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1.49pm - GB top the group and will meet a third-placed finisher; Canada will play Brazil.
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Dani Alves becomes the most decorated player in football as Brazil secure Olympic gold
08/08/2021 AT 07:45
Full-time: GB 1-1 Canada
90+1' - GB knock it about, satisfied with their evening's work.
90' - There'll be two added minutes.
90' - I don't think we'll get much added time, if any.
87' - Both sides are capable of much better than this - though, in fairness, neither manager picked her first XI.
85' - GOAL! GB 1-1 Canada (Weir)
But there's one! Weir collects the ball from Bronze and, 25 yards out with little on, has a dig ... it's going wide and then some, but then flicks off Prince's head and floats into the far corner! GB now top the group!
84' - We've had three shots on target so far. That is not good.
83' - Kirby finds White, who tries to turn in a phonebox ... but Buchanan crumples in front of her, restricting her space and blocking her shooting angle.
81' - The ref warns Labbe for timewasting when taking a place-kick.
79' - Japan now lead Chile 1-0. That should take them into the last eight with these two teams.
78' - Immediately, Kirby finds some space down the left of the box, her cross blocked behind for a corner ... which comes to nothing.
77' - Another change for GB, Kirby - who's coming back from injury and hasn't played yet - replacing Ingle.
76' - Lawrence skips inside Parris, who clatters her and is booked.
74' - Prince gets the chance to stretch her legs and she really really can, sprinting down the right with Huitema in the middle ... but she can't pick her out.
73' - The corner is headed clear, but only as far as Stanway on the edge, who shanks a shot high.
72' - Excellent from Little swaying between Leon and Lawrence to burst into the box, crossing low ... and winning a corner.
70' - Canada have been the better side this half - GB are struggling to find any cohesion.
68' - Now here come GB, Weir collecting possesion and dashing down the left side of the box and with the ball running away from her and, well, it's a cross isn't it, but she could just about claim it as a shot ... and it clouts the underside of the bar, then bounces away!
67' - Another change for Canada, Grosso replacing Quinn.
65' - Better from GB, White poking a clever pass into the box for Parris, and she's in space ... but she can't control to get her shot away. That was poor.
63' - Immediately, White is bouncing and shouting, trying to rouse her teammates. They've done almost nowt since half-time - and they didn't do loads before that.
62' - Riise has seen enough, sending on White and Little for Daly and Scott.
59' - GB win a free-kick on the right and Weir clips it in, but when it's bundles half-clear, Leon does really well to close down Bronze and break up the attack.
58' -
56' - I wonder if we'll see some prompt changes from GB now.
55' - GOAL! GB 0-1 Canada (Leon)
Lawrence streaks away down the left and clips a cut-back that everyone misses ... apart from Leon, behind the crowd, who sweeps a fine finish high into the net! Canada now lead Group E!
54' - Another change for Canada, the excellent Prince replacing Viens.
52' - She's done it again! More miserable distribution from Roebuck - she tries a pass that's never on - falls to Leon, who looks to hammer straight back past her ... but Bright does brilliantly to block, then Viens can't get a hold of the rebound.
50' - This has been another decent start to a half from Canada, Huitema nashing to the line and crossing ... but Viens, peeling away can't get her body around the ball to get a shot away.
48' - Leon moseys down the left and slings over a decent cross, seeking the tall Huitema, but Williamson is up early to nut clear.
47' - Elsewhere, Japan and Chile, the two other teams in this group, are 0-0 at half-time, while in Group F it's Netherlands 1-1 China and Brazil 1-0 Zambia. Presumably Barbra Barda will sort her traditional hat-trick in the second half.
46' - I've no doubt that GB will be glad to see the back of Beckie, who is a player. Canada will take the point here.
46' - Two changes for Canada, Fleming and Huitema replacing Rose and Beckie.
46' - We go again.
12.46 - Canada started the better but GB improved and ought to have taken the lead just before the break. It's not been great, if we're honest.
Half-time: Great Britain 0-0 Canada
45' - There appears to be no added time.
43' - Nothing to do with this game, but absolute drat.
41' - Now here come Canada, Viens breaking and finding Leon to her left. But Williamson does really well, getting out to her quickly before blocking her off.
39' - Oh dear oh dear! Stokes makes a fine run forward and darts a ball into the box, where Parris waits! She must score! But she can't get her feet right, and rather than shoot she accidentally bumps a square-pass for Weir. She must score! But she can't get her feet right and the ball runs away from her!
38' - It's a while since Canada mustered at serious attack; Stanway is starting to dictate in midfield, but GB need to get Parris more involved.
35' - It's opening up a little, and GB look the likelier now.
33' - Here come GB again, Stokes zoning down the left and moving the ball inside, allowing Scott to slide a terrific pass inside Buchanan for Daly ... and she's in! But her first touch takes her slightly wide, meaning Labbe can come out to block her dinked finish behind ... for a corner that comes to nowt.
31' - But this is a little better, Ingle turning to lift a clever pass over the top for Parris ... but with just too much pop on it.
29' - Ingle and Stanway combine to get GB down the park, but they can't manufacture the space they need so England go backwards then build again down the right. The ball winds up with Daly, whose cross is blocked, and I can't remember a single proper chance in the half-hour we've seen so far.
27' - Canada win a throw down the right, deep inside the GB half, and Riviere hurls in ... and when Williamson misjudges the bounce, it looks like it's going to drop for Beckie! But just as she's about to shoot, Bright stretches across to avert the danger; excellent defending.
26' - This game needs a goal, severely.
24' - Stanway reaches a loose ball ahead of Riviere and nicks it away, so Riviere, though she tries not to, ploughs through her and is booked.
22' - After a quiet period, Parris picks up possession in the middle and picks a terrific pass inside Riviere for Stanway down the left. But she doesn't have enough confidence in her left foot to shoot as the ball runs across her, checking inside and winning a corner ... which comes to nowt.
20' - Quinn spreads wide to Riviere and for a second it looks like GB are stretched, but Stokes gets back in to concede the throw.
19' - Leon holds up nicely, drawing Bright out to track her before turning away and back towards goal ... so Bright clatters her. Of course she does.
18' - GB are missing Ellen White as a focal point to play into and off. I'm not sure she should get into their first XI, but the way Riise wants her team to play is quite rigid, and that makes her essential.
16' - Bev Priestman, Canada's English manager, looks phenomenally young for 35. Great effort.
14' - The game is now the game I expected, GB pushing the pace and Canada sitting back. Parris picks up possession near halfway and bursts past two challenges before she's forced to check ... but GB don't lose momentum, maintaining their tempo, and again Bronze is the outlet ... but again they can't find her.
13' - Yeah, this is much better from GB now - they're starting to stretch the pitch, though Bronze can't quite get to Stanway's crossfield pass, on the slide.
11' - GB are settling now,enjoying a bit of time on the ball at the back. Williamson then brings it forward, and though she can't find the pass she's seeking, hard into Ingle, it's the right idea.
9' - Lovely stuff from Rose, easing onto the gas and turning away from Williamson to hit the line, but her low cross is humped away by Bright.
7' - Canada are dominating in midfield at the moment, and a long ball forces Bright to head away before Leon puts Bronze under pressure; she deals with it as well as you'd expect.
5' - This has been a decent start to the game.
3' - Stanway finds herself in space 25 yards out and looks to curl one ... but the ball flicks off Rose and is fielded by Labbe easily enough.
2' - A dreadful clearance from Roebuck is intercepted by Lawrence and eventually the ball bobbles to Viens, who drills low, hard ... and just wide of the near post.
1' - Canada are looking to play out from the back, knocking it around to give all their players an early touch. They beat England primarily by scoring first and sitting back, but I'm not sure that'll work all the way through a tournament.
1' - And off we go!

