8 amazing facts about the January transfer window

8 amazing facts about the January transfer window

02/02/2016 at 00:19Updated 02/02/2016 at 08:10

How much spending was there in January and what odd clubs were leading the way? The transfer window was unusual, to say the least.

The January transfer window has shut and, frankly, there wasn't a lot of action. It was shocking to see so few moves get completed, and especially those for big money.

The result was a lot of clubs aiming for titles, Europe or even just to avoid relegation have ended up with largely the same teams that got them to the place they are in now.

Top transfer window stats:

1. China out-spent the Premier League

Incredibly, the China Super League spent more money than the Premier League in January, with transfer fees nearing £150 million for the month.

Anthony Martial was the biggest signing of the winter window

Anthony Martial was the biggest signing of the winter windowReuters

2. Premier League spending topped £1 billion this season

There may not have been a ton of spending in January, but the Premier League still spent plenty this season. When you take into account all the money that Premier League clubs shelled out in the summer, their total spending made it to over £1 billion.

3. Imbula was Europe's biggest buy

Who would have guessed that Stoke would make the most expensive buy in all of Europe for January? Giannelli Imbula proved to be just that.

4. Imbula cost more than all La Liga transfers

5. Newcastle wiped out all of the Bundesliga

6. Watford spent big too

Stoke weren't the only club to spend big in January. Watford joined them.

7. All of the big spending clubs are unusual

Nobody would have though that Bournemouth and Stoke would be leading the way of big spenders, but this wasn't a typical January window. That Premier League TV money is having an effect.

8. Even low spending is big money

Just because January was slow doesn't mean it was cheap. Total spending worldwide this transfer window finished at more than £1 billion.