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Bournemouth - Arsenal
The Emirates FA Cup - 27 January 2020

The Emirates FA Cup – Follow the Football match between Bournemouth and Arsenal live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 27 January 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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Thanks for your company - night.


Arsenal travel to Bournemouth in round 5. They played really well for half an hour, during which Bournemouth were execrable, and solid enough when Bournemouth didn't improve enough.


Full-time: Bournemouth 1-2 Arsenal


Sill Bournemouth tap about without putting the ball in, then Fraser does and Martinez comes a long way to get a good fist on it; the ball drops to gosling, who controls on his chest, but doesn't let it drop enough and whacks over the top.


Surridge leaves a shoulder in on Guendouzi and is booked.


Bournemouth can't get the ball down. There'll be another minute or two beyond the eight, but this is getting away from them.


There's another long pause - this is like a Pinter play - while VAR checks for offside, then for shenaniga in the net when Wilson tried to take the ball off Wilson. Nothing happens.


GOAL! Bournemouth 1-2 Arsenal (Surridge) All night, Bournemouth have refrained from sticking the ball into the box, and here's one! Fraser finds Francis on the right, who swings in a cross that everyone misses, Surridge aside. He takes a lovely touch to control, alone in front of goal, and tucks home. It'd be so Arsenal to avoid winning this.


Ceballos wriggles across the face of the box and finds Guendouzi, who's had a good game. He meets the ball nicely too, but his shot fizzes over.


It should be noted that Maitland-Niles is playing in midfield not right-back, now that Bellerin is back.


Xhaka takes his time over a free-kick and is booked.


Another change for Arsenal, Willock replacing Maitland-Niles.


Steve McMnaman gives Saka man of the match. Not my choice, but not one I'd argue with.


There'll be eight added minutes.


Francis crosses, and Sokratis hoofs clear.


Final change for Bournemouth: Surridge replaces Solanke, the Shane Long de nos jours.


Lewis Cook finds Fraser, whose cross is humped away by Guendouzi.


Bournemouth haven't been able to work up any momentum. Arsenal have been too good for them.


Arsenal play out time.


Fraser and gosling exchange passes outside the Arsenal box, but Willock is there to intercept. He's my man of the match, notwithstanding the brilliance which I've no doubt we are soon to see.


Eeesh. Cook S attacks the corner and heads Sokratis; both go down. We're going to have a lot of injury-time here.


Ake wins the ball high up the pitch and feeds Gosling, who drives a shot that flicks Xhaka and flies over the bar.


This is strong - they're playing a 4-3-3 with no frills - but the players are in the right places.


Eeesh. In that passage, Gosling ran into Guendouzi's elbow - seriously! - and is fine now.


Fraser slides Solanke through but Xhaka is there to challenge.


Francis plays Cook s into trouble and Nketiah pressurises, so he panics and passes it just past the post; that was almost very funny. Ake heads the corner clear.


Bournemouth bring on Wilson C and Francis for WIlson H and Simpson. That will mean a back three.


Bellerin and Simpson contest a high ball and the latter knocks the former into next week. He stays down, but hopefully it just winded, because he popped back up after the challenge initially.


This is an exaggeration.


It's a shame how little we've seen of Ceballos. It was odd that Arsenal took him, given that if he was any use he was going straight back to Madrid, as it was that Emery was so reticent to use him and when he did, failed to settle on what kind of player he was. But there's a fair chance Arteta will have a better idea of what to do and how to do it.


Willock, who's had a good game, shifts it outside Simpson; Simpson pulls his shirt, but neither ref nor VAR voice an opinion on the matter and Ake puts his cross behind. The resultant corner comes to nothing.


Ceballos replaces Pepe, who's had another largely useless evening.


it's absolutely huffing it down now, which is no more than Bournemouth deserve for that first-half display.


Bournemouth win another corner and Martinez comes flying out, gets nowhere near the ball, and Simpson is there! But, under pressure, all he can do it he meets it well, which he does .. but the ball flies just wide.


Bournemouth win a corner down the left, Fraser with it ... but Sokratis powers away. And for a second, it looks like Pepe is away, but Lewis Cook does well to stay with him and see the ball away.


Holding replaces Mustafi.


Mustafi is placed onto a stretcher, his arms over his eyes. It doesn't look good - but in terms of the reaction rather than in terms of what happened.


Surman lofts a ball forward for Solanke and Mustafi challenges, taking a clattering off Martinez who heads clear. Mustafi stays down clutching an ankle - he landed awkwardly - play continues, and when the ball goes out the physio comes on. I think that might be him done for the evening.


