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  • Latvia
  • UldrikisVarslavans
  • MüllerMusiala
  • Sané
  • Saveljevs
  • ZjuzinsSaveljevs
  • CiganiksJaunzems
  • GündoganCan
  • RüdigerSüle
  • GosensGünter
  • KarklinšKrollis
  • Werner
  • 1/2 Time
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  • Latvia
  • IkaunieksMaksimenko
  • OssTarasovs
  • GnabrySané
  • HavertzWerner
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  • Ozols (o.g.)
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  • Zjuzins

Germany - Latvia

Follow the International friendlies live Football match between Germany and Latvia with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 7 June 2021.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers: Hans-Dieter Flick or Dainis Kazakevics? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyhow, that's us - enjoy the rest of your night/day.


I know Latvia aren't good but that was very impressive from Germany. Look out for them!


Full-time: Germany 7-1 Latvia


Germany probe in search of an eighth.


There'll be two additional minutes.


Krollis has made a difference since coming on. He's only 19, so perhaps he'll develop into a player.


If you'd offered Latvia 7-1 at half-time I'm pretty sure they'd have taken it, so this is basically a moral draw.


Snae glides by a couple of defenders then dinks a ball into the middle, which Cernomordijs nods away.


Germany knock it about.


I guess that might be one reason Low has picked a full-strength team tonight - if they turn up out of nick, they'll find themselves going home. England, on the other hand, have a bit more to play wit. Though you can't put making a mess past them, they'd do very well to go out before the knockouts and have a fair few players who got to the later stages of the European competitions.


Ah, apparently Goretzka has said he might miss Germany's opening game - against France in Munich. Tasty!


Germany look to have declared, sort of. If a goal presents itself they'll take it, but otherwise they can cope with 7-1.


Another change for Latvia, Varslavans on for Uldriks, who has barely touched the ball.


Musiala comes on for Muller.


GOAL! Germany 7-1 Latvia (Sane) Yeah, bad idea. Anther fine pass from Hummels releases Werner down the left and he squares into the box, allowing Muller to square one more for Sane, who passes a smart finish inside the near post.


GOAL! Germany 6-1 Latvia (Savelejevs) Krollis holds up a long throw, knocking back to Savelejevs ... who hammers across the ball, sending a brilliant finish screeching past Neuer!


Krollis megs Muller - that's a story to tell to the grandchildren - but nothing comes of it.


Ginter, out on the left, picks a lovely ball into Hummels, on the edge of the box. He weaves into it and by a challenge, but as the ball sits up he slices an off-balance shot high over the near post.


Germany have slowed down a bit. That 16-0 record is probably safe.


Gunter, Kimmich and Muller triangulate down the right, then Muller tries a cross that flies behind.


Two more changes for Latvia, Jaunzems and Saveljevs replacing Ciganiks and Zjuzins.


Gunter is first to a cross into the box, shielding and teeing up for Hummels, who whacks over the bar.


Germany look a lot better-drilled than England. Their players being in the right places, and reading each other's intentions, is not hugely affected by the opposition.


Kroos drills a fine diag towards the far post, where Gunter knocks it back; Sane should sweep home right-footed but instead pokes at it left-footed, and the ball goes just wide of the near post.


You may have heard the news from earlier: Sergio Busquets has covid. But in better developments, the rest of the Spain squad are clear.


Sule drives forward and finds Sane, who lays off for Muller; he bobbles a shot wide of the near post.


Lativa send on Krollis for Kamklins. That should sort it.


Germany send on Can, Gunter and Sule for Gundogan, Gosens and Rudiger.


On that point, Rashford and Sterling are the two in possession, but Sterling is out of form and Foden is too good to leave out. I'd definitely play him, and then I'd be tempted to go for Rashford, who has a big-game knack, but only if he's fit - he looked well off it at the end of the club season.


More specifically, thinking about how England match up with Germany, I'm not sure they'd want to try their three at the back against a side that knows more about how to play it. They'd be better off targeting the spaces in behind the wing-backs with whoever out of Foden, Rashford, Sterling and Sancho are selected.


