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Parker: 'Sacking Solskjaer would change nothing at broken United'

Parker: 'Sacking Solskjaer would change nothing at broken United'

07/10/2019 at 12:27Updated 07/10/2019 at 14:43

Manchester United have only won three times this season but Paul Parker is adamant that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is far from the man to blame.

Toothless United couldn't knock down a paper mache defence

What went wrong against Newcastle? Everything. From the moment that game kicked off, it was like the drab draw with Alkmaar all over again. It was a team that lacked any creativity or any ideas about how to produce an opportunity.

If you'd asked them to knock down a paper mache house, they couldn't have done it because they wouldn't have known how to penetrate it. That's how poor it was. It was like watching Rochdale vs Manchester United, except Rochdale were playing in red.

They should have gone to St James' Park and attacked because if they had scored an early goal, everything would have twisted around on them and we'd have been talking about their difficulties. But they allowed Newcastle to get some kind of imprint on the game.

Manchester United had nothing to offer in the midfield - again - and the forward line was non-existent in the first 45 minutes. Marcus Rashford came out and played well in the second half but he wasn't there in the first half.

Sack Solskjaer or keep him - he's not the problem

I'm not saying that you can't get rid of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, or that you should. You can change him, then someone will come in and people who don't really understand the game will expect things to change for the better. But it will be the same tools in the box.

The best-case scenario is that the players' mindset will change a little bit and the new man has a hell of a start. He might get an extra mile out of them in the game because they want to do something for someone else - but then we'll soon be back to square one. We've already seen it happen with Solskjaer.

I said the club should sack Jose Mourinho because he annihilated a lot of the players in the hope that it would motivate some of them to avoid being next. That affected the whole club, from the playing staff to the back offices. That was why he had to go. He was destroying a club that is on the verge of being destroying from above as well. That had to change.

By contrast, Ole came in and has tried his best to bringing everyone back together, which he has done and some of the feel-good factor had come back to the club. But it will make no difference at all what they do with Ole because Manchester United is like a house without a roof. The people in charge are not looking after the roof properly, and now it's getting a bit windy so the house is starting to wobble. And when the house wobbles, it affects the very foundations.

The players refuse to play as a team

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The squad that has been destroyed by Mourinho have taken another hit because the new manager still doesn't think they're up to it. So they take it personally because today's footballers take things personally rather than going out and wanting to prove someone wrong.

They would rather sit back and wait until they get their next move - because people will gamble on them since the money allows them to. Before, a manager would have said 'yes I'll take you but you're going to have to take a wage drop because you haven't really cut it there'. It would give players an incentive to work hard and earn that contract again, which a lot of them don't want to do any more.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist or even a football fan to work out something is going wrong at Manchester United. Everyone has got a say on what is happening to that football club.

Parker reckons Solskjaer is struggling to get United working as a team

Parker reckons Solskjaer is struggling to get United working as a teamGetty Images

Right now, United haven't got team players. Life today is about how many followers we've got on Instagram or Twitter so everyone is out there with their own agenda, not understanding that football is a team game.

Most of them would be better off playing golf or tennis where they can do it on their own because some of them are not suited to playing a team game.

Fred is a shadow of a player

Poor old Fred. I feel sorry for him. He hasn't suddenly become that bad overnight. I don't know how good he could have been but you see him now and it's easy to say 'he must be lacking confidence'.

The man must be hurting so much inside because of people out there who are constantly destroying him. Football fans should understand that what goes around comes around.

I'm sure all those supporters have gone in and had a bad month at work, and people have talked about them and questioned their performances at work behind their back. If they were to let that out publicly, it would affect them too.