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The European champions send a message, but Zambia were game opponents, Barbra Barda especially. I can't wait to see them or her again.
Women's World Cup
'Your message is excluding me' - Megan Rapinoe takes aim at Donald Trump
10/07/2019 AT 10:55
FULL-TIME: Zambia 3-10 Netherlands
90+2' - Tell you what, it'll be a good team that beats Netherlands. But various will fancy it against their defence.
90' - There'll be four added minutes.
85' - Mukwasa replaces Siamfuko.
84' - Kika replaces Nouwen.
83' - GOAL! Zambia 3-10 Netherlands (Banda)
It's a hat-trick! This time, Banda appears on the right and when Nouwen dallies on the ball, she robs her ad spanks a low shpt that beats Van Veenendaal at her near post! What a player!
82' - GOAL! Zambia 2-10 Netherlands (Banda)
Strange to say this of so complete a tousing, but this game will be remembered for Banda announcing herself to the world. Hanging on the last defender, wide on the left, when the pass comes she gets away from Wilms, rounds Van Veenendaal on the outside ... and just when it looks like she's overrun the ball, slots a composed finish into the net.
80' - GOAL! Zambia 1-10 Netherlands (Pelova)
This is so simple. Janssen again makes ground down the right, crosses low, and Pelova, unmarked, finishes with ease.
79' - This match has slowed somewhat.
77' - So how do we feel about thumping wins? I remember watching Man United beat Arsenal 8-2 in 2011 and wondering if United might declare because the mismatch was painful; similarly, in the 2011 Champions League final, Barca could easily have beaten United by more than 3-1 had they wanted to. Other hand, i once heard Andre Agassi say he never let up on players he was smashing because he needed the smashings he took in order to improve.
75' - GOAL! Zambia 1-9 Netherlands (Beerensteyn)
Another mess I'm afraid. Belemu dithers on the ball, gets her feet into a right two-an, and Beerensteyn robs her to clip a decent finish over Nali's dive.
73' - And a double change for Zambia, Lubanji and Musase replacing Mubanga and Mulenga.
72' - Double change for Netherlands, Pelova and Jansen replacing Van de Donk and Van de Sanden.
71' - Martens ploughs down the left, but Beerensteyn can't get over her dinked cross.
70' - On the Dutch bench, Miedema has an ice pack on her knee, but she's smiling and laughing away so I'm sure she's fine.
69' - Yep, Wilms replaced Van der Gragt when Miedema went off.
67' - Van de Sanden clips a diag over the top for Wilms who, our commentator tells us, must've "slipped on" at some point. She hammers a cross into Siamfuko, who takes a breather.
66' - Siamfuko introduces knee to midriff and Van de Donk needs a little rest.
64' - GOAL! Zambia 1-8 Netherlands (Roord)
Eesh! Roord takes possession on the left, 25 yards out, and burrows towards goal, swaying and bundling past a coupe of week challenges from Mulenga and Belemu before slotting calmly under Nali. I've not a clue where this will end.
63' - Netherlands are stepping it up again, Beerensteyn heading wide when Van Dongen crosses.
61' - And almost immediately she's in on goal, but Nali races out to block. One-on-one, she's done really well.
60' - Wiegman has seen enough, removing Miedema and sending on Beerensteyn.
59' - GOAL! Zambia 1-7 Netherlands (Miedema)
Zambia's offside trap needs work. First, Miedema and Martens get in behind but can't manufacture what looks a certain goal, then a ball over the top finds Van de Donk in absolute oceans. She controls, squares, and Midema hammers a rising shot past Nali for her fourth goal. She's pretty good.
58' - No doubt they remember this.
57' - Netherlands have taken their foot off the gas somewhat; I wonder if that's to save themselves, or to save their opposition.
56' - Zambia win a free-kick down the left and Chanda crosses dangerously, but Nouwen heads clear.
55' - I think Mulenga, who went off on a stretcher at the end of the first half, is back playing.
54' - I wonder how long Netherlands will leave on their stars. Surely not longer than an hour.
52' - Oh, and Australia lead New Zealand 2-0, Chelsea's Sam Kerr notching the opener.
51' - Elsewhere, Japan have equalised against Canada.
49' - Janssen mooches down the right and teases a terrific cross into the corridor of uncertainty ... but Nali is anything but, diving low to punch clear.
48' - Zambia must be fearing a dreadful beating but they're still looking to attack and Banda runs at Van der Gragt, who does just enough to win the goalkick.
46' - We go again.
This has been more of a contest than the scoreline suggests - Zambia have caused Netherlands problems - but Netherlands are so good going forward and here we are.
HALF-TIME: Zambia 1-6 Netherlands
45+5' - Nearly a seventh for Netherlands! Van de Sanden goes down the right and crosses for Miedema, who gets plenty on a thumping finish from close range. But Nali pherself well, saving with her body.
45+5' - Elsewhere, Canada lead Japan 1-0. Japan meet GB next.
45+4' - Oh dear. Mulenga is indeed stretchered off.
45+3' - Mulenga is down again and this time, the ref signals for a stretcher. I think she landed awkwardly after belting a clearance.
45+1' - We'll have four added minutes.
45' - GOAL! Zambia 1-6 Netherlands (Van de Sanden)
Zambia partially clear yet another Netherlands attack but the ball arrives at the feet of Roord, wide on the left, and because Mweemba is slow to get out, her cross finds Van de Sanden onside, and she slides in to poke a volley past Nali for her 20th international goal.
