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Manchester United - Leicester City

Follow the Premier League live Football match between Manchester United and Leicester City with Eurosport. The match starts at 18:00 on 11 May 2021.
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Right then, thanks for your company - ta-ra.


That's a huge result for Leicester, who are very close to the Champions League now - they got a big helping hand from the fixture list, but they won't care, and can now look forward to the cup final on Saturday.


Full-time: Manchester United 1-2 Leicester City - Manchester City are champions of England!


I agree with this. I'd like to have seen more of him this season, but now Bailly has signed a new deal I'm not sure what his future is because he can't be fourth-choice at this point.


There'll be three added minutes.


Williams does well down the right, showing good strength to ride Soyuncu's challenge before slinging over a decent cross. But the number of bodies between him and it mean Rashford can't get a proper look at it, and he brushes a header so gentle the ball doesn't even go behind.


Axel Tuanzebe has played pretty well tonight, that early ricket aside. He's looked more solid than Bailly.


But they're trying, Cavani winning a corner down the right ... which Albrighton heads clear.


If United don't score in the next three minutes plus injury-time, Manchester City will be champions of England.


Leicester have dropped now, inviting United to pass through them. That does not look likely.


United win a corner down the right, and Ndidi gets up really well to head clear.


Better from United, Telles sliding Mata in down the left side of the box. He has a look and cuts back to no one, but with Cavani sniffing the ball drops to Fernandes who, on the run, lashes a slice that flies wide. He was under pressure, but you expected him to score there.


I'm surprised United picked such a slow midfield. I thought Fred might've played this one, then not on Thursday.


United have mustered almost nothing since falling behind.


Choudhury replaces Vardy.


United send on Fernandes for Amad.


Albrighton slides the ball square and Maddison checks inside Van de Beek onto his right foot - that's poor from the United man - before driving wide.


Maddison robs Williams, who's been poor, and eventually the ball finds its way to Vardy who stands up a cross. Underneath it, Iheanacho prepares for an overhead, but Telles is there to nudge clear.


Telles gets space down the left to sling over a cross as Cavani attacks the front post, but he sticks far too much on it.


I'm surprised Solskjaer sent Rashford on, given how injured he's looked for how much of the season. But beyond that, midfield is United's problem - their three are too slow - and they still are.


And here come Leicester again, Iheanacho getting away down the left and crossing to the back stick, where Vardy floats a header back towards the other corner ... it's drifting wide though, so Tielemans arrives to clatter himself into the post as the ball drifts wide.


Obviously united aren't finished here, but they're struggling to get anything going without Pogba and Bruno in midfield.


If Leicester win, that'll give them and eight and nine-point lead over West Ham and Liverpool respectively; Liverpool have four games left and West Ham three. It'd take something special for them to make a mess of it from there.


Credit to Leicester, they've stepped it up in the second half - they're quicker to the ball and moving it faster.


I'm not entirely sure why Soslkjaer made a change when his team were defending a corner, though it seems unlikely Elanga or Greenwood would've done a better job dealing with Soyuncu.


GOAL! Manchester United 1-2 Leicester City (Soyuncu) This is a monstrous header, Soyuncu peeling off Rashford - why on earth was he marking him - leaps all over Matic and punishes a header into the roof of the net. That's Soyuncu's first goal since November 2019.


And now United's changes, Rashford and Cavani replacing Elanga and Greenwood.


I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner but it does now, Maddison replacing Perez.


More Leicester possession and another hard night for Van de Beek who doesn't look to have enough speed to chase balls down, consequence of which is much huffing and puffing.


United can't get out, and it looks like Solskjaer is going to address that point, bringing on Rashford and Cavani. I guess both offer out-balls, but the problem is mainly of the midfield variety - Leicester are dominating in that area.


Better from Leicester, Tielemans picking up a good position in front of the United back four and slipping Iheanacho in, right side of the box. But in the time he needs to open his body to finish left-footed, De Gea closes the distance and gets into his long-barrier position, blocking the ball to safety. That's a very good save.


Tielemans out to Thomas, who drills a low cross in ... but Van de Beek does really well to cut it out.


Better from Leicester, moving the ball from side to side and pinning United back inside their own half. But they're struggling to pick holes - I don't think it'll be long before we see Maddison, because currently the entirety of the creative burden rests with Tielemans.


United win a free-kick down the left and Telles swerves over an absolute brute at which Greenwood arrives first ... but he can only brush it with his forehead and Castagne puts the ball behind for a corner which comes to nowt.


Cavani is warming up, but most likely for something to do.


So far, this half is every bit as good as the first, without the goals. That is not a compliment.


Nice from Amad, swaying past two men in midfield and sliding forwards to Elanga, who uses his body to turn Soyuncu and find Greenwood ... whose return is too late and too hard.


