Henderson or De Gea?

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What's that? Another round of the 'glory days are returning to Old Trafford'? After a 3-0 win over Luton Town?

Look, we're not going to blame Manchester United fans for getting carried away. It's great to see Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford amongst the goals, and Dean Henderson keep a clean sheet. But having watched many, many replays of Henderson's save against Luton Town – a save that prompted adulation across social media – we can sadly conclude that the reaction is disproportionate to the event.

Sure, it came at an important juncture in the match, the 81st minute with a 1-0 lead, and was undeniably a smart save. But that's all it was. A save you would expect any top goalkeeper to make, it's not a surprise that Henderson is a top goalkeeper is it?

It's certainly not enough to replace David De Gea. The Spaniard was indisputably the greatest goalkeeper in the Premier League just two seasons ago and, with a little bit of confidence, could yet return to that level. We have no idea if Henderson can actually hit those heights or is just another Joe Hart given the sample size.

At least Ole is being sensible about it all:

That is probably the job our keepers sometimes have to do, you have to make saves when needed and David has done that for years and Dean did that today.

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RIP Football League

Quite why you can cram into a tiny pub and jostle for a bargain at a shopping centre, but not be allowed to sit alone in an outdoor football stadium is beyond us. But the situation is bleak.

"We have to acknowledge that the spread of the virus is now affecting our ability to reopen business conferences, exhibitions and large sporting events," said a sombre-looking Boris Johnson on Tuesday.

"So we will not be able to do this from October 1 and I recognise the implications for our sports clubs which are the life and soul of our communities, and my right honourable friends the Chancellor and the Culture Secretary are working urgently on what we can do now to support them."

No gate receipts until March. Clubs already reportedly on the brink. If ever there was a time for the staggering gap between the Premier League and everyone else to be addressed, it is now. Unless we want Sunday football to become the second-tier by 2021.

No Moyes > Moyes

West Ham fans will be disappointed that BoJo's gloomy update did not extend the self-isolation period to several months.

Having lost manager David Moyes (and defender Issa Diop and midfielder Josh Cullen) to positive coronavirus tests before kick-off in their League Cup clash with Hull City, they suddenly remembered they could attack and won 5-1.

Rather ominously, stand-in boss Alan Irvine's comments after the match don't exactly ease fears that more players and staff could be affected.

"We had contact in so far as we were in the same area as David - it's a very big room," he said. "We'd been at the stadium about two hours before the match started. We were shocked by the news, we've had so many tests and not had any positive.

"At 20 past six we suddenly got some information from our doctor and head physio to say there were three positive tests, the manager and the two players.

"Immediately at that point you're thinking we've got a game in an hour and ten minutes so we had to focus on that, and that's what we did. We had to pick a different team. I had a chat with the players, explained the situation and then we got on with the game.

"We've been very particular about protocol right from the start, medical team very aware of what's been happening and we've followed all the protocol and we'll be following protocol now."

If you're a Wolves player getting pumped up for the match on Sunday, maybe just dial it down a bit for now.


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