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The Mike Dean Appreciation Blog (formerly known as The Warm-Up)

The Mike Dean Appreciation Blog (formerly known as The Warm-Up)

10/02/2019 at 23:30Updated 11/02/2019 at 08:41

Plus, Mike Dean is a top boy, who loves bantz and some other stuff about football.


Don’t be hating on big Mike Dean

Mike Dean is a luminary and giant of the refereeing game. Just look at his Wikipedia page (that the Warm-up may have had a minor hand in).

Mike Dean

What. A. Human.

Now, on Sunday, Chelsea and Manchester City did the disservice of attempting to play a game of football while Michael was refereeing. Punks. It was, according to the dopes who focused on the football rather than the main attraction that is Micky D, quite a game. Defending Premier League champions Manchester City put it on Chelsea Football Club to the tune of a six-goal absolute shoeing.

Anyway, for those who missed it, here are the highlights:

  • 54 mins: Referee Mike Dean lifts the whistle to his mouth to blow in combination with a artistic joust of his hand to award a penalty for the home side after an away side player brought down a home side player inside the box.
  • Post-match: A player from the home side who scored three goals sought out the match ball, only for MD to hide it behind his back.

Mike Dean was on one yesterday, and fair play to him. In all seriousness, it is decent for a referee to show some personality and not be cowed by a bunch of millionaires roaring in his face every time he makes a decision. He appears to have the respect of the players and is one of England's genuinely decent, international referees.

The fact he referees with, well, a flourish is absolutely his prerogative, and you'll never hear The Warm-U...Mike Dean Appreciation Blog criticise him for it.

Back Sarriball or just wind up the whole operation Abramovich

Maurizio Sarri is having some issues implementing Sarri-Ball at Chelsea. According to the man himself, the issue is not Sarriball itself, but an apparent unwillingness of the players to adopt it.

The thing is, Chelsea need evolution to succeed with Sarriball but often Roman Abramovich is after revolution. The style of football must be to his liking but success must be instantaneous. This is impossible. Antonio Conte and Sarri are at polar opposites of the footballing philosophical scale. Therefore, if Abramovich wants to overhaul his side's style he is going to have to forego some success.

This time, Abramovich needs to wait it out. Sacking Sarri will do Chelsea no favours - the precedent has already been set that if the players down tools then the manager gets the boot. That has proven a formula for short-term success but long term the job becomes untenable. Where do Chelsea go if they sack Sarri? Which high profile boss would take that job? What is the point? There is no project there. It is a game of stave off the sack for as long as possible.

Pep Guardiola out here improving world class players...

...yet people call him a fraud. Madness.

It is hard to argue with the fact Sergio Aguero has become a vastly better player under Guardiola - however, what is of most interest is Aguero's age. His current hairdo might tell a different story but the Argentine is 30, and the fact Pep has managed to remodel the game of a world-class player speaks not only to his tactical acumen but also to his powers of motivation.

And yet. Yet. He is still derided as a cheque book manager. Do Warm-Up a favour.



Ever heard of a fella called Mike Dean? He is a hero.


The fun police are out...


With the hype surrounding England's young attacking players, Aaron Wan-Bissaka has gone under the radar. Nope, not anymore, he is the real deal.

So here is a cracking profile on the 21-year-old.


Please, dear reader, suspend reality and Imagine - just imagine - if Michael Dean esq had to officiate a dive of this proportion.


Taking you through the barren lands of a Tuesday with no Mike Dean content is Nick Miller. Godspeed Nick, godspeed.