Barcelona are facing a huge wage reduction this season after La Liga released the salary cap limits for each team.
The majority of sides will have to reduce spending and their wage bills due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Barca have been hit the hardest.
Ronald Koeman’s side, who tried to offload a number of players last summer, have seen their salary cap reduced from €671m last season to €382.7m, a fall of €288.3m.
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Real Madrid have seen their limit drop from €641m to €468.5m while Atletico Madrid’s has gone to €252.7m from €384.5m.
In total, the wage limit for La Liga clubs now stands at €2.33bn, which is down €610m on last season.

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Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann are reportedly the highest-earning players at Barcelona with wages of around £500,000 per week (£26m per year) and £294,000 per week (£15.3m per year) respectively.
"This squad spending limit denotes the maximum amount that each club can spend...including spending on the first team in relation to players, the manager, assistant manager and fitness coach," La Liga said in a statement.
Each club was already aware of the new restrictions but the figures have been released for transparency reasons.
La Liga president Javier Tebas spoke at the weekend about the difficulties facing clubs in Spain.
"We still have excess spending of about 500 million euros, because the clubs cannot get rid of the players with contracts. Effort has been made to reduce the salary expenses,” he told Marca.
“If we had planned to allow 45 percent capacities (in stadiums) and it will not be possible, the clubs would be exceeding 500 million euros. Some have to continue working to reduce the wage bill again. The most affected in Spain are Valencia, Barcelona and Real Madrid.”
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