Overreaction Theatre: Poor Gerrard mocked for ‘letting it slip’

Overreaction Theatre: Poor Gerrard mocked for ‘letting it slip’

28/04/2014 at 08:41Updated

Picture from Twitter @demarkesports

Steven Gerrard would be wise to avoid Twitter for the next few days after his costly slip against Chelsea was endlessly mocked by the social media brigade.

The result was a storm of memes mocking the Liverpool captain.

"Have you taken a slip and fallen at work? Call the National Accident Helpline now on 0800 0-2 0-2 0-2. pic.twitter.com/sGToL4KBY7— The SPORT Bible (@TSBible) April 27, 2014"
"IT'S RANDY ORTON WITH THE RKO ON GERRARD! pic.twitter.com/ONJJ1grK74 — RybackRAGE (@RybackRAGE) April 27, 2014"
"Gerrard's disappointment today... pic.twitter.com/KHeiKqUwNC— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 27, 2014"
"8mile 2, Featuring Gerrard. pic.twitter.com/r01L1tE3KS — TweetChelseaFC (@TweetChelseaFC) April 27, 2014"
"The 'Steven Gerrard' slip. pic.twitter.com/D8FaBh5zoE— Arsenal (@Goonerz1886) April 27, 2014"
"Steven Gerrard's heat map from today's match. pic.twitter.com/3xputnVnKJ — The90thMin (@90thMin) April 27, 2014"
"Delivery for Steven Gerrard? #lfcpic.twitter.com/pXmjNOC2IL— MailOnline Sport (@MailSport) April 27, 2014"
"Olayın aslı. pic.twitter.com/acgVuUBUYx — De Marke (@demarkesports) April 27, 2014"

Even our own resident photoshop wizard could not resist getting in on the act.

"STEVIE'S SLIPPERS: Give a guest a generous gift today! (@BeardedGenius) https://t.co/HECB3BklAppic.twitter.com/liMsaObhOt— Eurosport.com EN (@EurosportCom_EN) April 28, 2014"

It all made an interview he gave with one national newspaper earlier this week seem all the more unfortunate.

"Ouch! pic.twitter.com/C9VjnxRCLW — 101 Great Goals (@102greatgoals) April 27, 2014"

It seems harsh that we live in a world where Gerrard is still without a Premier League medal when you consider some of the people who do have one in their collection.

"Steven Gerrard doesn't deserve to have as many PL medals as Bebe #MUFC#LFCpic.twitter.com/q2Vwr9KmuK— ManUtd Bulletin (@MUFCBulletin) April 27, 2014"

Certainly you won't hear any Liverpool fans give out about Gerrard such has been his amazing service to the club. Iago Aspas though has not built up such credit and his cameo certainly didn't go unnoticed...for the wrong reasons.

""@ched78: "@StandardChartered ; Well done to our competition winner - Iago Aspas , 26 , Spain. Hope you enjoy your day out at Anfield" — Matt Archer (@MattJArch) April 27, 2014"
"Iago Aspas. Are they filming Goal IV or something?— Football Clichés (@FootballCliches) April 27, 2014"
"Seems like a good time to revive 'Aspas: looks like a face drawn on a balloon' from the start of the season. Apologies, forget who said that — Nick Miller (@NickMiller79) April 27, 2014"

It was just a bad day for Liverpool all around.

""Hiya, d'ya do refunds?" pic.twitter.com/OwENHPBmmQ— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 27, 2014"


"Haven't seen Liverpool fans this angry since Evra racially abused himself and blamed it on Suarez — Kristopher Robben (@Phaetonv2) April 27, 2014"

But if Liverpool fans did want to irrationally blame somebody how about this guy?

"Cursed? Pranksters @paddypower bring David Moyes statue to Anfield, Liverpool promptly lose. http://t.co/VSP588E9DLpic.twitter.com/MUj3PHNwBI— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) April 28, 2014"
"Don't be bringing that Moyes statue near any #LFC game again @paddypower - the man is bad luck! — Robert Magee (@BertiusMaximus) April 27, 2014"
"Moyes' Curse! pic.twitter.com/RM5HY78yVo"— Miss_Kim_ManUnited (@diehardmufan) April 27, 2014"
"Liverpool have won only four of their last 10 Premier League games when David Moyes hasn't been manager of Man Utd. — Duncan Alexander (@oilysailor) April 27, 2014"

You have to give Jose Mourinho some credit though. He got his tactics spot on.

"Mourinho was right all along: the hoodie and bodywarmer combo proved to be perfect attire for that celebration. Masterful decision-making.— Dan Quarrell (@Dan_Eurosport) April 27, 2014"

Nobody compares to him really, well not quite nobody....

"Jose Mourinho takes a dig at Jamie Redknapp: "Ask Jamie for the analysis. He's got a great football brain." Ouch. — Squawka Football (@Squawka) April 27, 2014"


Back again soon.