Germany haven't scored for a bit. Absolute slackers.


Thinking about who's going to win the thing, I'd have Portugal and France as more likely than Germany, who're in that next tranche with Italy and England. England, of course, should get to play most of their games at home, but the draw isn't great for them - if they win their group, they play the second place in Germany's group in the last 16 - that's brutal.


Germany do not look minded to keep this social.


GOAL! Germany 6-0 Latvia (Werner) AND THERE IT IS! Sane wins the ball high up the pitch and somehow manages to twizzle his body so that he can poke a pass into the box for Kimmich, who has a look crosses low, and there's the predator supreme, using the line of the ball to caress home a gentle finish that was harder that it looked.


Latvia sticks the ball down the park and chase after it; Ginter calmly knocks it back to Neuer.


Surely Werner will manager a goal in this. Or not!


Havertz's goal is no longer Havertz's goal - it's now an own goal scored by Ozols, the Latvia keeper.


We go again.


Two changes apiece at half-time: Germany bring on Sane and Werner for Gnabry and Havertz, while Latvia take off Oss and Ikaunieks for Maximenko and Tarasovs.


Germany are good, Latvia are nonsense.


Half-time: Germany 5-0 Latvia


GOAL! Germany 5-0 Latvia (Gnabry) Hummels power-flicks a tremendous long pass over Muller's head and in behind, to meet the run of Gnabry. He has a look, allows the ball to bounce, and lashes a thump high into the far top corner. That's 16 in 21 for him at international level.


I've just seen that Leicester are keen to buy Odsonne Edouard from Celtic. That'd be a very smart acquisition, likewise Boubakary Soumaré.


Latvia have barely had a touch of the ball. Germany attack, either score or don't, Germany attack, either score or don't and so on.


Germany don't look minded to ease up.


I think Germany might shade this.


GOAL! Germany 4-0 Latvia (Ozols o.g.) Hummels drills a long diag out to Muller, who moves on to Havetz. He cuts into the box, sways by Oss on the outside - that's very nicely done, in very little space, but the dfender should do more - then drives across the box, the basll catching Ozols' heel and ricocheting into the far side-netting.


Gundogan drives towards the box and tees up Kroos, whose drive is blocked by Oss, but Germany maintain pressure, the ball dropping to Muller inside the box. He should shoot but instead tries to make sure, teeing up Gnabry, whose shot is blocked.


Ciganiks is late on Havertz, trying to give him a snide little boot as he falls for extra points. Gundogan takes exception to this and shoves the humungous Oss, who is delighted to join the set-to; both are booked.


Germany haven't scored for a few minutes.


Germany's record win, we're told, is 16-0 against Russia - in Sweden, at the 1912 Olympics.


Latvia are dreadful, but the speed of Germany passing and interplay has been very good.


GOAL! Germany 3-0 Latvia (Muller) This is far too easy, and almost cruel. Gosens again moves inside, this time finding Gnabry and continuing his run, so that when the return pass goes in behind, he's there to catch up with it before the line, clipping back for Muller to arrive and punch home.


Gosens is enjoying himself and he swings over a cross at which Muller karate kicks. He misses, but the ball progresses to Kimmich who has time and lots of it, but he drags his shot against the base of the far post.


Gundogan finds Muller, who moves out to Havertz - he's playing beautifully, as full of confidence as you'd expect - but this time, the keeper fields his cross easily enough.


We need to be clear that Latvia are miserable - in Europe, only Malta and San Marino are worse - but this is still pretty decent from Germany, who are playing with tempo and intensity.


GOAL! Germany 2-0 Latvia (Gundogan) Havertz turns up on the right this time and though Gundogan is blocked off after receiving his pass, a kindly bounce deposits it directly into his stride, and he wipes across the ball with his left foot and watches it scythe high into the far top corner.


