Paper Round: Jose Mourinho thinks he has agreement with Manchester United

Paper Round: Mourinho thinks he has agreement with Man Utd

22/02/2016 at 00:24Updated 22/02/2016 at 08:23

Have Jose Mourinho and Manchester United agreed to a deal? The manager thinks so. That and more from the Monday papers.

Mourinho believes he has gentleman's agreement with United

Jose Mourinho thinks he will be the next manager of Manchester United. The Manchester Evening News claim that the Portuguese thinks he has "a gentleman's agreement" with United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to take over at the club. It's just a matter of when Mourinho takes over at this point. Mourinho's agent wants his client to become the Red Devils' manager immediately, but Woodward doesn't want to sack Van Gaal in the middle of the season and would prefer for Mourinho to take the post in the summer.

Paper Round's view: All signs point to Mourinho being United's next manager. It really does look like simply sorting out whether he takes the job this season or waits for the summer. If the two sides have already agreed to a deal and they're haggling over timing, that wouldn't be the least bit surprising. Of course, gentleman's agreements aren't finalised deals and things can always change, but it's pretty clear what the most likely scenario is.

Mourinho wants job as soon as season ends

Out-of-work manager Jose Mourinho believes he is a wanted man

Out-of-work manager Jose Mourinho believes he is a wanted manPA Sport

Paper Round's view: Mourinho obviously had an ugly ending at Chelsea, but he's still a top manager and will be in demand. He doesn't have to wait on Manchester United and, frankly, if they're not sure whether to fire Van Gaal by the end of the season with a clear plan on where to move then they are probably too inept for Mourinho. Inter Milan will probably see if Mourinho wants to return, while several other clubs will chase him so there's no reason for him to wait and wait for Woodward to make the call. Either the Red Devils want him or not.

Rooney won't consider China until 2018

Wayne Rooney

Wayne RooneyReuters

Paper Round's view: It would be tough to blame Rooney for taking the money from China, but that doesn't necessarily make it the right move for him. Only he could say what matters most to him, what his priorities are at this point in his life and whether he would be happy in China. If he wants to stay at Old Trafford and chase Bobby Charlton's record, more power to him. But it will be interesting to see if his opinion changes at all should he fall from United's first choice team.

Man United planning Aubameyang move

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, BVB

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, BVBAFP

Paper Round's view: Borussia Dortmund are a fine club and they don't need to sell their best players, but they have shown in the past that they are willing to do so when big offers come in. £60m is definitely a big offer and may compel BVB to part with their star striker. He's versatile enough that he can be signed regardless of manager and the Red Devils could use more help up front. Of course they could use more help in a lot of spots and they better be focused on rounding out their squad instead of finding a star or two.

Tottenham favourites for Depoitre



Paper Round's view: Tottenham do need more strikers if they make the Champions League for next season. They have little behind Harry Kane. Usually they opt for Nacer Chadli or Son Heung-min out-of-position, but while that may be good enough for the Europa League, it won't in better competitions. That means having someone besides Kane that they can turn to in the Champions League or someone they are comfortable with in the Premier League so Kane can feature on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Depoitre would fit the bill, as he is not spectacular, but proven to be dependable.