The crowd now boo Guendouzi - grown adults, booing - and Gosling trips him to various cheers.


Guendouzi trips Surman, but avoids a card once more.


Surman curls the ball in, a few men fall over, and Martinelli heads away well. VAR checks for a penalty, but there is none.


Well this is promising. Guendouzi dawdles over the ball when Bournemouth have a free-kick so Gosling waves a leg at him and Guendouzi reacts, shoving him over. Players congregate, Lacazette takes his mate away, and the ref disburses a lecture.


Smith goes in late on Martinelli, who goes down; the ref allows play to go on, Arsenal play on, Bournemouth win the ball and play on, then play is stopped. Cook S is deeply unhappy, but it was a foul.


I guess Bournemouth improved in the 15 minutes before half-time, but I'm still a little surprised Eddie Howe didn't make a change or two. He's got Callum WIlson on the bench, but not much else.


Willock wins a corner down the left and "soaper Nick Pepe" comes over to bang it against the first man.


If Arsenal win tonight, this round will have seen the fewest from home teams since the cup was reorganised in the 1920s.


Off we go again.


Bournemouth were disgraceful for half an hour, but a little better thereafter; Arsenal have been excellent.


Half-time: Bournemouth 0-2 Arsenal


Arsenal break through Nketiah and Wilson slides in - that's a good challenge, and one of the first we've seen tonight - but the ref deems it a foul, on which basis he's obliged to show a yellow card.


There'll be two added minutes.


Bournemouth win a corner down the left, Surman goes short to Wilson, and he scuffs his cross straight to Sokratis.


It's ridiculous how many brilliant young players England have.


All perfectly normal.


Fraser has livened things up and he moves infield to open space for Simpson outside him. The ball indeed goes thataway, but the resultant pull-back is well-read by Xhaka and Arsenal clear.


Have Bournemouth woken up? Wilson comes inside onto his left foot and swerves in a cross for Gosling, who tries to glance a header but can only impart a shoulder, lopping the ball onto the roof of the net.


Bournemouth attack! Fraser goes down the left and crosses well; the ball is nudged away from Solanke by Xhaka, but as the ball drops, Wilson gets a good look at it, and clouts a volley that Martinez does well to beat away at his near post.


If I were Alexandre Lacazette, I'd be extremely concerned. He doesn't score enough goals to be centre-forward in a team challenging for honours unless the wide players are prolific, and Arsenal's are not. I'd not be at all surprised if he got sold in the summer.


2-0 down and still Bournemouth sit off. I've no idea what their gameplan is.


Bellerin gallops through the middle of the pitch, unmolested, and finds Pepe, who comes inside seeking a shooting angle. He can't find one so moves the ball back out wide, where Bellerin now is, and the resultant cross is a good one but Ake heads clear.


Martinelli, who's so exciting, pulls wide, sticks the ball behind Cook S, and rousts after it. He looks up, sees Nketiah making for the front post - that's a good sign, because that's where the goals are - and crosses, forcing Ake into a desperate interception. The resultant corner comes to nothing.


This is a risible effort from Bournemouth. No aggression, no conviction, no intensity.


I'm not sure what they're looking at for so long because it's obviously not offside, and we now have confirmation that it isn't. Great stuff.


Lines on a screen, as we investigate whether Martinelli was offside - is his knee ahead of Ake's knee? it's a real thrill, I can tell you.


GOAL! Bournemouth 0-2 Arsenal (Nketiah) He's got the knack! Mustafi into Nketiah, who comes short and lays off to Willock, who moves it wide to Saka. His cross is more of a pass - that's how poor Bournemouth's passing is - and Nketiah slots home with ease.


Bournemouth need to get tight to Arsenal. at the moment, they're sitting off and being passed around.


Saka slides a ball inside to Martinelli, who looks up, sees options all around, and lamps a horrendous shot that flies off to Poole.


Nice from Willock, who turns adroitly to get away from Gosling and collect a pass from Bellerin, hopping outside Ake and lacing a low shot that Travers saves with legs at his near post. For a moment it looks like the rebound will fall to Martinelli, but it does not and Bournemouth scramble the ball clear.


Saka into Martinelli, who lifts a return down the line, and with no options but a bouncing ball, Saka lumps it into the sky in the hope it might land somewhere useful. It does not.




Bournemouth probe, feeding a ball through centrefield for Wilson, but Guendouzi is there and snaps into a challenge.


Bournemouth have improved since going behind, but it's still tricky to fathom where a goal might come from.


Is it Artetball or Artetaball?


