Manchester United and England striker Marcus Rashford says he has dealt with challenges "designed to break his spirit" in his new children's book.
The 23-year-old was instrumental in helping school children get free school meals during the last year and has now written a how-to book for children aged over ten titled 'You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be.'
In the book, serialised in the Mirror, he details his personal struggles with racism and abuse, and has given advice on how to overcome the complex issues.
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"As I’ve got older and entered the world of football, I’ve had to deal with even more complex topics, including racist abuse and other forms of hatred and intolerance," he said.
"One thing I’m learning is that sometimes you will never quite know all the answers on a certain topic. I’m not going to pretend that racism doesn’t affect me, or that I have the perfect answer for stopping it.
"I do know that, as a Black man, sometimes I will encounter things designed to try to break my spirit, things that try to make me feel as if I don’t belong because of the colour of my skin. That is wrong, and I will do whatever I can, for as long as I can, to stop it; not just for myself, but for other people like me too.
"You might encounter complex challenges like this in your life and not be sure of what to do. If that happens, I think it can be helpful to break these challenges up into smaller pieces and try to learn about them as you go.
"I started reading a lot more books that were about these harder topics so that I could learn and understand how they affected me and others. From that, I discovered some steps I could take to help and how to try to make sure the next generation don’t have it as hard.
Gradually I got more confident talking about these issues, and then I began to try to make changes.
"There are always going to be people out there who will try to stop you using your voice. They might think that your opinion doesn’t count because of your age, the colour of your skin, where you come from or how much money you have."
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