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Arsenal - Brighton & Hove Albion
Premier League - 5 December 2019

Premier League – Follow the Football match between Arsenal and Brighton & Hove Albion live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:15 on 5 December 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Mikel Arteta or Graham Potter? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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So thanks all for your company - night!


Brighton win at Arsenal for the first time in their history! They played really well tonight, and Arsenal did not. They move 13th, Arsenal stay 10th.


Full-time: Arsenal 1-2 Brighton


Nice from Brighton, countering when Xhaka is caught in possession, and Trossard carries the ball across the face of the box before leathering only just over the bar.


It has not been a siege.


Peope stream for the exits.


It comes to nothing, and there'll be four added minutes.


Pepe swipes past the wall but past the post; it must've brushed someone because that's a corner.


Brighton clear the corner but Trossard then barges Pepe over as the wait for the ball to drop. Free-kick Arsenal, left of centre, 25 yards out. Pepe looks like he'll have it, but Luiz is there too. Meanwhile, Aubameyang, who must've been off the pitch for something, returns.


Duffy replaces Alzate to defend the corner and anything else that might flow from it.


Nice from Tierney, coming inside and sweeping a cross onto Martinellis' head; the redirection is cute, but not quite powerful enough, Ryan scurrying across to scoop around the far post.


Arsenal need two goals in four minutes to avoid their ninth game without a win, their worst run since the late 70s.




Brighton did really well to ride out Arsenal's pressure, such that is was, and never lost sight of the need to attack. Graham Potter has planned really well for this game.


GOAL! Arsenal 1-2 Brighton (Maupay) Lovely goal! What an impact! Trossard finds Mooy down the left, who could cross but takes him time, eventually clipping a ball that's sort of behind Maupay. But he adjusts brilliantly to flick-guide a header which sails into the far corner! He's played really well tonight, darting and prompting, and that goal has been well earned.


Brighton bring Trossard on for Gross.


Arsenal really struggle to maintain pressure - basically because they don't have enough good players, or a system that suits enough of them with which they're all comfortable.


Ouch! Webster goes over the back of Martinelli. Hello, new friend!


Martinelli replaces Lacazette.


Propper sticks Alzate down the right in a great position and he does really well to check back inside before, in a good position to cross, he checks again and trips over the ball.


Connolly is replaced by Montoya.


The second half has been better than the first.


Duncan Ferguson is in temporary charge of Everton. I'd think about playing well if he was my gaffer.


Tierney replaces Kolasinac.


Kolasinac barrels forward and away from Alzate, who goes in on his ankle, hard. Somehow, there's no card.


On the touchline, Ljungberg instructs Tierney.


Sokratis humps one down the line which Lacazette chases, turning it into something and crossing for Ozil, who snaps a good shot wide of the post.


Luiz yanks Connolly back and is booked.


Arsenal are coming again. Dunk, looking to bring it forward, runs into three men and is mugged, Pepe scything forward and sliding a ball into the path of Aubameyang. He collects well enough but his touch sends him wide and the shot does likewise.


GOAL DISALLOWED! Arsenal 1-1 Brighton. That wasn't close, and that's what VAR, if we must have it, is for.


This is going to VAR and it's going to be disallowed! Luiz went to early and was offside!


GOAL! Arsenal 2-1 Brighton (Luiz) Ozil culrs a lovely ball in and Luiz, in beyond the line, sweep home high into the net.


...Arsenal try to take it too quickly...


Free-kick Arsenal, right-hand side, 25 yards out...


Luiz swings a long diag out to Pepe, who's caught by Burn. That looked a sore yin, on the heel, but also an accidental one.


Brighton are back in the game! Maupay spreads to Alzate who stands up a cross, and Mooy attacks it the ball dropping to Maupay who tries to swivel into a shot, but Leno blocks. Leno has been excellent these last few weeks.


Brighton win a corner which Gross takes short to Mooy. His ball in gets nowhere, so Ozil breaks and Gross handles as he goes by; booking.


Arsenal have quietened a little the last couple of minutes.


Torreira is down but he'll be fine.


Arsenal are going to score again! Lacazette finds Kolasinac, who chwhips a ball across the face that Aubameyang's slide can't quite reach.


Stephens dawdles on the ball inside his own box and Bellerin slides in to rob, then drives a hard cross past Aubameyang. They're having at Brighton down that right flank.


Not this game but a good stat nonetheless.


The corner is aimed at Dunk but Webster gets to it first, bumping a header into Leno's hands.


Maupay puts Connolly into space at inside-right and he has Mooy in support, but decides to run at Sokratis and curl a shot which deflects behind for a corner. He needs to lift his head up.


Pepe has definitely improved things for Arsenal, who need to use the momentum and keep at it.


GOAL! Arsenal 1-1 Brighton (Lacazette) Good corner from Ozil, swept to the near post where Lacazette flicks, and at the back post Kolasinac tries to force it home but he misses the ball, takes the keeper, and it goes in anyway. Looking again, it looks like Kolasinac was offside when the header came, and if he wasn't there, Ryan could have saved easily, but VAR remains silent.