GOAL! Germany 1-0 Latvia (Gosens) This is exactly the 3-4-3. Gosens nips inside and flicks to Haverz outside him; Havertz skins his man, hits the line, looks along the middle, and then with lovely disguise cuts back a return which Gosens drills high into the roof at the near post for his first Germany goal. He enjoys it every bit as much as you'd hope.


My SkyGo drops out, returning for me to see that Zjuzins has been booked for something or other.


This is more like it, Muller spreading to Havertz before beetling into the box; the eventuating cross is low, and Muller is there to meet it, sweeping wide of the near post.


Germany continue to knock it about, probing but without threatening.


It's games like this in which 3-4-3 should work well, because it gives Germany a good route around the sides of Latvia. But it needs a midfielder breaking into the box too, and at the moment Gundogan, becuase it'll need to be him, is too deep.


As you might expect, it's all Germany so far. Latvia are sitting deep and shuttling laterally, but that's about it.


Gundogan is looking very sharp, which is nice to see. After his winter purple patch he had a bit of a dip, and if Germany are to do well he'll need to do well.


The camera holds on Low, who has his arms folded. Clever piece of safeguarding that, but can he maintain the pose when the pressure is on?


I absolutely love Kimmich, but I'd absolutely love to see him in the middle of the pitch, where Germany lack a bit of energy and zip, lovely players though Gundogan and Kroos are.


Gundogan clips a smart first-time ball out to Kimmich, whose cross is cleared at the front stick.


So what do we think about Low's reinstatement of Hummels and Muller? On the one hand, it feels like a short-term call made by a lame-duck manager, but on the other, if they're the best available then to leave them out on principle would be egotistical weakness.


I should note that Manuel Neuer is winning his 100th cap tonight, a decent effort. I'm not convinced he's the great some think he is - I'd take Oliver Kahn over him every day - but he's still pretty good.


Gundogan slides a square pass to Havertz, just outside the box, and he drags a decent low shot just wide of the near post.


This is a great start from Germany, Muller coming from middle to right and fed in by Ginter's terrific long, low pass. He twists in line with its path, looking to sweep across Ozols, but the keeper stands big and blocks well.


It looks like a 3-3-4 for Germany, with Havertz off the right, Muller off the left and Gnabry through the midfield.


Away we go!


The camera is right up in the grid of the German players for the anthem.There are some absolutely honking voices, I'm ecstatic to report.


Out come the players...


Germany do, though, have pedigree.


That said, Jogi Low is up there with Didier Deschamps as one of the luckiest managers of all-time, whose team won a trophy in spite of him rather than because of him - and even in 2014, he only settled on the right team at the last moment. I doubt any big club will fancy him when he leaves the Germany job.


Ultimately, it's hard to see Germany winning the thing - there are too many teams who are better than them - but I'd not be at all surprised to see them beat one or two of them.


As I alluded to earlier, Germany are in this tournament's group of death - also involved are Hungary, Portugal and France. However, because there are five others, it means that four of the third-placed teams will go through, which is a lot of games to eliminate just eight teams, but means that four points will probably do it.


Otherwise, Germany look set to persist with three at the back, also known as the safety in numbers option. I'm not sure whether they'll use Muller or Havertz to make a five in midfield, or go with a three and have three rovers up front. I'm a little surprised they've not found room for Goretzka, who I'm certain is a better option that Kroos at this point, but it's hard to complain at the inclusion of so special a player.


So Germany haven't picked any players who aren't in their tournament squad. How quaint.


Let's have some teams...


They're a strange deal, are Germany. A potential midfield trio of Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka and Thomas Muller makes them good enough to dominate any match, while an attack of Serge Gnabry, Kai Havertz and Leroy Sane makes them good enough to punish any team. And yet no one really thinks of them as potential winners, a difficult group, unconvincing defence and departing manager meaning they'll begin the Euros in limbo. But, as we know, once things get going all sorts can happen and the "Turniermannschaft” – "tournament team” – can never be written off.


Evening all, and welcome to Germany v Latvia!