View from Germany: What is Hasenhüttl's style? Will he keep Southampton up? What does his name mean?

View from Germany: What is Hasenhüttl's style? Will he keep Southampton up? What does his name mean?
By Eurosport

05/12/2018 at 15:37

Sebastian Liggentorfer from Eurosport Germany gives us the lowdown on the new Southampton manager, including his style of play and what his name really means...

Where have I heard of Hasenhüttl?

Ralph Hasenhüttl had a great season with Leipzig in his first year. It was the first time for the club in the Bundesliga and nobody expected them to be that good. It was a really young team and he led them to a second-place finish. He played an offensive style of football, mostly 4-4-2.

Why did he leave Leipzig?

After his second season he stepped down after he didn't receive a new contract. His old deal would have only lasted another year. There were also rumours of internal problems between him and Ralf Rangnick and apparently he was talking to Bayern Munich about potentially taking over. It was the job Niko Kovac ultimately got.

Niko Kovac (FC Bayern München)

Niko Kovac (FC Bayern München)Getty Images

He knows how to get the best out of his players which he showed in his first season in the Bundesliga with Ingolstadt. He had an average squad at best compared to most of the other teams but managed to keep them in the league and even finished 11th.

Can he keep Southampton in the Premier League?

It depends how fast he can adapt to the style of play of the Premier League. They do have the players for it and should be more enjoyable to watch with him rather than Mark Hughes - they will definitely score more goals. Defensively he had his struggles in his second season with RB, however, which could be a concern.

Mark Hughes

Mark HughesGetty Images

What does his name mean?

Jurgen Klopp told the press about the meaning of his name.

But he didn’t tell you everything. Hase means rabbit, that’s true. But “Hüttl” is some kind of Bavarian/Austrian word for cabin. The kind of cabin you have in the mountains. So his name basically means “rabbitcabin”.

Sebastian Liggentorfer