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Netherlands - Italy

Follow the International friendlies live Football match between Netherlands and Italy with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 28 March 2017.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers: Louis van Gaal or Roberto Mancini? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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That was much better from Holland and rightly so; they have far better players than their results suggest. Tonight, Italy were that bit too good and that bit too settled, but the KNVB might have acted just in time to salvage their World Cup hopes. Anyway, thanks for your company - night.


Full-time: Netherlands 1-2 Italy


Almost! Vilhena strides into space 30 yards out and lamps a shot that flicks off Bonucci's back ... Donnarumma gives up ... only for the ball to fly past the post.


Promes cuts back a cross for Sneijder, just outside the box, and it looks like Gagliardini takes it away from him with a hand, but the ref sees no such thing.


It's gone a little quiet after that little Dutch flurry.


Off goes Verratti, on comes Verdi, another new cap. No one's been good enough to let us know how much injury-time is to be played.


Holland are putting it on Italy now, and after Rugani only half-clears Lens' cross, Promes tries a scissors-kick which is blocked, and Sneijder pounces on the loose ball to power another drive for Donnarumma to save.


What a save Donnarumma! Lens gallumphs infield and tees up Sneijder, who strikes the ball low, hard and across it, left-footed from just outside the box ... but the keeper plunges to his left and palms to safety.


Here we are.


Holland make what looks like three changes, but we're only allowed to see Blind departing and Sneijder arriving. There is a ceremonial passing of the armband.


Another chance for Italy to win it! Spinnazzola finds himself some space down the right and doesn't wait to be asked twice, exchanging passes with Verratti and hurtling into the box. Again, he's thinking debut goal, and he strikes his finish well enough, low, hard, and across Zoet - but not across Zoet enough, allowing a great save.


Dayvid Silver has knocked in a penalty to give Spain the lead against France.


Darmian streaks down the left ... ok, Darmian chugs down the left ... but it's enough to gain 30 yards' worth of territory, and keep Netherlands away from the Italy goal.


Change for Holland: Toornstra replaces Wijnaldum, who's done a lot of not very much.


Italy are defending deep now, but still breaking in numbers, and Belotti drives a lovely pass out wide before making his way into the middle. And Darmian, who hasn't even been that bad, tries to find him in return, only for Zoet to laif out of his goal and claim well.


Italy are pretty much in control of things.


Lens, who's had a quiet night, finds space down the right and digs out a cross for Memphis, but Romagnoli is there first.


Belotti has livened things right up, and this time he moves left, finding space to leather a shot that has Zoet scrambling to save at his near post.


Change for Italy: Petagna replaces Eder.


Italy nearly seal it! Gagliardini lifts a ball into the box, which Belotti heads down to himself, back to goal. Gagliardini is running onto it, though, goal on debut written across his coupon, but instead Belotti swivels and strikes, connecting well, only for Hoedt to block.


From elsewhere, something which I suppose is important.


Holland win a free-kick, dead centre, 25 yards out. Memphis decides he's the man, and curls over the wall but to the feet of Donnarumma.


And there's DJ Spinazzola, as I'm sure his mates call him, sending himself away down the right before Blind blocks his cross.


Change for Italy: the splendidly-named Spinazzola replaces the equally splendidly-named Zappacosta.


I love me a Holland numbering system. Right-back 2, centre-backs 3 and 4, left-back 5; no messing. Then defensive midfielder 6, all-purpose midfielder 8, number 10, number 10; and right-wing 7, centre-forward 9, left-wing 11. Beautiful.


A mistake from Bonucci! I know! But really! He passes to Memphis, who advances and slides in Promes, left of centre; he drags a shot across Donnarmma that's headed for the far corner, but at the last second the keeper gets down to it and saves with his fingertips. Nicely done all-round.


Holland had built a nape of steam, but things have now calmed down and they're passing inoffensively at the back.


Apprently Belotti used to chase chickens about.


Change for Italy: Belotti replaces Immobile.


More reasonable possession from Holland, moving the ball across the face of the Italian back line, before some more quick feet from Memphis, the start of a backheeled one-two with Promes, allowed him to slide wide to Tete. His low cross went towards the near post, but Bonucci did enough to block behind and the corner came to nowt.


Lovely feet from Memphis, transferring the ball from left to right to move into space away from Parolo and Gagliardini ... before giving it away.


After Promes gets to the line and pulls back for no one, Memphis weaves free of Rugani in centrefield, who clotheslines his legs. For this, he is booked.


Elsewhere, Ronaldo has scored for Portugal against Sweden, you'll be shocked to hear; France and Italy are level at 0-0.


One change for Holland: Vilhena wins his third cap, on for Strootman.


we have recommenced.


Holland are trying their best and all that - which is something, considering their recent activity - but Italy are just a bit too good and grooved.


Half-time: Netherlands 1-2 Italy


Lovely from Memphis, picking up possession on the right, just outside the box, and tricking away from Romagnoli before easing clear of Verratti. Lovely stuff, and then he fell over his feet.


Strootman can't get near Verratti at the moment, but Holland get numbers forward and Lens' cross is charged down. Again, Memphis' delivery from the corner is decent, again towards the penalty spot and Martins Indi, flat this time, and his man narrowly misses connecting with a diving header.


