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Netherlands (W) - Denmark (W)
UEFA Women's Championship - 6 August 2017

UEFA Women's Championship – Follow the Football match between Netherlands (W) and Denmark (W) live with Eurosport. The match starts at 16:00 on 6 August 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

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So I guess we're about done. Thanks all for your company throughout the competition, and see you again soon.


What a performance that was; what a tournament that was! Netherlands have been the best and most enterprising team, and wore the pressure of a home final; of falling behind early in a home final; of having their lead pegged back in a home final; to make a definitive point about who is what. Great stuff.


Full-time: Netherlands 4-2 Denmark. NETHERLANDS ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS!


Veje goes down the left and larrups a cross onto the roof of the net.


Spitse smashes the ball into Christiansen's face from about two yards, so there's a break while she gathers herself.


Van den Berg replaces Van Es.


Martens spreads wide to Janssen, who finds Van de Donk ... but she can't find the angle for a cross.


The thing about this Netherlands team - the things, actually - is that they play proper football, and they've plenty of improving still to do.


There shall be four added minutes.


Janssen replaces Van de Sanden. What a tourament she's had!


GOAL! NETHERLANDS 4-2 DENMARK (MIEDEMA) NETHERLANDS ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! Spitse knocks a very nice pass in behind the Denmark defence and Miedema runs at Sanvej, who backs off and backs off. So Miedema nips inside and drills another Solskjaer finish inside the near post.


Van Es sends Mertens into the corner, and the two swap passes while Thorgesen and Nielsen scuttle in between unable to get a foot on the ball.


That might just be it for Denmark; Netherlands will feel they're nearly there now, and that this is their day; they're in for another goal, I shouldn't wonder.


The ball drops out of the air just outside the Netherlands box and Troelsgaard is underneath it, cracking an up-and-under of a volley which looks like it's destined for the top corner only to swerve wide at the last milisecond!


Van de Donk replaces Van de Sanden, who screeches then ambles to the corner. She doesn't get much time though, and Nadim scarpers down the left like nobody's business, absolute rinsing Janssen. She then squares to Harder, whose tocuh isn't quite perfect, so she moves on to Troelsgaard who opts to dip inside instead of hitting first time, and 46 defenders block her off.


Last hurl of the dice for Denmark: Christiansen replaces Pedersen.

Netherlands' midfielder Sherida Spitse (2nd R) celebrates with teammates

The game's getting a little scrappy; both sides will feel that this suits them. Denmark need some free-kicks to get the ball into the box; Netherlands need time to disappear.


Netherlands have been much more compact in defence this half, playing less high a line and with full-backs closer to centre-backs.


Harder jinks past Van der Gragt, who brings her down; she needs to be careful.


Roddik replaces Sorensen and seems to indicate a 3-5-2.


Oh dear. Sorensen, whos' had a very good tournament, has knackered her knee and leaves the pitch with each arm draped around a neck. Roddik will be on for her shortly, I imagine.


Sanvej curls in the free-kick looking for Nadim, but Pedersen arrives onto the ball, bumping her header into the ground which makes the save easy for Veenendaal.


Harder pulls left to find space, moving the ball away from Van der Gragt who flatten her immediately. She's booked, and Denmark have a free-kick on the touchline, level with the edge of the box.


Van de Donk finds herself in space, squaring to Groenen 25 yards out. Space opens in front of her, so she wipes her right foot across the ball and slices not too far wide.




Denmark win a corner down the left, and Veenendaal can only flap it down ... to Thorgesen. Tem yards out, she has time to pick her spot, but under pressure from Spitse, coaxes it over the top.


so, can that near thing spur on the Danes? Will the hosts start to get nervous?


Brilliant from harder, losing possession to Janssen deep inside the Netherlands half in the left corner before coming back at her and squaring to Veje. The ball is on her left foot, right where she wants it, and her swing is decent, but her accuracy is off; the ball curves around the post and hits the stanchion.


WHAT A SAVE PETERSEN! Martens goes down the left and swings over a superb cross with which Larsen does not deal. On theback post and on the volley, Miedema absolutely lamps a shot from six yards, but somehow Petersen spreads herself and deflects it high and away with her thigh. That was the competition right there.


Anyway, Troelsgaard, who had a good first half, moves into the middle with Thorgesen on the right.