Tangentially and that apart, Matic was good in the first half, showing good feet to get by Leicester's press.


Looking at Leicester's goal again, I blamed Matic, Telles and Matic, but it's also worth noting that Tuanzebe dashed out to try and stop Tielemans, getting nowhere near and leaving a huge space.


United knock it about the back four.


I'd expect to see a much better Leicester at the start of this half and almost immediately, Albrighton sweeps inside to Iheanacho, but Tuanzebe blackos him off long barrier-style, with help from Van de Beek.


We go again.


Leicester started well and scored a brilliant goal, but United found a pretty decent riposte and it's been dully even since then. I'd expect better in the second half because the away side need the points.


Half-time: Manchester United 1-1 Leicester City


But it's Tielemans, who curls directly into the wall.


Iheanacho knocks back for Ndidi, who takes a poor touch, but then Amad charges through him and hands Leicester a free-kick anyway, 25 yards out, right of centre. Iheanacho fancies this...


There'll be one added minute.


This is pretty dull now.


Soyuncu unloads Van de Beek deep inside the United half and finds Perez, but his return pass is well intercepted by Van de Beek, atoning for his previous error.


Iheanacho shifts it to escape Van de Beek and slides a ball into Vardy, but Tuanzebe does really well to get himself between man and ball .. then the flag goes up. Iheanacho is starting to look dangerous though.


Telles charges in, allowing Iheanacho to roll him, but Van de Beek is well-placed to hump away the cross.


Excellent backtracking from Elanga again, doing everything but foul Tielemans on the chase and allowing United to counter; Greenwood attack Soyuncu on the outside, and the defender does well to stick with him and make the tackle.


Baily plays Tuanzebe into trouble who plays Matic into trouble ... who shifts it beautifully to get away from Perez. Not words I ever supposed to type, but here we are.


Matic nips in to rob Albirghton, but Mata gives away his smart pass.


United move it from side to side, but can't quite find the ball that gets them in behind.


The corner is a poor one, Telles heading away at the front post.


Tielemans tries a cross but overhits it, so De Gea has to tip over the top.


I don't think I've ever seen Mata play so deep - he's regularly coming to get the ball off Matic, which Leicester should recognise because if Vardy can get "in and around" him, there's potential joy to be had.


That Greenwood goal really seems to have shaken Leicester's confidence. They're sitting off United now, and allowing them to build the play.


Lots of United possession, not much being done with it.


Nice from Telles, driving towards the box and exchanging passes with Greenwood, whose return is slightly off.


United are starting to play, Greenwood holding it up well before Fofana loses patience and clatters him. Leicester have lost their way here, but do United have the nous to punish them?


Nice from Greenwood, who chops away from Ndidi and wears the inevitable return-hack.


Castagen drives forward and snaps a ball at Tielemans, but Matic does well to step in.


Leicester will be furious with how they've wasted this opportunity so far. They started well, but you can't switch off against a side with this much attacking quality and they did.


In commentary, Darren Fletcher wonders if Amad handled the ball, but it looked fine to me.


GOAL! Manchester United 1-1 Leicester City (Greenwood) He is ridiculous. Mata humps one over the top to Amad who, on the right corner of the box, barges the ball past Thomas' weak challenge and slips inside to Greenwood, who takes into stride and past Soyuncu then, from a narrowing angle, screws a terrific low finish across the spreadeagled Schmeichel and into the far corner.


In other words, Leicester need to try and finish this in case they improve or make changes.


United are really struggling in midfield - their front three can't get on the ball at all.


Great goal though that was, United's defending there was absolutely risible, Matic allowing Tielemans to attack the space, Telles allowing him to cross, and Williams allowing Thomas to finish.


It's absolutely gushing down now.


WHAT A GOAL! Manchester United 0-1 Leicester City (Thomas) What a crucial goal this is, and how brilliantly it's conceived and despatched! Iheanacho lays back for Castagne, who sticks the ball down the line and into space, where Tielemans has run off Matic. The cross is a decent one too, but there's so much work necessary when it arrives at Thomas, who cushions a scrumptious volley right into the postage stamp.


First bit of Leicester, Tielemans sent away down the right. But Elanga does well to smother the cross while Vardy darts towards the near post, and Bailly does just enough to run him out of it.


Fofana, who usually plays on the right of Leicester's back three, is in the middle tonight with Syuncu on the left and Castagne in his usual role.


Telles gets a bang clearing that corner, but he's quickly back on.


A poor touch from Tuanzebe gives Vardy some space down the right, but when he tries to find Iheanacho, Matic nips in to concede a corner ... which comes to nowt.


It's been very scrappy so far, which seems like a missed opportunity for Leicester given opponents who've never played together before.