44' - I love absolutely everything I've seen from Banda.
42' - Banda really is a potential superstar, and she wriggles down the right, slipping a square pass into the middle for Belemu. She can't gather though, and the ball breaks for Banda again ... but she has to drag her finish from behind her, and it bobbles past the near post.
40' - I think Netherlands might sneak this.
38' - GOAL! Zambia 1-5 Netherlands (Mertens)
This is a beauty! Roord finds herself on the right and clips a pass into the path of Martens who, from 20 yards, bends a delicious, rising finish inside the near post! Beautifully done.
37' - Gosh, Miedema is in again! She's on the left of the box, the keeper comes out and she might finish herself ... but instead dinks a cross into the middle, which Van de Sanden can't quite get over.
36' - I think Mweemba is now back with us.
34' - Mweemba is now sat down the other side of the touchline, accepting treatment.
33' - Mweemba is down injured, most likely an acute case of twisted blood.
32' - This game has every chance of achieving a Sunday league-score, 11-4 or something. I think Mourinho calls that a hockey match.
31' - Miedema is so, so good.
30' - GOAL! Zambia 1-4 Netherlands (Miedema) It's a hat-trick for Miedema! Van de Donk gets away down the left, played onside by Mulenga, and when she squares, Miedema is there to control on her chest and crack past both Nali and Mweemba, who does all she can to block on the line.
It's a hat-trick for Miedema! Van de Donk gets away down the left, played onside by Mulenga, and when she squares, Miedema is there to control on her chest and crack past both Nali and Mweemba, who does all she can to block on the line.
29' - If I'm managing a WSL club, I'm investigating Banda forthwith.
27' - Oh look! Chanda picks up possession 25 yards out, right of centre, and curls a tremendous outswinger that diddles Van Veenendaal all ends up only the clip the top of the bar!
26' - Zambia are still in this and here they come again, Chanda finding Banda down the right! But after she rinses by Nouwen, her cut-back narrowly eludes Mubanga, racing into the middle.
26' - Phew!
25' - Now it's Van de Donk in behind, played in by Groenen, and she lifts her finish over the diving Nali ... but Nali gets a touch on it, and the ball flies behind for a corner which comes to nowt.
23' - Netherlands knock it about. This has been an absolutely crazy opening.
21' - I didn't know that defeat to Sweden was USA's first since January 2019. That might be a good sign for the rest, or it might suggest another anytime soon is unlikely.
19' - GOAL! Zambia 1-3 Netherlands (Banda)
Goodness me! A long punt over the top from left to right seeks Banda, who looks a player. But Van Veenedaal, rushing out, is in control ... except she completely misses the ball, and Banda finally gets her goal! Both sides have defended and kept goal absolutely miserably.
16' - But here comes Banda, sticking the ball in behind Janssen and blitzing her for pace ... but a heavy touch takes the ball away from her and Van Veenendal comes out to claim.
15' - GOAL! Zambia 0-3 Netherlands (Miedema)
This could get very messy indeed. Again, Netherlands get in behind with three players minding their own business. Nali comes out, doesn't get the ball, and Miedema clips into the unguarded net.
14' - GOAL! Zambia 0-2 Netherlands (Martens)
One long ball from Janssen sends Miedema away again, her first touch isn't great but she has players to either side, all behind the Zambian offside trap, and Martens taps home into the empty net.
13' - Zambia need to get a hold of themselves, because all of a sudden they look likely to concede every time Netherlands have the ball.
12' - Nali semi-redeems herself, racing out to dive at Miedema's feet as she runs through in search of a second goal.
11' - Zambia are playing a really high line, so there needs to be more pressure on the ball when Netherlands have it.
9' -GOAL! Zambia 0-1 Netherlands (Miedema)
Oh dear. Van der Gragt launches a long ball and Miedema is after it, but Nali is right there to clear. Problem being, she doesn't realise she's outside her box so starts to go with her hands then it dawns on her, she chucks a forlorn head at it ... and misses. So Miedema races past and pokes into the unguarded net. Zambia had started so well too.
9' - For anyone wondering, we've got VAR in operation. I hope it's more Euros-style than Premier League-style.
8' - Miedema looks to carry the ball across the face of the Zambian box but Mweemba stands up well before poking away from her.
6' - Netherlands win a corner and Martens dashes to the near post - basically it's a version of the Anderton/Sheringham corner - but she can only tuck her finish the wrong side of it.
4' - This is a good game already and here come Zambia again, Chitundu racing down the right. Her cut-back it decent too, but Chanda hammers her shot over the bar from 12 yards.
3' - This has been a good start from the Copper Queens but Netherlands have woken up now, Van de Donk and Van de Sanden combining down the left and for a second Netherlands have a player over. But Zambia get out well and force them back.
2' - Now Banda turns up on the right and again attacks immediately, winning a corner off Janssen.
1' - Banda nashes down the left with purpose, but her cut-back can't find Mubanga and Nouwen clears.
1' - Away we go!

