Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will not be able to make the funeral of his mother who “meant everything” to him, due to coronavirus travel restrictions.
Elisabeth Klopp died aged 81.
Germany has conditions in place for travellers arriving in the country from the UK, due to concerns about new variants of Covid-19.
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With Liverpool in action several times a week, there is no way for Klopp to make a whistlestop tour to his home country, meaning he is unable to make the funeral.
Klopp paid tribute to his mother in German newspaper Schwarzwaelder Bote: "She meant everything to me. She was a real mum in the best sense of the word.
As a devout Christian, I know she is in a better place now.
"The fact that I can't be at the funeral is due to the terrible times, as soon as the circumstances allow, we will hold a wonderful commemoration."
Klopp has previously spoken openly about his parents in the documentary ‘End of the Storm’, which came out at the end of 2020.
“My mum was just a typical Black Forest mum, caring, loving, full of trust and faith,” he said in the film.
“Whatever happened out there, you would come home and she loved you anyway.”
He’s previously talked about his faith, and how he wishes his father had seen what he had gone on to achieve in the game. Norbert died in 2000.
“I would today be able to have a brilliant relationship with him because I’m now old enough and strong enough to say what I want to say”, said Klopp.
“So now we could have completely cool conversations about all the things that happened, but unfortunately we cannot do that.
“But I’m a Christian, I believe in God living in heaven and that he’s there, annoying other people, telling them they have to watch this game with him. I’m 100 per cent sure about that.
“If he had seen how my life turned out after I started as a manager, I think he would have been pretty happy.”
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