Smith finds space down the right after taking a throw to Wilson and accepting the return. His cross is a goodun too, but Mustafi is there again. What a player!


Wilson tries a pass in for Solanke but underhits it. Naturally, Guendouzi is on-hand to bring him down, but Bournemouth waste the free-kick.


An actual adult did this.


And Fraser moves away from Sokratis, sticking a ball in behind for Solanke, but mustafi sweeps up and manages to avoid disaster.


Bournemouth enjoy some touches of the ball.


Ake is up early and high, thunking a header clear.


Arsenal win a corner down the right, Pepe to take....


Bournemouth have barely had a kick so far.


GOAL! AFC Bournemouth 0-1 Arsenal (Saka) Arsenal keep possession for a while and then Pepe darts a ball inside to Willock, who eases clear and heads boxwards. He thinks about shooting but doesn't seem to fancy his left foot, so moves it across to Martinelli, who slides a soft, deft pass into Saka's pass, and he fairly lashes a shot into the roof from eight yards. That's a very good goal, though it's fair to wonder quite what the defenders were up to.


Arsenal have started passing it, and Sokratis darts a long ball out wide to Saka, who wins it in the air. But with nothing on, it goes back to Mustafi. On Saka, he's done brilliantly since being converted into an emergency left-back, because he looked very promising as a winger.


A nodescript start, except by calling it nondescript I just contradicted myself.


Away we go!


Both teams huddle. I now hope they both lose.


Rio Ferdinand reckons Arsenal will have too much in attack, and it's hard to argue. Perhaps Bournemouth will strangle them in midfield, but it's a reach.


Those Arsenal centre-backs, though. You've got to laugh.




I'm certain he's thinking exactly that.


Absolutely love Rio Ferdinand on Dominic Solanke: "He must be sitting there thinking 'When am I gonna hit the ground running?'"


It's really hard to work out what'll happen in this game, which I suppose is a good thing or what's the point in playing it. Arsenal have more class on the pitch - quite a lot more class on the pitch - and I'd guess that'll tell, provided they don't concede the first goal. If they do, it's not clear this XI will find the cohesion to come back.


This is spot-on. It's fine to play weakened teams, but not fine to no-show.


I think we should note how great it is to see Hector Bellerin back. He has the potential to become a really good player, and beyond that, we need more socially-conscious personalities prepared to speak out about important issues.


Great name.


There are some great-looking ties there. Chelsea-Liverpool/Shrewsbury is the pick, but there's the potential for a Wayne Rooney derby, a south-coast derby, and the holders going to Hillsbrough should also be decent.


Here's the draw in full, ties to be played on Wednesday 5 March. Yes, you read that correctly.

Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester City

Reading or Cardiff City v Sheffield United

Chelsea v Shrewsbury Town or Liverpool

West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United or Oxford United

Leicester City v Coventry City or Birmingham City

Northampton Town or Derby County v Manchester United

Southampton or Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City

Portsmouth v Bournemouth or Arsenal


The winner of this tie will play away to Portsmouth in the next round.


This is a strange shade of red, and not at all cherry-like.


As for Arsenal, I'm really looking forward to seeing Eddie Nketiah, who starts up front. He's a natural goalscorer, and alongside him has Martinelli, who's a serious talent, and Pepe, who is ... I don't know. It's also good to see Joe Willock back in from the start - he looked promising early in the season before slowing down in Unai Emery's mess. At his best, he offers running and penetration in the middle of the pitch which you're not getting from Xhaka or Guendouzi though, no doubt, both think they supply all of that to world-class standard.


It's a shame Ramsdale isn't playing - I was looking forward to seeing him. He looks a real talent, and so mature for a young keeper. I'm not entirely sure how Bournemouth plan to score tonight, because Solanke has a grand total of 0 goals from 23 matches this season, and he's on his own up front.


As noted above, Steve Cook returns for Bournemouth, replacing Simon Francis. Also dropping out are Rico, Billing, Lerma, Wilson C and Ramsdale; coming in are Simpson, Cook L, Surman, Gosling and Travers.


These shoes: an immediate sacking, in my opinion.


Let's have some teams...


By the time this game kicks off, the teams will know who they play in the next round - if they make it that far. Such is the modern way. In the meantime, both have semi-committed to getting there. Bournemouth have made six changes to their first XI, which is, in the end, understandable - they're third-bottom of the league, and will have noticed what happened to Watford in last season's final. Arsenal, meanwhile, go with youth, which is slightly odd - they should be doing all they can to win this, and have left themselves just a little short. We shall see.


Evening all, and welcome to AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal!