Paper Round: Arsene Wenger to STAY at Arsenal

Paper Round: Arsene Wenger to STAY at Arsenal

20/03/2017 at 06:00Updated 20/03/2017 at 07:35

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger now reportedly looks likely to sign an extension with the club. It's Monday's Papers.

Arsene Wenger to stay

The big lead from most of the nationals is that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is edging closer to staying with the club, for at least one more year. Following the 3-1 defeat at West Brom on Saturday most fans believed that Wenger may walk away, regardless of whether or not they personally felt it was the right decision. However these reports say he believes he can turn things around. They also add that doubts will still remain over the futures of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Paper Round's view: This could be a massive move. Most observers seemed to think that Wenger's time with Arsenal would be up at the end of the season but there's no telling how the fanbase will react if Wenger does indeed sign an extension. You have to admire his fight.

Antonio Conte to sign a new deal

The Standard report that Antonio Conte is another manager who will sign a new deal, as Chelsea look to reward their coach for a stellar first season in England. The report says that he will sign an extension and he is targeting at least four key signings in the summer.

Paper Round's view: Conte being offered an extension isn't exactly a surprise but it's encouraging for Chelsea fans to see his future secured. What will interest them more is that big signings are planned. This is very important after they rested on their laurels following the title victory in 2014-15.

Sam Allardyce urges Palace to keep Wilfried Zaha

Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce has urged his club to keep hold of Wilfried Zaha in the summer despite interest from Tottenham Hotspur. Allardyce called Zaha a genius and compared him to Chelsea's Eden Hazard in the way he gets fouled continuously.

Paper Round's view: Zaha is absolutely crucial for Palace right now and were it not for him they would be far closer to relegation than they are at the moment. Unfortunately Palace are probably going to have to open their cheque book in order to make sure they keep him, such is the way of modern football.

Marc Albrighton wary of Kasper Schmeichel leaving

Marc Albrighton has said that he is wary of team-mate Kasper Schmeichel being signed by one of the bigger clubs in Europe following the Dane's exceptional performances this season.

Paper Round's view: In amongst all the gloom at Leicester this season Schmeichel has been the one shining light really. His performances have kept Leicester in multiple games this season and a summer move would be no surprise.