Arsenal are coming and win a corner down the right...


Pepe runs at Burn an already looks like he has his number - not surprising, given he's a 6"7 centre-back playing on the left. He finds Ozil just inside the box, but Webster times his tackle well.


I actually thought Lacazette getting injured when he did was helpful for Arsenal because it meant Aubemeyang could play through the middle. Anyway, Pepe wins a corner which Maupay eventually gets away, tackling Toerreira hard on the edge of the box.


Pepe, who apparently performed the least arsed warm-up imaginable, is on for Willock. I'd not have hooked him, I don't think - I'd have gone Xhaka - but Ozil is now in behind Lacazette, with Aubameyang on the left.


Off we go again!


It looks like Nicolas Pepe is coming on...


Boos. Brighton have played well and could be further ahead; Arsenal are a bag of cold sick.


Half-time: Arsenal 0-1 Brighton


There'll be one added minute.


Sokratis shoves Connolly by the corner flag and is booked.


A loose ball from Alzate allows Willock to mug Stephens, who moves through midfield and is too late with his ball for Aubameyang, inside Burn. Aubameyang disburses a large slice of mind to his young mate.


Jonjo Shelvey has put Newcastle 1-0 up at Bramall Lane, with more than 70 minutes gone. What a job Steve Bruce is doing there.


Mooy picks up possession in midfield and darts a ball into Connolly who's on the edge of the box, two men drawn to him. He should feed in Maupay but waits, and when he eventually unloads the pass is behind his man, who offers some words of condolence in what looks suspiciously like Anglo-Saxon.


WHAT A MISS! Terriera pings one out to Aubameyang, who dances a yard from Burn and stands up a lush cross for Willock! He's up nicely too, heads down well enough ... but straight at Ryan, who saves with his fee!


Brighton go looking for more, Mooy rampaging at inside-left and switching to Propper, whose through ball can't quite find Connolly.


Obviously the onus is on Ljungberg and the players to do something, but the whole ground rocking might just give the players a lift. Bloody hell, they need one.


GOAL! Arsenal 0-1 Brighton (Webster) AND THAT WAS COMING! Gross' corner finds the gigantic Burn at the far post who heads back across to where Connolly lurks. He chests down well then misses his swing at goal, but Webster is there to power-poke past Leno. Arsenal are absolutely useless!


Brighton know that Arsenal are there for the taking here. They've got no energy or intensity really, just hoping for quality to take over at some point. And Mooy wins another corner for the away side...


And just as i was typing the below, Brighton break again and Leno has to dive in order to hold a thumper from Propper


Maupay has looked lovely and he takes a quick pass from Stephens then explodes into a low shot that leno has to dive to parry.


Brighton win a free-kick 40 yards out and the centre-backs trot forward, then Gross goes square and the ball never goes in. They sure fooled everyone there.


I think we can pretty much say that Ljungberg hasn't had the instant effect that new managers sometimes do. The problems are the problems.


The first goal is important, reckons Clive. More news as I get it.


Something from Arsenal, Torreira beating Propper outside the box and punching into Willock, inside the box, who lays off for Lacazette who finds Aubameyang, on the right of the box. He cleverly feeds a side-footer towards the far post, but the shot goes just wide.


Arsenal are miserable.


...and Arsenal don't get the corner away, Mooy whipping one in that Kolasinac heads to Maupay on the by-line. He drives low and hard across the face of goal, and Conolly, sliding in, misses it by a breath.


Mooy slides inside to Maupay, who goes back outside to set Connolly away. He's got plenty going on inside, but opts to bundle through a couple of challenges, earning a corner...


Brighton win as corner down the right which Gross swings out towards Burn, who heads down firmlyish; Leno collects easily.


Torreira is down behind the wall to stop Gross going underneath it, but he just smacks into midriffs.


Stephens wedges a ball over the Arsenal defence for Connolly - that's very nicely done - so Bellerin tugs him down on the edge of the box. He's booked and Brighton have a free-kick just on the left edge of the D.


Ozil and Torreira exchange passes down the right, but Mooy is there to relieve the latter of possession.


This is the opposite of good.


Brighton are starting to fancy this, Propper prompting outside the box with a deft outside-of-the-boot pass, but Kolasinac is there to pick it up.


This is pretty slow now. Arsenal have had their little flurry, and Brighton are going into it, Mooy and Stephens combining in midfield before a pass into Connolly is intercepted by Sokratis.


Brighton have been pushed back for the last five minutes, but it's not clicked for Arsenal yet.


Nice from Arsenal, who are warming up. Xhaka drills into Ozil, who flicks for Lacazette who finds Aubameyang. He's offside, but that was better from the home side.


