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Wolverhampton Wanderers - Manchester United

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Thanks all for your company - ta-ra.


That's an excellent point for Wolves, who've managed a point despite playing well for only 10 minutes, and who survived a missed penalty - though it was a really good save from Rui Patricio. Both sides look well set for good seasons.


Full-time: Wolves 1-1 Man United


United are doing everything they can to force a winner, Lindelof striding forward before Pogba crosses and Shaw drives straight at the keeper - though the ref had already halted play for an imaginary offence elsewhere.


United catch Neves in possession but Mata can't find Rashford.


United progress, into a decent position only for Mata to curl an aimless cross at Rui Patricio.


I'm not sure Pogba has hit one long pass all night, which tells you a lot about how Wolves play.


Final change for Wolves, Cutrone replacing Jimenez.


There'll be four added minutes.


We see that it wasn't in fact offside. Why not let that run and ask VAR if there's a goal?


Maguire slides Martial in behind, but he's offside.


My guess is that Pereira is on to take any set-pieces.


Final roll for United, Pereira and Greenwood replacing Rashford and James.


Neves likes a foul, barging James over as he counters.


Maguire sells De Gea short, but he gets out to clear nonetheless.


Off goes Jota, on comes Neto.


And here come Wolves on the counter, Jimenzez marching through James - that looked a foul - and Jota standing up a cross to the back post where Dendoncker shoots over.


Lovely from James, turning around the corner and going before finding Wan-Bissaka - he wins a corner, which is cleared at the near post.


Moutinho looks to play a pass into space so Wan-Bissaka leans after it; he gets shoulder to it and is booked for his trouble,


Good from Traore again, getting outside Shaw and picking out Jonny with his cross! But all he can do is plop a header straight at De Gea!


Mata replaces Lingard.


Traore pounces on a loose ball and buffets McTominay out of the road, then swivels into a decent low cross that someone clumps into touch.


United get Mata ready.

78' goes short, then Shaw gives it away.


Pressure from United, Rashford and Martial both ferreting for space before James wins a corner...


It's got a bit scrappy as the sides gather for a final push. I wonder if United will get Greenwood on.


Rashford's cross misses everyone floating to Wan-Bissaka on the far side, who slashes miles from everywhere.


United come again, Shaw playing a one-two with Martial to win a corner off Traore.


United are playing fairly well again, James winning a corner down the right. Shaw curls it in, but doesn't apply enough power which makes it loopy not flat, so that Pogba can't redirect it towards goal.


WHAT A SAVE! Pogba hits it hard to Patricio's right, and he goes that way! It's not in the corner but it's rising ... and he prangs up and away! Why didn't Rashford take it?!


PENALTY UNITED! Pogba glides in off the left, playing a lovely one-two off Martial, who flicks him back in! He takes a lovely touch to control, falls over the leg Coady offers him, and that's a penalty!


Rashford runs away from Bennett, who fouls him and is booked.


McTominay is caught in possession again, and this time Jota clips back for Jonny, who takes his time ... long enough for Lingard to rush in and challenge. That was a god and important tackle.


McTominay is caught in possession by Neves and Lindelof dives into a challenge that doesn't quite work and alos leaves a gap in behind, but Maguire eventually tidies up.


United are inching their way back here, enjoying a bit of possession inside the Wolves half.


United win a free-kick 30 yards out, left of centre; Rashford drags it wide of the near post.


First bit of United in a bit, Wan-Bissaka finding James, whose cross is low and hard ... and good. But someone, Boly I think, gets a flick which takes the ball away from Martial.


This is a good test for United now, who need to adjust on the fly. They couldn't turn the tide the last two occasions they came to Molineux.


Traore has changed this game - his ability to carry the ball is getting Wolves higher up the pitch and is giving United something to think about.


Was Jimenez a millimetre offside when he got the ball from the corner before laying it back? maybe his arm ... but the goal stands!


Oh for crying out loud. They're VARing the goal...


WHAT A GOAL! Wolves 1-1 Man United (Neves) Wolves do brilliantly to maintain pressure and win a corner; it goes short to Jimenez, who finds Neves on the edge of the box. The ball's kind of in his feet, but it doesn't matter because he digs out a luscious power-curler, that cracks the bar and bounces down over the line! Brilliant!


AND JIMENZEZ HEADS MOUTINHO'S FREE-KICK AGAINST THE POST! He gets up first as the ball comes in, De Gea watches it fly across him, then shoves it away when it comes back!


Excellent challenge from McTominay on Traore as he runs at Shaw, but the ball break kindly for the winger and he muscles onto it, only to be fouled by Maguire. Free-kick Wolves, outside the box, near the right corner of it...


Wan-Bissaka is so, so good, and he comes infield then hammers a low pass into Lingard, inside the box; Boly does very well to nick it first, sending the ball behind. The ref, though, fails to appreciate his work, signalling a goalkick.


James storms around Neves, who slides in to foul. He's booked.


... and dearie me! James finds Wan-Bissaka, whose cross finds Lingard 15 yards out! But the ball bounces in front of him so he snatches at it, sending his shot ballooning away.


This is much better from Wolves - they're pressing United. But they'll know that leaves them vulnerable...


The corner goes short then back to Moutinho, the taker; Pogba heads his cross clear.


Traore has his first jaunt at Shaw and Rashford funnels back to help; Traore goes on the outside and cross goes away. But Wolves keep up the pressure and find Jota inside the box; he wins a corner, but we have break because James slipped, standing on Jota in the process.


Like it's like for like. That's why they pay me the big bucjks.


Wolves have taken off Doherty, who apparently injured himself in the warm-up, and replaced him with Traore. It looks like it's like for like, rather than a change of formation.


We go again...


Tackles won this half

Aaron Wan-Bissaka 6

Aaaron Wan-Bissaka's team-mates 6


That was very impressive from United, who dominated possession and probed until something clicked and they cut Wolves apart to score a lovely goal. Wolves need to find a plan B; do they have one?


Half-time: Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1 Man United


And United could make it two! Martial miscontrols a hoof from De Gea but then Bennett bungles his pass and Martial is onto it! He nips past Boly too, but then as tries to turn in towards goal, he treads on the ball.


There'll be one added minute.


More United pressure and McTominay pops off as Neves charges in to administer a matter of principle foul.


This is the best United have played in a long time.


Nice from Martial, who runs at the Wolves defence and beats two men, one of whom kicks him ... but the ref plays advantage. He finds James, who can't find an accurate cross, standing up a nothing ball into the middle.


Rashford with it, picking out Maguire at the back post, but his header back is smuggled away.


Again Rashford drops deep to pick up the ball, sliding a ball into space for Shaw, who barges onto it and drives a cross which wins a corner.


Pogba beats Moutinho who goes go ground then screams and shrieks when Pogba tickles him going for the ball. Somehow, Jon Moss apprises a foul.


United are moving and pressing with such confidence. There's very clearly a plan, both in terms of how they play generally and how they want to play tonight. It's crazy how unusual this looks.


Rashford looks extremely dangerous picking up the ball 30 yards from goal and he turns to find Martial; it takes a good challenge from Coady to unload him. United look pretty good, it's got to be said.


Nice from Pogba, taking the ball off Lingard and sliding a pass into space for James, inside Jonny; the resulting cross is aimed at no one.


More possession for United while Matt Doherty, who's taken a knock, signals to the Wolves bench that he's ok.


United half-clear the corner, then pogba blocks off the retreating Jimenez and away the ball goes.


Here they come! Jota collects the ball from Jonny and tries to go on the outside of Wan-Bissaka - good luck with that mate - and wins a corner.


So, will that goal draw Wolves onto United? United will be hoping so.


Credit where it's due, moving Martial into the middle was a smart move from Solskjaer. He's wasted on the left touchline and because he doesn't make the right runs from there, it makes sense to force him nearer the goal because he's a great finisher. Rashford's extra pace means that he's very hard to pick up running from out to in.


GOAL! Wolves0-1 Man United (Martial) Very nice from United, who move the ball the left through Shaw, McTominay and Lingard ... who finds Rashford with an early pass. That's so clever, done with his stride to steal a march on the defender, and his mate takes a lovely touch and slips a ball in behind that's perfect for Martial and Shaw! Martial gets there first, lashing a riser inside the near post! Brilliant! Wolves were absolutely sliced and diced!


I wonder if this type of game might suit Juan Mata. There's always the chance he's run and shoved out of things, but United need something in his position. Meanwhile Pogba tries an ambitious pass near to his own box and loses it! But jota can't take advantage.


James takes the ball from Wan-Bissaka, sticking it inside of Moutinho and screeching outside before falling over. He's booked, though it looked more like a fall than a dive.


I'm sure United will have practised ways to break Wolves down, but the speed and interplay hasn't been there so far.


Maguire wins the knockdown at the far side of the box but can't pick out a red shirt.


Free-kick United, 40 yards out; Shaw will boot is at Maguire....


Pogba breaks through midfield so Dendoncker fouls him.


More possession from United, but they're moving the ball too slowly. Lingard keeps darting towards his centre-backs, but they don't fancy finding him.


Most of United's possession is coming down the right - they might want to try the other side, because Rashford looks in the mood.


Lovely from Rashford! Pogba slings him out wide and he takes Bennett left, right, then left again before flipping over a cross to the back post! all it needs is a touch from Martial, but he can't quite apply the poke; he needs to learn to apply the everything. Best action so far.


But they don't need to if Pogba's going to give it away like that, picking out Moutinho. He sends Jota wide, but his cross is behind everyone but Shaw, who heads away.


This has got scrappy. Scrappier. But Wolves are having more of the ball now, without threatening to do anything with it.