Denmark try to staunch the flow, replacing Kildemoes with Thorgesen - a change they've made in both knockout games, if I remember correctly.


Denmark look out of options beyond hang in there and hope to nick something late on.


Groenen takes a knee to the head, so there's a short break.


Change for Netherlands: Janssen replaces Van Lunteren.


The first time they went behind, Denmark grew; now, they're fighting to stay in the game. Van Ess does really well down the right, megging Nielsen, but he cross flies across the face of the box.


Martens spreads the play right to Van de Sanden, but puts a little to much on it, forcing her wide. The return pass still picks her out though, on the edge of the box, only for Nielsen to rush into a tackle. Fine defending.


Netherlands are buzzing again, looking to kill things off. They move the ball across the pitch via a succession of passes and flicks before Van Es comes in off the left and onto her right foot, fading a curler just wide of the far post.


GOAL! Netherlands 3-2 Denmark (Spitse) This is very cleverly done. Spitse punches a shot towards the bottom right as Dekker, on the edge of the wall, eases Kildemoes aside. In net, Petersen, who's set up her wall to cover the left of her goal, has takes a step in that direction herself, anticipating a shot over the top of it, such that when the ball comes at her the other way, she's out of the game.


Van de Donk, whose had a quiet 20 minutes, runs at Sorensen, but before the defender can block her, Troelsgaard runs through her from behind. Free-kick Netherlands, just outside the D....


Groenen, whose passing is very sharp, finds Van de Sanden in centrefield. She looks for Spitse but can't pick her out.


Nielsen sends a pass in behind Van Es for Troelsgaard; Van Es gets back at her, just, and Veenendaal flaps the cross away nicely.


Denmark look confident, stroking the sphere around; Netherlands sit back and let them.


We're away!


The players are back with us.


Pernille Harder scores stunner to make it 2-2

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Lieke Martens scores scorcher from outside box

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Miedema levels for Dutch

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Denmark take lead as Netherlands concede penalty after five minutes

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Find out more about Nadia Nadim, and her escape from the Taliban, here.


I've not the slightest clue what's going to happen next. Netherlands look a better team than Denmark, but Denmark's strikers, Harder in particular, are right into this, with Troelsgaard also playing well. I hope the coaches insist they keep slugging.


Half-time: Netherlands 2-2 Denmark. That was fantastic!


There'll be two added minutes, by the way.


Nadim and Van der Gragt fight for the ball down the left, each grabbing the other. The ref gives Netherlands the free-kick, and Nadim is booked for whinging.


We've not seen Netherlands threaten in a while.


...Harder curls over the wall and over the bar.


Nice from Denmark, Nadim picking up possession at inside-left and sliding a ball into the space behind the defence for Harder. Dekker has no option but to pull her down, and she is booked accordingly. Free-kick, 25 yards out...


Nielsen goes down the right and slings over a beautiful cross towards the far post ... Nadim, on the sprint and on the stretch, is inches away from poking home.


I wonder if Netherlands will change their approach at half-time. Their midfield is better than Denmark's, or has an extra player in it at least; if they defend a little deeper, they should be more solid without sacrificing any control.


This is the best final I've seen in a long while.


Van Luteren allows long ball from Sorensen to bounce, and Veje is onto it! But as she pulls back her left foot - probably to miss, given her efforts so far in this competition - Van Luteren cleans her out. I've no idea what the ref thinks she saw, but that was a penalty.


It's true that Harder hadn't scored in the tournament till just now, but she's played against Austria and Germany most recently, two serious defences. Netherlands are set up to go forward, and here we are.


I've no idea what Netherlands were doing there, playing such a high line with so little pressure on the ball, against a two-man forward line with the pace, skill and awareness of Demark.


GOAL! Netherlands 2-2 Denmark (Harder) Pernilla Harder is so, so good! She hangs on halfway, right of centre, waiting for the ball in behind - and when it comes, it's a belter. She sprints onto it, races to the box, dips inside Dekker, and drills a perfect finish, Solskjaer-style, in at the near post with the keeper expecting one towards the far. Fantastic stuff!


Denmark have done really well since going behind.


Lovely from Troelsgaard, guiding a pass one side of Dekker for Nadim to run onto around the other. She should hit it immediately - a Beardsley scoop would've scored - but her decision to go around the keeper was a fair one. Except Veenendaal timed her dive and grab to perfection, poking the ball away brilliantly.


