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Paul Parker: Racism isn't just a problem for big-name players

Paul Parker: Racism isn't just a problem for big-name players

23/08/2019 at 11:59Updated 23/08/2019 at 13:01

Paul Parker believes that racism is a problem through every level of football and warns that it must not only take abuse of big-name players to cause outrage...

Racism is a problem throughout football...

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But when we talk about this we need to address football in general, not just the elite game. In the elite game, it’s often one man shouting; when I was playing, when John Barnes was playing, when Ian Wright was playing, it was a whole terrace. It’s a football thing, not a Paul Pogba thing or a Premier League thing. In the lower leagues, the stewards are local. They’re there as supporters to earn £30-£50 a day. The problem is that when people in their local pubs or friends and family start doing things are they going to try and sort out racist abuse? No they’re not.

Rashford's 'respect' led to penalty debacle with Pogba

Maybe Rashford didn’t want to make a big scene because of his respect for Manchester United like last season with Fulham where Kamara had a big bust up with Mitrovic. Did he tell Pogba that he wanted to take it? No he didn’t. If he had, maybe Pogba would have listened to him. Ole Solskjaer can only do so much before a game and at half-time, then have a word after. If Pogba had scored that goal, nobody would be concerned about what Solskjaer had to say about it - the ball would be in the back of the net and Manchester United would win that game.

Lampard has 'a hell of a job on his hands'

Chelsea’s biggest problem will be scoring goals this season. Defensively, you worry about them. They’ve always been fragile. Last season they kept the ball for long periods but now they don’t have Eden Hazard and they don’t have a decent centre forward. Tammy Abraham is unproven. Giroud will always get the odd goal but it seems like he struggles in the Premier League. It’s a worry for Chelsea. Frank is still a novice and he’s got one hell of a job on his hands to get that team in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, United have taken four points from six and it was an improvement on their previous performances against Wolverhampton. Against Chelsea the 4-0 scoreline flattered them because Chelsea were in that game until those two quick goals. But they lack creativity and don’t look like a side that will go out and dominate teams.

Arsenal don't have a prayer at Anfield

This is a Liverpool win. As much as Arsenal have won their won their first two games in god knows how many years, I can’t believe that an Arsenal with a shaky defence can go to Anfield and win. They’re in better form, the way they’ve started and their front line can score goals but if you look at their defence, they’ve not got enough about them at this moment in time to go to Anfield and win a match.