The Premier League's fittest player? Burnley's 'Running Man' George Boyd

The Premier League's fittest player? Burnley's 'Running Man' George Boyd
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04/03/2015 at 11:35Updated

George Boyd has often been hailed as the Premier League's fittest player - and it seems that the stats are there to back it up.

With 7.45 miles covered on average per game, Boyd is ahead of leading names such as Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas of Chelsea.

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The Scotland forward joined Burnley from Hull City in a £3 million deal at the start of the season, and has also covered four of the top six distances in England's top flight this season, putting in a whopping 8.42 miles against Newcastle United earlier this season.

The Daily Telegraph has collated the official Premier League statistics

Premier League's top 10 miles-per-game players (Stats: Premier League)

[Daily Telegraph: Premier League's fittest player and teams so far this season]

Despite his obvious fitness levels, Boyd is not going to ask Burnley manager Sean Dyche for a rest any time soon as the Clarets battle to avoid relegation from the Premier League.

While their latest opponents Liverpool allowed winger Raheem Sterling a mid-season break in January after his World Cup exertions with England, Scotland forward Boyd isn't going to be making such a request.

“I don’t think he’d let me have one anyway," said Boyd in Pendle Today.

“But none of us need one, I think we’ve only got three games this month, and you get a lot more rest in the Premier League - it’s not Saturday, Tuesday like the Championship, you usually get a week between games and a full week’s training so no one needs a rest.

“Raheem’s different, he’s playing Champions League and for England, so each to their own.”

Sterling copped plenty of abuse when he was allowed to opt out of a trip to Sunderland to enjoy himself in Jamaica.

Burnley also top the Premier League's overall stats to boost their hopes of staying up after winning promotion, but some will wonder why they are marooned in the bottom three having covered more miles collectively than Premier League champions Manchester City?

Football is now about how much distance you cover, but where you run, what you are running for and the timing of the runs.

Sprints are perhaps more telling yet Burnley also top this list - according to those Daily Telegraph stats - ahead of Manchester City with 1,953 miles covered this season so far. It would lead you to believe that Burnley have to work a lot harder than their rivals in the Premier League to make up for a lack of ability and technique in their squad.

So far they are only three point adrifts of safety before they vist Liverpool this evening, but all the running will be worth it if they avoid the drop.

Boyd played in the 1-1 draw against Premier League leaders Chelsea, and he said: "I think since Christmas we’ve noticed. Newcastle away, even games where we’ve not quite got the three points, we’ve been on top of teams in the last 20 minutes.

“It happened a lot last season in the Championship, and there’s not as many games this season.

“It’s that relentlessness of wave after wave of attack, even if we have to defend we have the fitness to get back and go again on the counter.

"I think it’s definitely an advantage, we’re the fittest team in the league and we’re getting stronger when other teams are tiring. I’ve no doubt it will have an impact on games because we’ll be running over teams.”