Both teams take the knee

I now hope they both win.

Both teams huddle

I now hope they both lose.

I've just learnt

That one of Lucy Bronze's middle names is Tough. In full: Lucia Roberta Tough Bronze. I believe they call that nominative determinism.

Anthem time

The players are tunnelled

Here we go...

I'm was a little surprised

There was no room in the GB squad for Ella Toone - she eventually made it, after a pull-out - and Lauren James. I'm not sure we'll see either omitted again, though competition in attacking positions is fierce.

Kasihma, of course

Is home to the renowned Antlers.

I can't believe

How badly GB are missing Phil Neville. If he was manager, they'd have a 110% record.


Neither side is at anything like full strength. But there's still no shortage of top players on view, all of them looking to cement a knockout spot.

Ch-ch-changes (2)

Canada make seven changes following their win over Chile: Sheridan, Zadorsky, Grosso, Scott Sinclair, Prince and Fleming sit out; Labbem Quinn, Rose, Schmidt, Gilles, Viens and Leon come in.


Hege Riise makes five changes to her side: at the back, Bright replaces Williamson; in front of the defence, Weir replaces Walsh; in behind, Scott, Stanway and Daly replace Little and Hemp, with Parris going up front and White taking a rest.


Earlier today

In Group G, Sweden saw off New Zealand 2-0, while USA and Australia drew 0-0. That means Sweden, the defending champions, top the group, while USA and Australia are through with them - but USA, the world champions, have a lot of improving to do if they're to add this to that.

Hi there!

This should be an absolute belter. Great Britain are top of Group E with two wins from two games, but Canada, who have a win and a draw, beat England not that long ago at all; it would be no surprise whatsoever to see either side win gold.We're getting ahead of ourselves though: in the first instance, Canada need a point to be sure of qualification.


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