The doctor who performed CPR on a Newcastle fan says that hearing chants of 'hero' was one of the best moments of his life.
Sunday's match against Spurs was drawn to a halt in the first half as players and fans helped bring a medical emergency in the stands to the attention of staff.
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Tom Pritchard, an A&E consultant at the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton was on the scene, having gone to watch the game. He offered help and performed CPR on the fan, who was in cardiac arrest. Newcastle released a statement after the game that the man was 'stable and responsive' in hospital.
And Pritchard admits that being given a standing ovation by fans an incredible moment.
“I do want to say, this wasn’t just me,” he said.
“I had another doctor friend helping me out. St John’s [Ambulance] were brilliant, the Newcastle club doctor was there helping, so it really wasn’t just me.
But what I will say is when I was walking back to my seat and 10,000 fans were chanting ‘hero’ at me, that was one of the best moments of my life.
Newcastle lost the game 3-2, but matters in the stand took precedent on Sunday.
For Pritchard, such events are common at work but not expected out of the hospital.
It’s something you see at work fairly often but I haven’t really had it outside the hospital before,” he said.
“We gave the guy a shock through the defibrillator and he was quite fortunate this guy because very quickly an intensive care doctor arrived, a cardiologist arrived and we were able to bring him back again.”
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