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France - England

Follow the International friendlies live Football match between France and England with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 13 June 2017.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers: Didier Deschamps or Gareth Southgate? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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So, thanks all for your company - night-night.


A chastening experience for England, who are just nowhere near as good as France even with a man more. In particular, Paul Pogba was brilliant, but so too was Ousmane Dembele, while Thomas Lemar and Kylian Mbappe were constant threats. England were and are clueless.


Full-time: France 3-2 England


England are playing on principle here, doing their best but without any conviction at all. And there's Dembele again, missing out Cresswell and slipping Mbappe in at inside-left .. Butland saves his shot, but that ought really to have been curtains.


There shall be four added minutes.


Jallet replaces Sidibe, who's finally had enough.


Sidibe is down again.


England get the ball out to Cresswell and he has men of the box, but instead he knocks back to Sterling, who whumps a shot miles over the top.


England really have no idea what to do here. Their passing isn't accurate enough to spread the play, and once France have the ball they're done.


A team with one player fewer, purposely extracting the urine. That's got to sting.


Mbappe does I don't know what, flicking feet over the ball, on the ball and around the ball down in the right corner before finding Dembele. Eventually England force the ball clear.


England send on their secret weapon, Aaron Cresswell, and Jones goes off. They've now got a left-footer on the left, which I imagine is the reason for the change.


This is an absolute lesson for England. The problem is how you learn it without players as good as Pogba and Dembele.


GOAL! France 3-2 England (Dembele) Dier gives one away to Lemar, who snaps a smart ball square for Pogba, whose sumptuous first time pass finds Mbappe ahead of him. He controls as England chase things that have just gone, tees up Dembele, and his low shot across goal gives him his first international goal! The 10 men lead!


England send on Lallana for Trippier. Jones goes to right-back - not sure about that, given how well he's played - but they want to get more men forward, so change to a 4-2-3-1.


Great strength from Sterling, shrugging off Lemar down the right, and he's got Kane in the middle, but the various defenders have covered every angle between him and a white shirt.


Alli is booked for posterity, fouling Sidibe.


Oh my days! Sidibe nips in when Oxlade-Chamberlain is given a silly pass and finds Mbappe, who immediately diddles Stones - yet again. Butland goes down, the goal gapes, and somehow he hits the bar! Lemar then slaps the rebound goalwards, but Cahill nudges off the line.


I was wrong; England aren't able to boss games against a team with a player less.


Dembele streaks through but Jones defends properly again, holding him up and then crunching Sidibe, who leaves the pitch limping. France are momentarily down to nine.


Pogba flicks Mbappe through but Butland dives at his feet - that's very good keeping - and Trippier also does very well to run across the box and bin the loose ball. France maintain the pressure though, and out on the right, Pogba waves his foot about then absolutely victmises Cahill, who pulls him back; if he goes down, it might be a penalty. But he stays up, and his low cross is bundled clear.


John Stones is angry! Lovely from Pogba in centrefield, turning, spinning, and sliding a ball into Mbappe's stride. Stones pulls him back, says he didn't, is booked, becomes vex. France waste the free-kick.


Pogba slides a firm pass towards Sidibe, loitering on the edge of the box, but Walker is in sharply and Dier brings the ball away.


Sterling pursues a bouncing ball that Umtiti allows into the box. He then applies the shove to the back, as Digne leaps into I don't know what, and Sterling goes down. No penalty says the ref.


Lemar finds his way down the left and whips over a cross, which Jones dives to head behind; he's played pretty well tonight. Anyway, the corner comes to nowt.


England look pretty good now that France have a player less than them. Perhaps that needs to be the tactic going forward; finding a way to get a member of the opposition sent off.


That penalty came about because of the instinct and streetfighting of Dele Alli. He is such a player.


Deschamps sends on Koscielny to replace Varane; Giroud makes way.


England win a corner down the left and pull two men out of the box to force France to do likewise. Trippier then curls the kick in, but Umtiti heads clear.


GOAL! France 2-2 England (Kane pen) Clever from Kane - Lloris dives right, he smacks into the middle- unusually for him, but he knows Lloris knows him - and suddenly, England are strong favourites!


The ref consults the video ref and sends Varane off! That's very harsh, especially in a friendly - he ran across him, perhaps on purpose but perhaps not.


PENALTY TO ENGLAND! Alli flicks on a long back and chases it himself, racing in behind the French defence at inside-left; Varane clips his heels, and the ref points to the spot!


England make two changes: Butland for Heaton, and Walker for Bertrand - perhaps to address Dembele, who was very influential towards the end of the first half.


Off we go again.


England have some good players, but the system they're playing especially, France are just too good for them.


Half-time: France 2-1 England


Sterling runs at Umtiti and chicks feet over the ball before running into Umtiti and going down. He asks for a penalty and it's close, but the ref thinks not. I'm not sure.


GOAL! France 2-1 England (Sidibe) Dembele is so, so good. He tries to move the ball outside, Bertrand puts is back into his stride, and he speeds into the box, feints outside, ducks inside as Stones goes shopping, and shoots low and hard. Again, Heaton shoves it back into play, and Sidibe is following to tuck home.


Pogba finds himself on the ball outside the box, fed by Lemar, and his eyes light up, but he humps a shot over the bar.


Digne goes down the left and puts a ball into the box, knocked out by Cahill. Sidibe then recovers it, but again Cahill is there.