35 yards out, Moutinho swings in the free-kick; you know the rest. Maguire slabs clear.


Patricio humps a goalkick downfield; Maguire heads back. Back it comes a second time and Jimenez holds him off well before finding Jota, who Pogba fouls.


This game is not replete with goalmouth action. Interesting but not brilliant or something.


United win a free-kick just outside the centre-circle, which Lindelof will obviously whack at Maguire. He whacks into touch instead.


Nice from James, who nicks a pass inside for Wan-Bissaka; his flick for Lingard doesn't quite work, but was a nice idea.


United break and when they get it wide to James, the crow boo - adults! - but he wins the corner. Luke Shaw will take it. That is not a typo.You know the rest - it comes to nothing.


Maguire heads the corner clear. Of course he does.


United are having all the ball at the moment, but then James is challenged - it looked a foul but the ref said not - and Wolves break, Jimenez beating three men - including Maguire, who dives in - before spreading to Doherty, who wins a corner.


Maguire runs with the ball like your mum does breaststroke to not get her hair wet.


A chryon tells us that Dendoncker covered more ground that any other Premier League player last week.


Lindelof steps forward and looks to ping into Martial, but Neves reads him and intercepts.


I think Jesse Lingard has got hench. That makes some sense, because if he's going to play as a number 10, he needs to be able to take the ball under pressure.


It's actually United with the possession at the moment, probing down the right with Wan-Bissaka and James before moving back left and losing the ball.


McTominay wins the ball in midfield and pops into Rashford, on the edge of the box ... and here comes Coady, smashing into ball then man. Great challenge, and doubles up as a clearance.


Wolves immediately go long, rugby-style, testing Luke Shaw under a high ball. But they can't get there fast enough to pressure him and he heads clear.


We're away! Techno techno techno techno!


It's hard to see how Wolves don't dominate possession tonight, with Neves, Moutinho and Dendoncker against Pogba and McTominay. And they can't even get help from the centre-backs, who'll have a man each to mark.


Here they come! "They'll get a fantastic reception" says Sky's host, before carrying on talking so that we can't see for ourselves.


The players are tunnelled...



Jamie Carragher says that Wan-Bissaka will be judged on his attacking, not his defending, but that's nonsense. All the best full-backs I've seen at United - Irwin, Evra, Neville - were defenders first and last. The rest was a bonus.


This lad can play - takes, controls and gives the ball at such clever angles.


I'd agree with this.


On Sky, Gary Nev says that James needs space to run into; I'm reliably informed that that isn't so, and he can go on the outside from a standing start.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says James has made an impact since he first turned up and though Pereira played well last week, he thinks James is a better fit for tonight. Why? "Dan's Dan". Thanks for that. He says James is good off the ball as well as on and confirms that Lingard will move into the centre - though notes that Lingard and Pereira swapped position last season.


United's defence received a fair amount of praise for their work last weekend but the fact remains that Chelsea hit the woodwork twice in the first half and also sent the ball across the face of United's goal twice; better attackers than Chelsea's would have scored from at least one. Maguire and Lindelof will find Jota and Jimenez a sterner proposition than Mount and Abraham.


Tonight is a decent test for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was manager for both United's defeats at Molineux last season. It's far to say that in the cup, United were battered, but in the league, started pretty well and missed two ludicrously easy chances to take a 2-0 lead. Once Wolves started playing, though, they had nothing for them, and he'll need to show that he's learnt because Wolves aren't going to change.


The reason I said this would be interesting but not necessarily excellent is that the match-up doesn't necessarily permit that. United lack the midfield to play at a tempo and to win the ball back, while Wolves don't really try to. There'll be some nice passages of play, but I'm not expecting a wild pace.


He says his team need to be organised, have as much of the ball as possible, and go for goal. He says his players have been very good, and says that Daniel James is a good player (when asked).


Nuno Espirito Santo is asked if this is a game to relish. "No, I hate it," he replies.


I know I risk being accused of recency bias, but is Daniel James the fastest footballer there's ever been? I've never seen anything like him, that's for sure.


Wolves are unchanged from the Leicester game, whole United make one alteration to the side which hammered Chelsea, Dan James replacing Andreas Pereira. And that makes a lot of sense: Wolves block the middle of the pitch, so you need to go around them and find the spaces between centre-backs and wing-backs. James has the pace to do that, and I think he's been picked more because of his ability to beat a man from a standing start than because he's useful on the break.


This should be a really interesting game, and hopefully an excellent one too. Wolves have grand plans, and after a disappointing performance though reasonable result against Leicester, could use something better tonight. United, meanwhile, were inferior to Wolves each time the teams met last season, drawing twice and losing once. They never really got to grips with a slow-passing style that limited their opportunities to counter and whose 3-5-2 style forced them wide, where they had no wingers. They'll want to show that they've changed.


Evening all, and welcome to Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United!