Football news - Chelsea's Eden Hazard: I want to work with Jose Mourinho again

Hazard: I want to work with Mourinho again

13/10/2018 at 11:52Updated 13/10/2018 at 13:25

Eden Hazard has spoken of his final season working under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, and admitted that despite it being the worst of his career, he would love to work with the Manchester United manager again.

In an interview with Belgian newspaper HLN while on international break, Hazard also accepted some responsibility for difficulties at Chelsea during the 2015-16 season. He said

"In 12 years I've only had one bad season, the last six months under Mourinho and it was partly my own fault. After the title, we asked Mourinho for extra holidays. I came back totally out of shape," he said.

"The last season under Mourinho was not enjoyable. We didn't win, we got into a sort of routine, training without having fun, it was better for all parties that we parted ways. But if I'm asked now about one coach with whom I want to work again, I would say Mourinho."

Hazard revealed that he had felt guilty after Mourinho parted with the club in December 2015.

"I sent him [Mourinho] a message to say I was sorry he had gone and that I was sorry. We'd enjoyed all that success together, but this time we hadn't," he said.

"I felt a little bit guilty because I'd been Player of the Year. I'd been one of the most decisive players, and then I performed less."

The futures of both Hazard and Mourinho have been the subject of much speculation recently with the Belgium international frequently linked to Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, Mourinho has received heavy criticism for a disappointing start to the season with United, and lacklustre games by fans who would prefer to see a more attacking style. However, Hazard defended his former boss.

"Mourinho's image of an extremely defensive coach isn't completely right. He is far from adventurous like Guardiola, but the season in which we became champions, we made many goals and played good games," he added.

Hazard will meet with Mourinho again after the international break when Chelsea take on Manchester United in the Premier League on October 20.