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Best tweets: Cristiano and Griezmann struggle as Barcelona fans rejoice

Best tweets: Cristiano and Griezmann struggle as Barcelona fans rejoice

18/11/2017 at 20:59Updated 18/11/2017 at 22:03

The best tweets from the Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid stalemate - neither set of fans is happy, but one club's is.

Real Madrid and Atletico have rarely seen eye-to-eye when the two of them meet. Indeed, they rarely see eye-to-eye at any time.

The biggest talking point of the first half came when Lucas Hernandez caught Sergio Ramos in the face with a high boot.

There was speculation that Ramos would be waiting for Hernandez to settle the matter later...

But given Ramos ended up with a broken nose, he was probably happy to sit out the rest of the evening rather than risk any further injury.

The rest of the night was a story of two important figures struggling to help their team, or perhaps struggling to be helped by their team.

First, Cristiano Ronaldo. Some came to praise him:

Some tweeted in expectation, or maybe hope, of a return to form:

But the statistics supported tonight's stalemate - he simply isn't scoring this season:

The other player to struggle was Antoine Griezmann, who had put his hopes into a new haircut, as had some of his fans.

However, on this showing, it appeared that he was not just looking for a new hairstyle, but a change of scenery.

Meaning that he again failed to perform for his side, after a summer where he turned down the chance to leave out of a sense of loyalty.

Though it appears that the fans have already lost patience with his efforts:

As disappointed as both Real and Atletico fans will be tonight following the draw, their is one set of fans who will go away delighted: