink a long ball away from the area.


GOAL! France 1-0 Russia. Kante scores - More time for Russia in defence. As soon as they get to the halfway line, France press. Pogba wins the ball in midfield, he lays it off right to Gignac, who finds Griezmann. He slips, recovers and finds Kante, who had continued his run from deep, and he plays it past Akinfeev with a cool finish.


The ball drifts out on the left wing for France. It's a quiet game so far, perhaps the idea of being back here tonight is keeping things muted.


France's turn to play the ball across the defence, and Russia sit back.


Evra takes the ball down the left, he finds Martial ahead of him, but he can't put in a cross. Kokorin breaks down the right and earns a free kick about 50 yards out.


No chances for either side yet, with Russia currently keeping the ball in defence.


After the minute's silence, the match gets underway.


A bit of trivia before the game gets started. Just five minutes until kick off.


With 10 minutes to go before kick off, you can send me your predictions for the game, and comments throughout it, on Twitter at @lxndrnthrtn.


Didier Deschamps said his side would not forget the events of November, but was also concentrating on the game tonight: "We've only had friendlies for the past two years, but I've repeated to all the players, it is up to them to seize their chances and to give their all for themselves and the team. They have nothing to lose and everything to win."


French 'keeper Hugo Lloris had this to say: "We have to have confidence in the security officials. We have to continue to live and to live our passion together, it's important."


As you're almost certainly aware, this is the first time that the French national team have played at home since the November terrorist attacks in Paris. Coming so soon after similar events in Brussels, it might be quite an odd night tonight. A friendly is usually a tepid affair, and it might be that the atmosphere is doubly dulled tonight.


TEAMS: France: Lloris, Evra, Sagna, Sakho, Varane, Diarra, Kante, Pogba, Gignac, Griezmann, Martial /// Russia: Akinfeev, Berezutskiy, Berezutskiy, Kuzmin, Zhirkov, Golovin, Dzagoev, Shirokov, Shatov, Kokorin, Dzyuba.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of the friendly between France and Russia.