Ah, Gross tugged Lacazette's arm when that second corner came in, though the foul wasn't as egregious as the first one/


Ozil curls in towards Lacazette and Gross shoves him hard in the back. That's blatant enough to be a penalty in mine, but the ball flicks off someone else and ends up behind for another corner, which also comes to nothing. I don't see the point of the laws and of VAR if they're not doing something in this situation.


Ozil hoists a cross towards Aubaeyang beyond the back post, which Burn heads behind.


Oh, and the corner comes to nothing; you guessed that.


Burn finds Mooy down the left, who drives a cross into Sokratis' legs and behind. It's weird how quiet the ground is - if I was an Arsenal fan I'd have been absolutely buzzing to sing Freddie Ljungberg's red and white army.


Bellerin finds Aubameyang down the right and charges onto his return then clips back to Ozil, who tries a Cruyff turn into space, but Propper challenges. The ball squirts behind, and the resultant corner comes to nothing.


In the bit of ground we can see, lower tier opposite the camera, there are a lot of empty seats. I'd guess that that, as much as results was what did for Unai Emery.


Kolasinac has a parting almost etched into his scalp. I guess if I was his hair, I'd also do what he told me to do.


Nice from Lacazette, sliding a diagonal ball into the box from the left, seeking Aubameyang, and he looks set to gather in stride before Dunk intercepts.


Leno runs out to claim a long ball, navigating the customary misunderstanding with David Luiz.


Off we go!


And here the come!


The players are tunnelled.


Clive Tyldesley about when he managed Newcastle as caretaker, cannily omitting his takinf thwm down.


Eni Aluko thinks Arsenal are favourites to win tonight. More news as I get it.


They're playing this in the ground. Of course they are.


Want me to blow your mind? Here goes: if you take the first four letters of Stephen Hendry's first name and the first three letters of his surname then put them together, you're still left with Stephen Hendry.


"Ozil coming in and making them passes..." Pardew showing why they pay him the big bucks.


Ordinarily, Potter's Brighton are the kind of team you'd expect Arsenal to devour at home - they'll leave spaces trying to play their way in. But if they can start with tempo and intensity tonight, they can worry a team that haven't own in eight games.


Dale Stephens looks like he got kicked off X Factor the round before judges' houses.


Graham Potter seems a very pleasant chap, very measured. I bet his players love him, though I wonder if he'll be able to inspire them on the reg.


All the telly lot are wearing Amazon-Premier League pin badges, and what a phenomenal new tweak they are. Just when you think football has done all it can to amaze you.


Lee Dixon says that Ozil could play in any team in world football, but I'm not sure that's true. He needs a really good team - like Paul Pogba, he can do brilliant things in that situation, but can't elevate an ordinary team.


Oh good, Alan Pardew is on.


Elsewhere, Alain Saint-Maximin has scored his first goal for Newcastle, who lead Sheffield United 1-0 at Bramall Lane.




Ljungberg says a draw at Norwich was good for Arsenal. I'm not sure about that, old mate.


Ljungerb tells Amazon about his excitement. He says Emery was a great coach and it was an honour to learn from him. He's trying to simplify small things and the young players speak highly of him - on which point I'm glad Reiss Nelson is on the bench tonight. You never know what goes on behind closed doors, but I'm surprised Emery couldn't find more use for him.


Great stuff.


He is so handsome.


Brighton make two changes from their 2-1 defeat at Liverpool. Alzate replaces Montoya at right-back and Maupay replaces Bissouma in attack.


Also worthy of note: Ozil and Willock remain in midfield. I like Willock and Arsenal badly need a player like him - the question is whether he's good enough - and I'm not shocked Guendouzi is out. He's one of those players who looks like he should be good, but he isn't yet but plays like he is. I'm surprised Tierney's been left out because he's a different league to Kolasinac and didn't play at Norwich. I assume the formation is a 4-4-2 diamond, as the official Twitter, which is on nickname terms with the players, said "Laca partners Auba".


Freddie Ljungberg makes three changes from what a pretty weird and surprising XI that played at Norwich. Bellerin replaces Chambers at right-back, which is a definite boon; Sokratis is in for the injured Mustafi; and Torreira has Guendouzi's spot.




Brighton, meanwhile, are more watchable than they were but still where they were, just above the relegation zone. They'll fancy that a good start tonight could set them up for something because Arsenal are low on confidence. But if Arsenal score early, they could be in for a kicking.


...yes, Arsenal are terrible but should be better than they are. Unai Emery could not have got less out of his squad, so in theory they should be better now, and a new manager, never mind a playing hero, is always interesting.


Where were we...


And I'm looking forward to this one. Arsenal are terrible, obviously, EXCUSE ME WHILE I INTERRUPT MYSELF! MARCO SILVA HAS BEEN SACKED BY EVERTON!


It's weird how great Amazon's been these last two days. It's almost as though midweek, floodlit, Barclays football is great in and of itself – so great it should all be available to everyone, all if the time, for a fee that doesn't deprive anyone of its greatness.


Evening all, and welcome to a warehouse in Luton for Arsenal v Brighton & Hove Albion!