Long heave across the pitch from Dier to Trippier, and what a pass! The ball comes at him at a tricky height, but he cushions a lovely first-timer into the path of Sterling, inside the box on its right. He ought to shoot, but takes it a stride too far, looking to cross instead, and the chance is smothered.


Bertrand shoots low and Lloris pushes behind; the ensuing corner goes to the far post, where Cahill, dynamite in the box in such circumstances, heads back across and Dyer snaps a shot that's only just wide. Good effort.


Lovely from Mbappe, pulling into that Thierry Henry position and feinting inside;Jones and Tripoier both buy it, he slides outside, sniggers, and shoots low at the near post. Heaton saves well, but had the shot gone across goal, it might just've scored.


Not a whole lot going on now, but France are in complete control. But then Jones breaks out with the ball and finds Alli on the left ... he wriggles by Varane, but Kante nobbles him.


Theresa May-level delusion from Southgate to convince himself that Dier and Oxlade-Chamberlain could be a match for Pogba and Kante. Glenn Hoddle explains that he played 3-5-2 because he was sick of chasing the ball in midfield, but he had far better players than Southgate has.


Lot of possession for France now; England don't seem sure whether or not to press, as Digne drags a long-shot wide.


GOAL! France 1-1 England (Umtiti) France win a free-kick close to halfway, just left of centre, and Lemar curls a fine ball into the middle. Giroud, up first and highest above Kane, thunks a header goalwards, which Heaton scoops out, but only into the path of Umtiti, who opens his body and sidefoots firmly home. There were a lot of white shirts in that box, but it's not entirely clear what they were up to.


Digne replaces Mendy.


Mendy is off the pitch, and it looks like France will make a change.


Mendy, who looked a really good player in the Champions League, has hurt his knee.


Pogba, who was excellent at the weekend, slides a lovely ball into the path of Mbappe who screeches away down the left. Spotting Dembele in the middle, he curves a fine pass into his path, but Dembele opts to allow it across his body, opening up his foot to guide into the far corner and sending the shot wide. Laces would probably have served him better there.


Giroud's feet were level with Stones' but his knee was just about off. The ref didn't consult with the video officials.


France are struggling to get Dembele into the game at the moment, but the Pogba turns and moves beautifully in midfield, finding Mendy, but his slide into the box is intercepted by Jones. Pogba then picks up the ball and flips another pass into the area ... Giroud is deemed offside. But he chests down and hooks home anyway.


I say that, but England have good players; they just rarely show it at international level, all the less so in combination.


BRILLIANT GOAL! France 0-1 England (Kane) Dier intercepts a stray pass on halfway and quickly finds Oxlade-Chamberlain, who finds Alli on the left. Immediately, he espies Sterling in space inside the box on the other side, hitting him with a brilliant pass. Sterling then holds it up until Bertrand arrives him before backheeling into his path; Bertrand crosses low, and Kane, pulling off the back of the defender, taps home his fifth goal in his last ten games.Did that just happen?


I know Southgate wants England to be comfortable playing various formations, but the most important thing, in mine, is to have a first XI. Players need to get used to doing the same things, and feel confident that if they impose their game they can beat anyone.


Pogba takes the ball on halfway and moves past Dier, holding him off easily. The play then moves left to Lemar, but Jones rattles in and confiscates possession with perfect timing. He can be so good sometimes.


Pogba lofts a lovely pass over the top for Mbappe, but he's gone just too soon.


Oxlade-Chamberlain cedes possession unnecessarily for the first time tonight, and Mendy moves the ball on to Lemar, who crosses. Except he miscues it into a shot, and Heaton has to adjust on his line, shovelling it out from close to the near post.


A long ball down the left finds Alli and he runs at Sidibe, falls down, and claims a foul that isn't given.


Harrance Kane gets us underway.


Southgate and Deschamps share a water-carriers' hug.


The band play Don't Look Back In Anger as the players come out.


Ryan Giggs notes that England don't have class midfielders, and he's right, they don't. Playing Oxlade-Chamberlain in there might help - at least he has some speed, along with the ability to run with the ball.


Kick-off is delayed by five minutes.


England are playing 3-5-2, it turns out.


Things Southgate would like to see improve from the Scotland game: better ball circulation, passing, decision-making, speed. Er, yes.


The French fans are doing the Icelandic clap, which is hopefully meant as a wind-up.


England show Paris the meaning of style.


Lee Dixon talks about 4-4-2 being a system of the past. France are playing 4-4-2.


Southgate said in his press conference that he'll be looking for friendlies against the best possible teams, which sounds like a good plan. What he also must do is find a team and style that works and suits his best players. If i was him - I'm not - I'd be making sure that I could play Kane and Rashford up front together, which would probably require a diamond.


England, meanwhile, leave out Hart, Walker, Smalling, Livermore, Rashford and Lallana; instead we get Heaton, Trippier, Jones, Stones, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Sterling. My guess is they'l play 4-2-3-1, and will struggle to create given the Stones and Dier in front of the back-four. And because they're England.  


So let's have a closer look at those teams. France make five changes from the weekend defeat to Sweden: Koscielny, Matuidi, Sissoko, Girezmann and Payet drop out; Umtiti, Kante, Dembele, Lemar and Mbappe come in.

And the team probably looks better for it. Obviously Griezmann is better than Giroud, and Koscielny is still probably better than Umtiti, but otherwise, this is a faster, smarter side.


Imagine the thrill.




Evening all, and welcome to an international friendly that might actually be good: France have the best squad in the world, while England are seeking to assert a new identity. We shall see...