GOAL! Netherlands 2-1 Denmark (Martens) Denmark have two players out guarding Van de Sanden, who lays back for Van Lunteren to square for Martens, just outside the box. Allowing it across her body, which she also uses to keep the ball away from Kildemoes, she takes a couple of touches to swivel her into a left-footer which slides past Petersen. On the one hand, the keeper should've done better; on the other, the shot was hit at precisely the right moment.


That said, it's hard to see how Denmark win for here - they needed to hold that lead a bit longer, sit back, and sort out some breaks.


After two disappointing semi-finals, this is a really fun game. More please!


Groenen is late as you like on Veje as she sidles around her, and is booked.


Outrageous record for Dutch goalscorer Miedema.


Van de Sanden gets in down the right AGAIN!

Sandvej is having an absolutely torrid time.


Here's the Dutch goal for you


Blimey what an effort that is from Spitse.

The Dutch captain is shaping a free-kick to go into the box but she tries to catch Petersen out. The Denmark keeper does well to get back and make the save.


Denmark look a little rattled after that and they are rightly just trying to slow things down and have a little bit of possession.


I tell you what Groenen has started the game really well, even given Denmark took the lead, she is controlling things in the middle of the park.

  • Vivianne Miedema
    GoalVivianne MiedemaNetherlands (W)GOAL! DENMARK 1-1 NETHERLANDS (MIEDEMA) And we're back level and it's all down to Van de Sanden. Groenen launches the ball over the top and Van de Sanden gets in behind before squaring the perfect ball to Miedema who makes no mistake.
    TodayGoals1On target1Fouls against1


And we're back level and it's all down to Van de Sanden. Groenen launches the ball over the top and Van de Sanden gets in behind before squaring the perfect ball to Miedema who makes no mistake.


Sandvej is really struggling against Van de Sanden and the Dutch winger bursts past the full-back to send over a low cross but it's cleared away.


Bad sign for the Dutch

Pressure on them now.

  • Nadia Nadim
    Goal by penaltyNadia NadimDenmark (W)GOAL! DENMARK 1-0 NETHERLANDS (NADIM P) That's definitely a penalty.  Rash challenge from Van Es in the box as she takes out Troelsgaard.  Nadim to take...  SCORES!
    TodayGoals1On target1Penalties1Penalties Scored1


That's definitely a penalty.

Rash challenge from Van Es in the box as she takes out Troelsgaard.

Nadim to take...





Van de Sanden already looking like a threat down the right for the Dutch. She puts in a cross but there is no-one on the end of it.

  • 1st Half

And we're underway!


And of Denmark beating Austria

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Quick reminder of how these teams got here before we get underway

Here are the highlights of the Netherlands' victory over England

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Right we've had the closing ceremony and the teams are coming out now.

Time for the anthems.


And here are the thoughts of the Denmark coach Nils Nielsen.

"We had a very interesting first match [the 1-0 loss to the Netherlands in the group stage]. And if you think about it, in the Rocky movies, in the first movie Apollo Creed was surprised when Rocky fought back, like we did in the second half. And it is going to be like in the second Rocky movie: this time Rocky is going to win."

ITW Nils Nielsen - Denmark coach

Would you like to see the dressing room of the Dutch team?

Of course you would!


What they say

Here's what Netherlands coach Sarina Wiegman has had to say ahead of the match.

"We did wonder how big the tournament would be. We knew it would depend on how we performed, but we could hardly have dreamed it would be this big. Since the first game against Denmark both teams have improved. Both teams play possession football and want to be dynamic. In the first game we were better in the first half and they were better in the second. We have kept on following Denmark and we have little things in our strategy prepared."

Sarina Wiegman, head coach of Netherlands looks on

A new winner

A reminder that today we're going to have a brand new winner of this tournament. Only three teams have ever won this competition; Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Neither team has ever made the final before but Denmark have made the last four five times with the Netherlands qualifying for the semi-finals in their debut in the competition in 2009.


Little taste of the atmosphere for you before the game starts.

Seems as if it's going be a cracker!

Denmark (W)

Denmark Team

And here is the Denmark team

Netherlands (W)

Netherlands Team

Here is the team from the Netherlands



Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the final of the Women's European Championships as Denmark take on the Netherlands.

Team news is on the way