This is a big night for Brandon Williams, who wins a throw inside his own half. United have two left-backs ahead of him and with Wan-Bissaka playing almost every game at right-back and Laird coming through, it's hard to see a future for him at United. I don't know if he'll get a move in the summer, but I'd expect a Premier League loan at the least - that's what he's playing for, I'd say.


I wonder how much Leicester will miss Jonny Evans, who's their leader at the back. I'm sure the occasionally impetuous Soyuncu benefits from his calmness, but he'll have to take charge tonight.


Off we go!


The players take a knee. Black lives matter, people.


Leicester's last two games, after Wembley, are Chelsea away then Spurs home. Not too many points to rely on there.


Leicester, don't forget, have the cup final on Saturday, whole if United lose Man City are champions.


Here come the teams - Nemanja Matic captains United.


My Leicester season-ticket-holding mate tells me that Wesley Fofana is very special and a future star. I really like most of what I've seen, but he's looked a little shaky recently - I wonder if United will be able to put him under pressure.


Motherwell are doing an absolutely great job.


It's also worth noting that Hannibal Mejbri is yet to feature, but he looks very likely to make it, while James Garner and Ethan Laird have had really good loans at Forest and MK respectively. It's absolutely mind-boggling how many excellent young players are knocking about these days.


As per my earlier stat, these are they...


I wonder if Rodgers is beginning to wonder, because his Liverpool team collapsed at the end of the season, and now his Leicester team are in the process of doing so for the second year in a row. It's really hard to see how it's something he's doing because I'm sure he keeps things nice and relaxed, but it's not a good habit to get into nor a good reputation to have.


Rodgers tells BT that when you're talking about the top clubs even their kids are good, and he hopes his team can bounce back from Friday night's dispiriting defeat to Newcastle. He agrees that United's schedule is absurd.


Leicester will be hoping for something from Jamie Vardy tonight - he's been off it for a while. Up against him tonight are two centre-backs able to match him physically and, at their best, mentally too - Tuanzebe, remember, sonned off Kylian Mbappe not that long ago, but he's barely played since and looked nervous the last time he came on. This, though, is a big chance for him because I'm sure Solskjaer would like a centre-back with recovery pace to play alongside Maguire, and I'm equally sure he'd like it to be him.


Nothing says fan engagement like boarding up the ground to stop people speaking their minds.


What an absolute state.


Looking again at that United team, there's not a lot of pace in midfield. Tielemans, Ndidi and Perez should be right in amongst them, while United will be looking to get the ball wide, as I mentioned.


Solskjaer tells BT that Elangaa has pace and is direct, so he's looking forward to seeing him. He also says that the players playing tonight are hoping to play against Liverpool on Thursday, which is a smartly-dangled carrot, and says that had Maguire been fit, he'd have played.


I'm really looking forward to seeing Amad Diallo, who you can see has the mentality to be a top player and whose brilliant header helped them out of a tight spot at home to Milan. United haven't had a proper right-winger for a long time, and if he can take his chance perhaps they won't buy someone to go in front of him.


It always felt like Shola Shoretire, though a talent, was playing because Elanga wasn't available - he's much closer to there physically.


He'd have played when United were short a few weeks ago, and has a bit of something.


Good news for United: Hazza Maguire has ligament damange but no break, and should play before the Europa League final against Villarreal on 26th May.


Here's a good stat: Anthony Elanga is the 14th player from United's academy to be given a debut under Solskjaer.


Talking of Iheanacho, what a player he's become. He's had a goalscorer's knack for as long as I've been aware of him, but I never expected him to develop into the complete centre-forward that he now appears to be. It's great to see, and his and Vardy's battle with Bailly and Tuanzebe should be great to watch.


My guess is that Leicester will play three at the back - given the width United have, they might find that a problem - then a midfield four, with Perez in behind Vardy and Iheanacho.


Brendan Rodgers makes two changes following the Friday night disaster against Newcastle, Thomas and Perez coming in for Maddison and Thomas. Evans is still injured.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes 10 changes to the side that won so well at Villa on Sunday; Mason Greenwood keeps his place, which tells us that Edinson Cavani will play against Liverpool on Thursday night.


How about some teams, eh


I'm looking forward to this one. United, now safely ensconced in next season's Champions League, should be able to play with freedom - though the title remains a mathematical possibility - and because of their ludicrous fixture schedule, are fielding what's more or less a reserve team. As such, we'll get to see potential stars of the future in Axel Tuanzebe, Anthony Elanga and Amad Diallo - and we'll even get to see Donny van de Beek. I know!

Leicester, meanwhile, are under a fair bit of pressure, in the middle of another late collapse that might see them ruin an entire season's work in its final weeks. A win tonight - and let's be real, they couldn't have asked for more favourable conditions for that - should see them right, but a defeat and they're in big trouble.


Evening all and welcome to Manchester United v Leicester City!