Paper Round: Antonio Conte may get £150m to spend at Chelsea

Paper Round: Conte may get £150m to spend at Chelsea

27/02/2016 at 04:15Updated 27/02/2016 at 04:21

Antonio Conte is near a deal with Chelsea and could become a big spender, while Everton are on the verge of being sold. That and more from the Monday papers.

Conte could get £150m to spend

Antonio Conte and Chelsea are near an agreement that would see the Italian become the Blues next manager and The Mail claim that Conte could get £150 million to spend in the transfer market. The two sides have been in talks over the last two days, with Conte asking for £6m-per-year on a three-year contract, which the Blues are fine with. They also discussed potential signings and the spending could reach £150m, but Chelsea also want Conte to emphasize youth development.

Paper Round's view - Chelsea's squad has a lot of problems. Of course, Jose Mourinho told them that last summer, but the club declined to make any significant signings. Now they know they have to spend big to remake the squad so if they agree with Conte on some of the players that could help the club, it's no surprise that they are expensive and that the club will pay up. If £150m is the total cost, so be it.

Everton to be sold in next few days

Bill Kenwright

Bill KenwrightPA Photos

Paper Round's view - Everton have needed Kenwright to sell for years. He doesn't have the funds to back the club and the Toffees have had to continually do more with less. Whether this new mystery group really is going to complete the deal or would make for good owners is unclear, but there would be reason for optimism. With new, richer owners, and the increased Premier League TV money, Everton may be able to hang on to their top talent and add new players.

West Ham near new deals for Kouyate, Lanzini

West Ham's Cheikhou Kouyate

West Ham's Cheikhou KouyateReuters

Paper Round's view - Both Kouyate and Lanzini are vital to the team and it's a no-brainer to do what's necessary to keep them at the club. West Ham are set to move into the Olympic Stadium and the club have made it abundantly clear that they expect to compete for European places. Clubs of that caliber and with that kind of money retain players like Kouyate and Lanzini so West Ham are simply acting as one would expect from a club with their ambition.

Everton interested in Marshall

David Marshall

David MarshallPA Sport

Paper Round's view - Everton should be thinking about a new goalkeeper. Howard has struggled this season and has been benched, while Joel Robles isn't good enough for them either. The Toffees need an upgrade in goal and Marshall would be that. If the price is indeed £10m, though, it might be wise to cast a wider net and see if they can find someone better to sign for that price.

Chelsea want Conte to keep Holland

Steve Holland

Steve HollandPA Sport

Paper Round's view - If Holland is supported by Chelsea and the club want to keep him as a coach, it's tough to imagine Conte saying no. He respects the club and if they think highly of Holland, he would probably be inclined to believe he's a good coach and can be an asset. Conte will get to bring in plenty of his own men and construct his own coaching staff so giving one spot to someone the club likes and who knows the club well should be welcome from the Italian.