Memphis tries some skill down the right, so Parolo flies in to smash man and ball into touch. Nicely done.


Italy enjoy some sustained possession, and Eder tries to wriggle room for a shot before the ball breaks to Parolo on the edge of the box ... his shot is charged down.


A quiet period.




De Rossi has hurt himself - or been hurt, courtesy of a knee to the lower back - so Gagliardini replaces him.


Not sure Holland are coming back from this. Just a hunch i've got.


GOAL! Netherlands 1-2 Italy (Bonucci) The corner is flipped to the near post, where Rugani flicks on - and against Tete, taking the ball goalwards. Zoet saves well, but Bonucci gallops onto the loose ball away from Hoedt and gleefully murders a finish into the roof from three yards.


This is now a decent little spell for Holland, who win another corner, this time down the left, only for Blind to waste it. And Holland break immediately, Verratti stepping over De Rossi's pass for Romagnoli to drive wide, via someone or other's toe.


Verratti is busted overplaying and Holland break; Promes is driving forward with options, but for reasons known best to himself tries a square pass to no one and that's the end of that.


Holland win a corner down the right, and Memphis swipes it across towards the penalty spot, where Martins Indi is up. He thunks it well to, but the minor tickle it takes off Romagnoli's shoulder is enough to send it clattering against the bar.


But here come Holland, Klaassen again leading the charge and trying to slot through a pass for Promes. If it's weighted perfectly, he's in, but it's just to heavy, so he's out.


Holland are struggling to get the ball; Italy know exactly what they're doing.


Concerted spell of possession for Italy, conducted again by Verratti, before the wonderful Bonucci slides a wonderful pass in between Blind and Hoedt for Zappacosta. He doesn't quite make it - Zoet gets there first - but that was very nice nonetheless.


Verratti sends Darmian away down the left ... you can guess the rest, but for the hard of thinking, he drives into Tete's shins.


Ok, after some technical gremlins, we appear to be back. You've not missed much, beyond some gnashing of orange teeth.

  • Éder
    GoalÉderItalyGOAL! Netherlands 1-1 Italy (Eder) Well that didn't take long. Italy win a free-kick midway inside the Netherlands half, left of centre, which Verratti pumps forwards towards Immobile. Hoedt is up first though, but his header only finds Eder, 20 yards out. He's already had a sighter, so takes a touch to control, then smites a low shot across Zoet and into the far corner. That's a very accomplished finish.
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GOAL! Netherlands 1-1 Italy (Eder) Well that didn't take long. Italy win a free-kick midway inside the Netherlands half, left of centre, which Verratti pumps forwards towards Immobile. Hoedt is up first though, but his header only finds Eder, 20 yards out. He's already had a sighter, so takes a touch to control, then smites a low shot across Zoet and into the far corner. That's a very accomplished finish. 


GOAL! Netherlands 1-0 Italy ( Romagnoli o.g.) What a delightful mess this is! But first, Promes and Klaassen exchange passes on the left edge of the box, sending Promes in. He tries a few stepovers, then looks to bend a shot towards the far post, Henry-style. It gers nowhere near, because first Rugani and then Romagnoli deflect it past Donnarumma. Welcome to international football, kid!


Parolo lunges in on Promes, imprinting studs on instep. He escapes a booking.


After a slow start, Italy have stepped things up, Verratti - what a player he is - prompting in midfield and clearing the way for Eder to lash a shot just wide form the edge of the box. Di Rossi, though, was free inside the box and is not impressed.


Hoedt rattles into the back of Immobile, his Lazio teammate. No harm done.


Ah yes, as I forgot to note. This lad has it.


Martins Indi punts forward for Blind, who finds Promes, who finds a superb, curling cross into the middle; Lens attacks it, heading into Darmian's shoulder. The corner comes to nothing.


I jest, but Memphis does have ability, and at United, the confidence was stifled out of him by the aforementioned Van Gaal. He's already got some elan back at Lyon.


So, Holland, who make only four changes from their latest embarrassment, are playing their usual 4-3-3; Memphis will lead the line!


Off we pootle.


Apparently Frank de Boer has turned down the opportunity to talk about the job.


Fred Grim is such a name.


Van Gaal is in the crowd, sat next to Fabio Capello. Imagine the ego-off those two could enjoy.


They've turned the lights down at the Amsterdam ARENa. No idea why.




Ah! He's been presented with the silver salver that he always needed.


Out come the teams; Clarence Seedorf is reading something in Dutch.


For those who've forgotten what a bus looks like.


I wonder if old Louis van Gaal will be back. Perhaps never has the role of a manager been so obviously significant in the passage of a team through a tournament as his in Holland's at the last World Cup. On the other hand, well, the last two years.


This Holland side really isn't that bad. This does not say much for Daniel Blind's managerial capabilities.


Other things to which we can look forward: Davy Klaaassen, who might become a player, and Kevin Strootman, who looks like he still is.


Full squads...


I'll level with you: I'm naused to see Belotti, but on the other hand, we're getting Memphis. He giveth and he taketh away.


And your visitors.


Some teams...


Evening all, and welcome to an intriguing game made even more so. Holland are awful, so sacked their manager, Danny Blind, at the weekend. Will it make any difference?