In a video released by Canal 13 TV in Argentina, Maradona – who appears to be intoxicated – berates his former partner for using her mobile phone, before seeming to strike her.
But Oliva is filming the incident on her mobile and can be heard imploring Maradona to "stop hitting" her.
We do not recommend that you watch the video, but with prior warning you can do so via the below link...
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[Video: Disturbing footage of the incident]
The video was released by Spanish newspaper El Mundo, and in a translation by the New York Daily News, the woman is heard to be crying ‘stop, stop, stop hitting me.’
Reports in South America say Maradona has been made aware of the circulation of the clip and has confirmed it is him, but denied the fact an assault took place.
The former Barcelona and Napoli star responded to the controversy by admitting he had taken the phone from Oliva but denying that he struck his ex:
"I grabbed the phone but I swear to God that I have never hit a woman. The incident was over immediately. I threw the phone but nothing else."
This is not the first case for Maradona, who has previously been accused of domestic violence during his relationship with 24-year-old Oliva, but no charges were ever brought.
Maradona has been in hot water for violent outbursts throughout his life, most recently in August when he was filmed slapping an Argentine journalist for breaching his personal space.
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