Worth noting

That Zambia beat Chile recently, and GB found them a tricky opponent earlier today.

Zambia are socially distancing

Their team photo.

The Olympics!

What a moment for all these players. And us!

Anthem time

Is it wrong to want Italy to be playing in every match you watch?

The teams are tunnelled...

...and here they come!

This is great

Get acquainted

Here they are

But USA have taken a tousing!

The cat is pigeoned!

GB off to a winning start


It's hot outside

This is doing a nice job of cooling down my ears.

Who'll do what?

Zambia are currently ranked 95th in the world, so not much is expected of them here. Netherlands, on the other hand, are fourth, and of the three teams above them, Germany and France failed to qualify. Though USA are favourites for the gold with GB, Canada and Sweden also in the mix, Oranje Leeuwinnen have solid prospects too. Lieke Martens is coming off an incredible season with Barcelona, Jill Rood is a top player, likewise Shanice van de Sanden and Danielle van de Donk, while in Vivianne Miedema, they have a great of the generation who might grow into an all-time great.

Meet Babra Banda


Zambia: Nali; Mweemba, Siamfuko, Mulenga, Belemu; Wilombe, Chanda G, Lungu; Mubanga, Banda, Chitundu. Subs: Musonda, Khosa, Lubandji, Musase, Katongo, Mukwasa, Chanda H.

Morning all!

Well, it was tough but we got through it: after roughly 3.142 seconds, football is back! Welcome to Zambia v Netherlands in women's Group F!


Good morning everybody and welcome to Eurosport's live coverage of the preliminary Tokyo 2020 Olympics women's football match between Zambia and the Netherlands.
The Dutch missed out five years ago but they will be feeling confident with a wide array of talent.
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