Paul Parker has given his picks for three huge games this weekend as the Premier League roars back into action, and Arsenal fans won't be too happy.

The Eurosport expert has picked out the Merseyside derby, Arsenal's trip to face Manchester City and Manchester United's visit to Newcastle for his weekly predictions.

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Everton v Liverpool - Saturday, 12:30 (UK time)

The 7-2 result against Aston Villa was not great for Liverpool, but it was not like the way Manchester United got battered [6-1 by Tottenham].

Everton can now compete with them and their signings have made a difference. I'm enjoying watching Everton and I love watching James Rodriguez play.

Liverpool will shake off what happened at Villa Park. Too many players let themselves down that day.

Derby games are not comfortable. It will not be easy for Liverpool as Everton have done well to remain unbeaten and deservedly so.

Prediction: Everton 1-1 Liverpool

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Manchester City v Arsenal - Saturday, 17:30

Man City are a bit up and down at the moment and there is going to be more stability in the Arsenal midfield.

Arsenal have improved a bit defensively and will be better in midfield with the signing of Thomas Partey.

It's not going to be 0-0 and both teams are going to score. When you talk about these teams you know that both can concede so easily.

The way City are defensively at the moment means it's going to be such an open game. But I'm going to go for a tight home win.

Prediction: Man City 2-1 Arsenal

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Newcastle v Manchester United - Saturday, 20:00

This is a game that [Newcastle manager] Steve Bruce is going to want to win. Still no fans but it's a big game for a lot of those Newcastle players.

When big sides have been embarrassed you make sure you don't get beaten in the next game. If that doesn't happen for United, they will have look at themselves and say, 'this can't go on'.

I'm going to go for United digging in and winning. I'm also going to go with a clean sheet.

Prediction: Newcastle 0-2 Manchester United

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